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"Raven what are you thinking about?"

Raven turned toward her daily annoyance. He always chose the perfect time to bug her. "Nothing Beast Boy, leave me alone." Raven turned her gaze back to the sunset and asked, "How did you even know I was up here?" Beast Boy sat down beside the girl, "Well you weren't in your room. Ha and I know this is where you came to think." The two sat in silence until the sun slid under the horizon.

"Why do you always choose me to annoy?" Raven asked watching him carefully.

"I don't want you to feel alone…besides, you were really off today. I just ya know…wanted to make sure you were ok."


Beast Boy just shrugged in response, "Why can't I ask?" He shot back. Raven pulled her hood up to cover her face, "It's not your problem." Beast Boy moved closer to her, "Rae you make it my problem. You never tell me what bothers you or what hurts you. I want to help. Just let me in."

"Beast Boy, you wouldn't understand." He took her hand in his own, causing her eyes to widen.

"Try me."