Word Count: 498
A/N: Day twenty seven of a writing challenge.
Summary: Sometimes, ink is all that's left. - AU


- and I've gotten so tired; so tired of failure, pain, and darkness.

Tetsuya was silent as a child, a mere waif that drifted from place to place. Never making a sound, always quiet. He was called 'well mannered' by the adults and 'creepy' by his classmates. He was alone. So alone.

I've realized something, no one can see me; I'm invisible to everyone, why? What did I do? Why won't anyone notice m-

He was so isolated that when a new student, one Aomine Daiki, joined his class, he was bored. And that, that is what doomed him. For Aomine was not used to being ignored, in fact, Daiki had lived his life as the center of attention. Being ignored was new, it was exciting.

I met someone today; he's strange, weird. He-

So Daiki tried again and again to capture the attention of the ghost boy. He teased, taunted, and was cruel. But it was all to no avail, because Tetsuya refused to be moved, he refused to take notice of Daiki. Which was what cemented his downfall.

- god, he's so annoying!

Daiki was adamant, he would force this phantom child to take note of him! Because he wasn't a failure, he was a winner, someone who always got what he wanted. With that thought in mind Daiki pushed even further, slowly easing his way past Tetsuya's carefully made barriers. Slipping in through the cracks that the smaller teen used to breath, to exist.

Tetsuya allowed it, wondering and in awe that someone would try so hard to get to him. Would spend so much time on merely getting him to acknowledge them. He shared his world with Daiki, letting the taller teen see what he knew existed.

And with every glimpse of Tetsuya's world Daiki was drawn in closer.

I think you'd like him, he seems lik-

Tetsuya and Daiki became best friends after that, inseparable Where one went the other was sure to follow. While it was Daiki that led, others slowly began to notice the once invisible boy, Tetsuya found himself under the watchful eyes of his classmates - and he shattered.

Satsuki, I'm not sure what happened bu-

When Tetsuya broke, he broke with a bang. Finally forcing those who had ignored him to fully see him. To see the creature that had hidden under their noses. To see the monster that had stayed invisible for so long, it was only for a moment, only a mere glimmer; but they saw it, saw him.

He twisted their sight, using the last remnants of his prior protection. He made himself disappear, vanish before their eyes.

- think this is going to be the last letter I write…. Goodbye.

As Tetsuya evaporated before his eyes Daiki reached out, not willing to lose the friend that he had made. It was a mistake.

Four months after moving Aomine Daiki vanished. Leaving only the letters he had sent to his childhood friend behind.

Love, Daiki