I'm sorry to everyone who has been following my a dozen one-shot series. I have been so insanely busy lately that I just haven't had time sit and write anything. These probably aren't the best I can do but I really wanted to finish out this series before I embarked on a new story line. Don't worry, when I write longer stories I always write a few chapters in advance so that way I give myself time to think of more to put into the story for the later chapters. So without further stalling and apologizing here is the last chapter of A Dozen series.

The Titans are adults now, barely, but still adults. Cyborg is 26, Robin and Starfire are 23, Raven is 22, and Beast Boy is 21. Robin and Starfire are having the first ever half human half tameranian cross breed child. This one is more about the birth of Robin and Starfire's baby, but is truly a Beast Boy and Raven story. Their parts are fluffy and a bit strange. This is going to probably seem rushed but it's supposed to be. This one-shot is really just a snip it.

The tower was in an uproar. The Tameranian resident of the tower was near her due date. Any day she could go into labor. Due to this the tower was somehow over crowded. The Grand Ruler, Galfore, and other royal persons were in the tower awaiting the special day.

"What do you expect the child to look like my little Bumgorf? Strong and with powers like our powerful race or weak like a human?" Galfore boasted.

"Oh my K'norfka I'm sure the baby will strong no matter whom it takes after." Just then a massive contraction wracked Starfire's body. Once the initial shock of the pain subsided Starfire excused herself to get a drink when her water broke. "Robin! Something is wrong! I am oozing the liquid and purple sludge!"

Robin jumped to his feet to get Cyborg into the Med Bay. "Princess this is very normal. This means the baby is nearly here! I'd say you have about an hour until it arrives if this baby is anything like a Tameranian."

It seemed that the baby, as Galfore predicted, arrived very shortly after the purple sludge gave way. A little under two hours later the first half breed was born. Robin, Beast Boy, and Raven crowded around to see the newborn, little girl.

"Awwhh Rae look! She has black hair like Robin. Isn't she so cute." Beast Boy cooed.

"Yes she is very 'cute.' She's orange like Starfire and has the same big, green eyes."

Robin carefully picked up his new baby girl and smiled down at her, "Do you think she'll have powers like her mom?"

"Of course! No matter which of the special abilities of Tameran she possesses, she will have at least one." Galfore said proudly while smacking Robin on the back roughly.

"What all can Tameranians do?" Beast Boy asked curiously.

"Well friends, I can do many things such as: speaking any language by lip contact, super strength, durability, flying, shooting star bolts from the hands and eyes, being able to with stand harsh environments, and I can harness energy from the sun's rays. So really if my little Bumgorf can do any of those things I feel she will succeed." Starfire smiled at Robin reassuringly.

Raven stared at the little baby in awe. The realization that there was a new family in the tower hadn't hit her until now. The realization that she, too, was of the age when people start to couple off and have families. Raven felt an arm wrap around her waist and she leaned into it in welcome.

"Hey Rae, does this make you wonder what it'd be like for us to start a family?" Beast Boy whispered into his girlfriend's ear.

"Yes, a little." Raven admitted.

Beast Boy smiled down at her, "I think you'll be a great mom someday, whenever the time comes. Melvin, Timmy, and Teether really liked you."

Raven closed her eyes and leaned in to hug her boyfriend, "Thank you. I'd want to be married before I started a family."

"That can be arranged."

"What?" Raven looked at her boyfriend confused.

"You heard me," Beast Boy said with a smile on his face, "I can get it arranged we can marry whenever and with as little preparation as needed. Like right now!"

Raven's face reddened and she smacked him on the back of head with her black magic, "Sometimes I wonder why I agreed to this." She said only half joking.