Hey Fanfictioners! It's Writer of the Faeries! Back again to write a faxy story for you guys and totally waste your time with my long unnecessary author notes! So this is my new story! Hooray! Here are some things you need to know:

Fax! (of course)
Ages: Max (15), Fang (16), Iggy (16), Gazzy (16), Angel (15), Ella (14), Nudge (15)
Note: Iggy and Gazzy and twins, Angel and Nugde are mean, All our popular. And this is kind of how the flock kicked out Max and was kind of mean to her, so she is going to be friends with Fang's Gang instead.
Max and Fang have wings, the others don't. But Fang's Gang are mutants to.
And I changed the size of their wings just so it was easier for them. I felt like in the book, 14 foot wingspans was a little much.
Also there is going to be some cutting and such in the later chapters.

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My life up until 2 years ago was completely normal. I had a mother, Valencia Martinez, who worked as a vet at an animal shelter and a father, Jeb Batchelder, who was some sort of weird scientist. He didn't talk about his work which made home less stressful. I had a younger sister named Ella who loved fashion and a dog named Akila to tie the whole family together. Life was good. But like I said, everything changed 2 years ago, when I was just 13.

It started with one of those split second disasters that changes everything. But of course, at the time, it wasn't that bad. It was almost, normal. One minute I was standing at the sink, washing the dishes that Jeb and I had used for dinner. My mom and Ella were at a school confrence that night. The next, everything went black. There was no time in that blackness but when I opened my eyes again, I could tell it was only a few minutes later. I was in Jeb's arms and I had a pounding head ache. Jeb told me he had heard a thump and found me passed out on the floor. Jeb told me I had fainted. Jeb lies. Because later that night, I was turning on the shower, when I noticed a very small needle prick on my arm.

And of course, my moment of panic was short-lived. Nothing happened for days. Then weeks. Then months. I didn't worry about it. Maybe it hadn't been a needle prick. Ironic isn't it when as soon as you stop worrying, something happens. That is just life having fun and teasing you. I started feeling sharp pains in my back. My mom was concerned and was about to take me to the doctor, while Jeb insisted that it was just growing pains. Again, he lies. After about 3 days of the most bone-splintering, gut-wrenching, teeth grinding pain, I sprouted wings.

I will give you a moment to process this. Moment over. (i didn't get much time to process it either.)

Actually when I showed my parents the white wings with tan and brown speckled feathers and the dark ones on the tips of my wings, that scum bag Jeb actually admitted injecting me with bird DNA. My mom screamed in horror and sent me and Ella to pack. I could hear bits and snippets of their conversation...you promised...not the kids...how could you...leaving. I grabbed my 12 year old sister's hand and dragged her into the room we shared. We packed as much as we could carry and packed up our minivan in our driveway. Just two hours after I had sprouted wings, my mom and sister and I were in the car, driving as fast as the speed limit would allow to put as much distance between that psycho and us.

The sky was pitch black and the only light on the long road through the desert was the headlights of the cars zooming past. Ella was hugging her pillow pet and leaning against the window. I looked out side at the desert and wondered what it would be like to fly over it. To fly high enough that the cars turn into shiny little beetles, crawling across the sand. I remember looking to the rearview mirror to see my mom watching me. 'Your wings are very beautiful, Max.'

So here I am. 4 moves later in a small city in the very wet and green state of Washington. I think now that you have recovered from the shock of my wings, I will introduce myself properly. Max Martinez, 15. One of the most popular girls in the entire school. And dating the hottest guy in the school, Dylan Carter. And how in the world did an almost average, jeans-and-a-t-shirt kind of girl end up most popular? Well, folks, we can thank my sister Ella. Despite my burning hatred for sparkles and ruffles and...ick...pink, I guess I have just learned to put up with it. Once you get a taste of popularity, I guess you can never go back. Especially when its a huge improvement from your old schools. They just can't find out about my wings. I am always teased about them.

No, you idiots, I didn't just fly to school on the first day and shout, 'Hey peeps! Look! I have freakin' bird wings growing out of my back!' Nope. Bad. Very, very bad idea. My 8 foot wingspan folds up tightly enough against my back that you would never even know they were there. People just got curious of my constant need of a jacket or hoodie or sweater. That's when it became a problem.

Now that you know about my life, let's get on with the story. I will set the scene:

It was a perfectly sunny afternoon. Papers were spread out across my dark blue bed spread. Dylan's eyes were the clearest turquoise you had ever seen and he had the flashy, perfect smile of a male model. His hair the was perfect shade of gold in its windswept do. Everything about Dylan seemed to be perfect. The story starts with a kiss.

What did you guys think? This was just the prologue. And Max won't meet Fang for a couple of chapters. Oh and I know some of you might be a little mad about the flock being the bad guys. But just deal with it. Lol. Well, please give me your opinion so I know if I should continue! Thanks guys!
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