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Fang's POV

Yesterday, after making Max pretty much swear on her life not to hurt herself, I made my way home. My mother Anne Walker, a complete workaholic, was in her office typing away while Ratchet was quietly played a video game in the den. The house was so quiet. Usually I don't mind the silence. I usually pray for the silence, just so I can sit and not have anything distracting me.

But this silence was unnatural.

Robert wasn't home.

Robert was my step dad. Ratchet was a foster kid who lived with him until my mom got married to Robert. Then she adopted him. But ever since Robert lost his job, everyday was my mom slaving away to maintain a household and pay the bills while he sat on the couch and downed a couple more beers than he should. He has never been violent but God, sometimes I just wanted to fall asleep without him yelling nonsense and watching TV with the volume all the way up.

After I took a shower and got dressed, I went down stairs to find Robert passed out on the couch snoring like an animal. I just shook my head and walked into the kitchen. It was empty expect for Ratchet who was half asleep, with his head on the kitchen table. I shook his shoulder and grabbed the box of cereal from the cupboard.

"Where were you yesterday? Mom was nearly having a heart attack when the school called to say you were gone," Ratchet said with a yawn, brushing his black hair out of his eyes. I remember after Robert and my mom got married 6 years ago, they tried to keep the house orderly and neat. They tried to feed us healthy food and make sure we were getting straight A's. Ratchet and I decided to rebel. We dyed our hair and pierced our ears and lips. Let's just say, our parents were not very happy. (Understatement) But the look just kind of became our signature thing. The black clothes and emo hair. Until it became real.

"I was just helping a friend." Ratchet wiggled his eyebrows, smirking as he stood up, the chains on his jeans loudly clacking against the leg of the chair.

"How were you helping?"

"I walked her home." I kept my face emotionless, knowing exactly where he was going with this.

"Trying to make Maya jealous, are yah? Did you use protection?" Ratchet laughed, even after I threw an apple at him, aiming for his head. The apple hit him square in the forehead. He still continued to laugh, rubbing his head.

"Oh shut up. And enough about Maya. We are just friends."

"What ever you say, bro." As much as I was totally hating him right now, I couldn't tell him about Max's cutting. That kind of thing you just don't talk about. I dumped the rest of my breakfast down the drain and hurried up the stairs to brush my teeth. Right before running out the door, I grabbed the cases of beer from the garage and hid them out in the shed. Robert needs to sober up enough to start helping my mom. I was sick of losing sleep about it.

Max's POV

The minute I woke up, after realizing just how late I was going to be if I didn't get my lazy ass up, I felt a sharp pain in my arm. The memories of yesterday, the humiliation, the forest, the blood, Fang, all came flooding back. I sighed and stared up at the slanted ceiling.

After getting dressed, I rolled up my sleeve and tried to peek under the bandages but they were stuck with blood. I just rolled my sleeve back down and popped my hood up over my hair. I would just have Fang help me or something. I skipped breakfast and went straight out the front door behind my mom and sister. I sat in the back seat again while Ella handed me her phone.

"Hey, Max. Look at this funny video I found on the internet." I snatched the iPhone from her hand, jamming one of her ear buds in my ear and watched in horror as the video of me tumbling down the stairs and a few more clips of what kids thought and some photos filled the screen. Angel came on the screen, trying to look sad.

"Is this really safe to have a mutant, bird freak at our school? I'm scared to go to school! Please if you want to help terminate the freak, call this number to send in a donation. Nobody should have to fear going to school because of a freak."

Stupid, stupid, stupid. That really is the only word to describe it. Ella smiled in satisfaction. My mom was watching us in the rear view mirror. I smiled and handed the phone back.

"That's really funny Ella. Thank you for showing me that!" I put just enough sarcasm in it for her to know that I was going to kill her and my mom not to suspect a thing. Ella smiled a devilish grin and turned back around in her seat.

Hell was a good word to describe school. Everywhere I went, people were talking and whispering and giggling. Remember that path that parted in the crowd in the hallways? Now I was being slammed against a locker by the other people who had to move for the populars. Again, I was at the bottom of the heap. During each class, I focused as much as possible and took notes. Even if we do have to move, at least I will have some wicked amazing grades. When the bell finally rang, my hand was sore from writing so much. I packed my back pack slowly, being shoved or bumped multiple times. As soon as the room was empty, I put on my bag and made my way to the cafeteria. I scanned the crowd of people until I spotted two figures in black. One of them had to be Fang. I made my way through the tables, avoiding the backpacks, feet and chairs that were moved in my path.

"Hey," Fang gave a little wave and the corner of his lip twitched when I reached the table in the corner. "Oh, uh, this is my brother Ratchet," He gestured to a boy who had the same black hair but his was spiked up in a mohawk. "Star and Kate," He pointed to a blonde girl who was shoveling her mystery meatloaf down her throat and a pretty, Asian girl who was reading. Some body cleared their throat loudly. We all turned to the small scrawny boy with big, thick glasses. "Oh and Holden. You guys? This is Max." They smiled and went back to what ever they were doing before. I sat down in the chair next to Fang.

"Hey, babe, you gonna eat somethin'?" Ratchet asked, looking at me over his aviator sunglasses. I shrugged, then narrowed my eyes.

"Don't call me babe. And I'm not hungry." As if on cue, my stomach started to ache. I had skipped the last 4 meals. Well I picked at my food but couldn't bare to eat much of it. Fang slid his tray towards me. I pushed it away, making him shove it back with a slight smirk.

"Eat something."

"I'll take it if you don't want it," Star piped up, spewing some crumbs from her roll which she actually swept into her hand and dusted over her heap of salad.

"You will eat anything." Kate said, not looking up from her book. Ratchet laughed which made Star look up, the most deadly glare I had ever seen in her light eyes. It felt kind of nice to be in a group situation again. I picked up the untouched spoon from Fang's tray and got a spoon full of soup. So Fang and I shared his lunch (just as friends you weirdos) and listened to Star and Ratchet argue and bicker. Multiple times, Kate had to grab Star's shoulders and slam her back into her seat with unnatural force to keep her from leaping over the table to strangle Ratchet. Holden sat there quietly, flinching when Star tried to jump up. I smiled a few times. Not like my fake smile I have to wear at home. But a real smile. A smile of amusement.

"Sorry I'm late guys. I had detention but I got out early. Who knew coach Brian was so weak when it came to Bambi eyes?" A tall girl with dark blonde hair with hot pink streaks sat down. She was wearing a black lace top over a tank top and trashed jeans with her black converse.

"Max, Maya." Kate said, when Fang was silent. Maya smiled and shook my hand. Ratchet peaked down over his glasses.

"Woah, you guys are like, sisters or somethin'." Maya and I both turned and narrowed our eyes, trying to see what he saw. I mean sure, we both have blonde hair and brown eyes and a straight nose but the similarities pretty much stop there. "You're both equally hot." I snapped my head towards Ratchet and glared. He winked over his glasses before pushing them back up in place. He leaned back and made kissy-lips at us. Kate smack his arm getting Holden to laugh. Everything about them was Like everyday they could just sit and be friends. Not caring about who was dating who or who gave a crap about what they wore. It was...nice.

"So where did Fang find you?" Maya asked, digging into a sandwich.

"Should that be taken offensively?"

"No! Fang just kind of found all of us loners and took us in. Where did you come from?" Everyone at the table stared at Maya.

"Guess someone is way out of the loop..." Star said quietly.

"Seriously? She is the bird girl." Holden said, his eyes going wide. Maya nodded.

"So you can fly and stuff?" I nodded, feeling Fang's gaze on me. The warning bell rang, making all of us jump to our feet. The others all hurried off to throw away their trash and head to class. I stayed behind with Fang who was quietly zipping up his backpack.

"Um...thanks for letting me sit with you and your friends."

"Any time." He put the strap on his shoulder and started for the trash bins with his near empty tray. In silence we walked out of the cafeteria and into the hall. I heard the high-pitched laughing of Bridget, followed by the clicking of Lissa's heels and Angel's voice. I glanced in the direction of the noise, trying to keep a straight face and not show that I was worried. "Want me to walk you to class?" I turned back to Fang, his dark, concerned eyes watched me. I couldn't help but smile.

"Why not."

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