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Genre: Friendship/General/OVA

Black Rock Shooter was now bound in chains while Dead Master smiling smugly. Mato within Black Rock Shooter knowingly wanted to save Yomi from her own jealousy. With all her strength she had broken the chains, got up and started walking toward Dead Master.

Dead Master was slowly backing away from Black Rock Shooter as she held her hand out. Dead Master was at the edge but would not fall as Black Rock Shooter grabbing her and hugged her for few seconds before Dead Master got separated from Yomi and disappear forever. Black Rock Shooter was looking at Yomi before leaving from the otherworld.

When they got outside Black Rock Shooter turned back into Mato. "Mato I'm sorry for causing you some trouble I was afraid to lose you forever I let my jealousy to consume me," Said Yomi tearfully.

"It's okay Yomi I forgive you. Also, I miss you because you're my friend," Mato was wiping the tears away. "Everyone gave up on you even returning home. Honestly, I was scared of losing you too but I never give up on hope. You are my first friend I've ever had. Yomi you never are alone anymore." Mato was realized it was becoming dawn. "Your parents are worrying about you and they have called the police to search for you. I guess I have to deliver their daughter back home," Mato spoken through her usual cheerful self.

"Mato please promise me to not risk your life for my shake ever again. How ever am I going to explain to my parents that I was transported to another dimension and was being the personified of jealousy?" Yomi was figuring out how to talk her parents about her disappearance.

"Um Yomi you're still dressed that outfit and someone thought you're cosplying some character that nobody knows about. Plus your family will question you why you're dress like that." Mato was pointing out Dead Master's dress on Yomi. Yomi is looking at the clothes that she wore. "My father will think that I walk on the wild side,"

"Well, let's go home before the sunrise." Mato went down the hill toward her bike. Yomi was subconsciously staring at the ground.

"Mato are you able ride your bike while I'm holding on to you?" Yomi is asking.

"Yomi you're still so tall and it isn't a problem for me riding for the both of us. Your parents are still worried for their missing daughter." Mato is motioning Yomi come to her. As they riding back to Yomi's place thinking about the otherworld and its mysteries.

"Here we are, Yomi at your place." Mato announced. "Don't worry about the clothes are hard to explain anyway since won't be possible your parents to digest."

"Mato I'm glad for you rescued me from my jealousy." She hugged Mato. "You're my most precious friend I ever had." Yomi was happy befriended Mato last year. Yomi is slowly walked on the stairs of their porch at her home.

Mrs. Takanashi was sleeping on the loveseat after answering some questions from the police last night when the doorbell's ring woken her from her slumber. As she gathering her bearing and was shock that Yomi appeared to her at the door. "Honey, honey Yomi is back!" Her father came downstairs and seeing his daughter.

"Yomi we were worry you didn't come back last night and we called the police for searching you." Mr. Takanashi held on Yomi tight.

"I am sorry making you worry about me I have a lot on my mind I should had call last night telling you about my whereabouts." Yomi apologized to her parents.

"Don't worry about that Yomi, all we know you are safe and with us." Mrs. Takanashi was crying with Yomi.

Mato saw Yomi entering her home knowing she's with her parents now and headed back to her house so her mother won't be worry about her after bolting from their house before dawn.

At the end of the next day Mato, Yomi, and Yuu were leaving from school while Mato and Yomi were talking. "Yamamura is trying this dunk." Yuu was standing there looking at both. "Yuu, Yuu?" Mato was having some concerns for Yuu. She started to walk and the chains of jealousy is wrapping around her heart.

Author's Note: Hello everybody this is my new story for Black Rock Shooter fandom. Originally this story was going to be continuation of the OVA with the first chapter being the prologue and TV version different is a different beast making difficult this story possible. I'm kind decided having a multi-genre fic with most of the Black Rock Shooter cast sort of experiment for me to write any possible genres I can think of I apology for long-winded author's note since I need to explain this. I'll see you folks for the next chapter.