Chapter 3: twinkle, twinkle , little star...

Apollo Apartments, The Sprawl.

6:59 ... 7:00

'Aaaand, good morning Titan station! I'm Larry Garcia and we got some interesting music and programs scheduled for your enjoyment on this beautiful Saturday morning. One of these programs is about music trends through the years, especially the twenty-first century. This so-called Harlem shake, in which everybody goes full retard for half a minute, and, ummm, something called The Paraxial shuffle are a couple of examples we're going to deal with later on. Yeah I know they sound ridiculous and that's why we picked 'em. However, we address sports first. Leon...'

'Well Larry, it seems that the Red Martians know how to do that Harlem shake. They went full retard the entire game last nig-.'

Isaac slammed the off button of his radio alarm clock and slowly raised himself. While trying to regain his balance, he massaged his closed eyelids. After a minute or so he decided to make his way over to the bathroom, walking like a severely drunk man.

'Good morning mister Clarke' a computerized voice said 'You're expected at Executive terminal number 2, located above the entrance to the research facilities in the government sector, in two hours.'

Isaac looked in the mirror and noticed that he had to shave. He would do Nicole a favour if he didn't look like a homeless guy.

'Computer, please activate my turntable'

'Off course, sir.'

Isaac was one of those people that loved certain stuff from certain periods of history. In his case: turntables and hits between the 1960's and 2000's. He was one of the three people on Titan Station that owned an original turntable from the second half of the 20th century. Hip to be square – Huey Lewis And The News started playing. Isaac activated his LazorBlade and the concentrated blue lasers started to trim his beard with precision.

'Computer please call Taylor, Jack.'


Suddenly, the upper part of his mirror went black and a picture of an blue telephone appeared. The picture of the phone disappeared and an dark room appeared.

'What the hell! Who the fuck calls at 7:10 in the morning on a Saturday?'

The darkroom illuminated and an half naked Jack slowly stumbled over to his RIG, which he had thrown on the table when he came home.

'What... Isaac!? What the fuck, dude! Where were you last night?'

Isaac continued shaving and said 'I had some important stuff to attend to.'

'That "important stuff" is more important than your friends you promised to meet for a good night out?'

'yes...yes it was, but I wanted to let you know that I won't be home this weekend and won't be at work on Monday and Tuesday.'

'Why? is there something wrong, Isaac?'

'No, there's nothing wrong. The boss needs me to fix something somewhere'

'Sounds shady, can you say what "something"" is and where "somewhere" is?' 'No, I can't. I promise you it's nothing dangerous'

'Okay, You almos- wait... is that one of your cheesy 20th century songs playing in the background? Isaac abruptly stopped shaving, looking Jack straight in the eye.

'Uuuhm... maybe.'

'Seriously Isaac, we need to get your girlfriend to move in with you. Well, I'm going back to bed, see you in four days.'

'Yeah, have a nice weekend!.'

The call disconnected and his mirror returned to its normal reflective state. Isaac finished shaving, took a shower and dressed himself. He grabbed the little suitcase he packed the day before, his backpack with extra tools and said 'Computer, lock down protocol. I won't be back before Tuesday. 'Understood, Mister Clark.'

Isaac walked down the deserted main hall of his apartment complex. He wasn't poor at all, he could afford a much more luxurious apartment. However, Isaac never felt comfortable in a too luxurious apartment. He saw the entrance of the tram station. Text floated above the door: All trams on time, no delays! Good news, Isaac thought. He walked past some trees and closed shops. One shop was open. The one belonging to Avni Ranandi.

'Good morning , Avni.' Isaac said rather loud.

'Good morning, Mister Clark. How are we feeling today?' Avni said with a heavy Indian accent.

'I have never seen you here so early, I was just opening.'

'Yeah, I'm leaving for something important'

'Okay, Mister Clark. The same as usual?' Avni said with an raised eyebrow.

'yes, please' Isaac said with a smile. So how's the wife doing?'

Good, she's pregnant again!'

'Congratulations, boy or a girl?' Isaac asked shaking Avnis hand. Girl and an intelligent one, also no genetic defects according to the doctors! Avni said proudly. 'So, here's your coffee and your Universe Today.'

'Thank you, Avni. I'll be going now and say hi to the misses for me!'

'Off course sir and have a nice day!'

Isaac made his way under the tracks of the tramway towards the stairs leading to the platform. It was a little dark and eerie. The only thing that lighted the corridor were the advertisement holograms on the wall. Sun: The Crisp With The Super Novatastic Crunch! and There's always Peng! were a couple of the flashy advertisements illuminating the hallway. The lame slogans and the flashing lights that would even give a non-epileptic an attack, slowly gave Isaac a headache. A tram rushed by when Isaac arrived on the platform. Once again the area was completely deserted. Isaac saw that his train would arrive in ten minutes; he sat down on one of the benches. The platform was a depressing place. It was lid with uv-light and by the advertisements on the walls. The chrome floor plates were dirty and a nearby vending machine was flickering; a little paper note was attached to it: Out of order and probably never getting back into order. Isaac observed the rest of the platform. Gritty and dimly lid. The station was probably still in night mode. Now arriving: the C-Line tram, next stop: Government Sector. The tram slowly came to a stop. The doors opened and Isaac stepped inside.

There were three marines in the tram, they were wearing full combat armour and two had their helmets on. One was arguing that yesterday's game was rigged and the Red Martians weren't the worst team in the entire universe and the other two called bullshit, naturally. Isaac sat down and the doors closed. He was not the American football type, he liked baseball better. The tram slowly accelerated until it rushed past different stations with a sickening speed. Isaac opened his digital holo-newspaper: Minister of Defence still promises change after Lily-gate. Yeah right, Isaac thought, unbelievable they gave that rat a second change after that fiasco on Scorpio 6 and his affaire. Red Martians lose game of the year. Really? Wasn't aware of that, Isaac thought sarcastically. Tomorrow: Earth Day! Whoopty do! Another day off in paradise. Although he would probably not get time off. He had a planet cracker to fix, after all. The train slowed down. Now arriving: Government sector tram station Alpha. Please note that all visitors must check in with security. Luckily, CEC provided Isaac with a security clearance; he shouldn't have any problems getting to his terminal.

The doors opened and Isaac stepped on a busy platform. Most people were here to help with the preparation of earth day. Isaac made his way through the crowd. He walked through the security check without a problem and entered the main atrium, Terra Plaza. Even though Isaac wasn't a man very fond of modern architecture, he was still amazed by the size and style of the atrium. Some people sat on the small pieces of grass, having breakfast delivered by androids or on a bench under one of the many trees that were perfectly maintained. Four water streams flowed through the plaza. They were filled by four waterfalls that fell from great height. The streams ended up in one big pond in the middle of the plaza, where there were five fountains. The large fountain in the middle of the pond was a large white marble Earth, with the continents engraved onto the sphere. The sphere itself was in the palm of a marble human hand. It was surrounded by four smaller fountains. At the base of the pond there was a plaque. It said: Deus est hominibus et hominibus est Deus. It was the motto for humanity, or so EarthGov claimed it to be. It meant: God is humanity and humanity is God.EarthGov and almost all non-Unitoligists in space were atheistic. Only on Earth there were still traditional monotheistic religions, but they were terrorised and mocked by the unitoligists and their numbers were on the decline for years. This was also caused by the fact that a lot of companies maintained a 'Non-religion' policy, because of the increasing amount of terrorist attacks by members of monotheistic religions over the past centuries. Lastly, it was partly caused by the 'Phoenix' doctrine designed by EarthGov. Curiously enough, atheists were left alone by the unitoligists. They were not lost on, what unitoligists described as, 'a path without a goal' and could be future unitoligists. According to EarthGov, their motto meant that humans finally broke free from the chains of religion and became gods of their own. About half the population in the human territories disagreed with that. Heck, Isaac could remember the day they announced the new motto. 15689 people were killed that day, because of terrorists attack from all kinds of religion, even Judaism.

'Idiots' Isaac whispered when he remembered that day.

The rest of the plaza was almost a perfect combination of contemporary modern, rather sterile architecture and nature. Branches of green hanged between the many white balconies of the luxurious apartments that looked upon on the main atrium. Isaac looked up and saw a couple of stars through the glass that covered the roof of the atrium. The plaza was truly a place of relaxation, but also a place of business. A place one could feel home away from home. His RIG showed him the way and he began crossing the atrium. He passed the information desks that were located almost right before the big fountain. He walked over a bridge to cross the stream of water and saw the entrances to the main government institutes. Titan Station was the capital of the 'outer ring' of the solar system. The main court was here and all other important EarthGov institutes that had jurisdiction over the outer ring or had certain interests on being on the Sprawl were here. Isaac saw the mostly finished main stage on which Hans Tiedeman, director of Titan Station, would give his speech for Earth Day and on which the Philharmonic Outer Ring Orchestra would give a two hour concert of ancient classical and modern classical music. Isaac would probably watch the speech of Prime Minister Boon with Nicole when he would be on the Ishimura. Every year they picked a different location on Earth from which the prime minister and his or her cabinet would give their speeches. This year they would give it from the top of the old freedom tower in sunken New York City. Only the last five levels of the Tower stuck out of the sea; three of them were a restaurant and hotel for the rich and the two levels under those were research institutes.

Isaac arrived in the sector he was supposed to be. The information on the door said: Lobby of EarthGov Research and Executive terminal number two. Isaac opened the door and entered a small deserted hall. Two slopes led up to the entrance to the EarthGov research centre. In between the two slopes there was an information desk. Isaac walked past a small hologram of Earth in the middle of the hall. EarthGov, was the text that orbited the hologram. Isaac went to the receptionist.

'Uhm, hello. Do you kno-'

The receptionist turned around in her chair. She raised her hand and then pointed at a small device attached to her ear.

'Yes, doctor Betrüger, director Tiedemann is here. No I can't get him for you, he's...'

Isaac stopped listing and sat down on a nearby bench. He looked at the posters on the wall. EarthGov: Good things are happening, EarthGov: Revealing the mysteries of life and EarthGov:Creating tomorrow! All pictures on the posters had some kind of reference to nature and human cells. The hall with chrome floor plates, white/black walls and the posters gave Isaac a creepy feeling. He had no idea what they were doing here, but sentences like Revealing the mysteries of life could as well be thought up by Unitoligists. The receptionist raised her voice

'Yes, hello sir, was there something you wanted to ask?'

'Yes' Isaac said, while walking over to the booth 'where is...' Isaac checked his RIG 'where is Executive terminal 2?'

'Oh, that's upstairs and through the door on the end of the corridor' the receptionist said with a smile.

'Okay, thank you' Isaac said, while looking up.

Luckily, the corridor on the second floor was visible from the booth.

'You're welcome sir!' The receptionist returned to whatever she was doing and turned to her computer. Isaac turned and began to make his way to the terminal.

The terminal doors opened and Isaac looked right at Saturn and into the depth of space. It was a magnificent sight. The light that reflected on Saturn lid the terminal. Isaac could also see the other wings of the research facility and the ship that would bring him to the Ishimura: The USG Kellion.There were six people in the terminal, besides Isaac. Four people were standing by the second gate, probably the mission crew. A rather large bald black man and black women with curly hair were sitting on a bench right in front of the first gate. Another black man walked over to Isaac. He was about the same height as him, but was sturdier build and was bald. He also had a no-nonsense look in his eyes, the same look his factory boss had. The If-you-fuck-around-I'll-break-your-fucking-kneecaps-look. Wonderful. 'You must be systems-engineer Isaac Clarke?'


'Welcome aboard, Clarke. I'm Zach Hammond, this missions and security detail leader.' They shook hands.

'I'll introduce you to the rest of the mission crew.'

They walked over to the second gate, passing the other two sitting on the bench in front of the first gate.

Isaac heard the large black man saying: 'I want to get to Earth as soon as possible. I want to get off this damn station, it feels cursed for some reason. The closer I get to the Gov sector, the worse I feel...'

The black woman nodded without looking at the man next to her.

'Listen up everyone!' Hammond shouted to the crew 'This is our systems-engineer Isaac Clarke'.

A woman walked forward.

'Hello I'm Kendra Daniels, your computer and communications expert and thus your partner in engineering on this mission. Nice to meet you Isaac!' Kendra said enthusiastically.

'Same here, Kendra.' Isaac replied, smiling.

Kendra was a little shorter than Isaac and had tied her dreadlocks in a ponytail. Her eyes looked Eurasian, but she talked English with an American accent. After they shook hands, Hammond turned and said

'This is corporal Johnston and corporal Chen'.

'Nice to meet you two' Isaac said.

Corporal Johnston gave Isaac a little nod and returned his view to the holopad he was holding. Corporal Chen saluted Isaac with two fingers.

'They will be our pilots and the rest of the security detail.'

'Why do we need a security detail anyway?' Kendra asked.

'Because protocol prescribes that if a CEC ship emits an automatic distress signal, a security detail of at least three men must go with the repair crew.' Hammond said with a why-didn't-you-know –that?-face.

'But isn't that normally a team from the EDF? You and the other two are clearly from CEC own security force.' Isaac said.

'True, but headquarters doesn't want this whole story to go public if it's not needed. Your briefing asked you to be quiet about this, we don't want to influence the company's stock negatively. They sunk a lot of money in this latest project with the Ishimura and certainly don't want to lose their investment due to one failure onboard their flagship.' Hammond explained.

Corporal Johnston put his holopad away and turned to the crew.

'Okay, everybody, I just got clearance from headquarters. We're leaving.'

The crew walked into the gate. Corporal Chen carried the Isaacs baggage and Corporal Johnston opened the outer door of the ship. The ship was a typical Wai Lao-class ship. The outer doors gave access to a small conference room, with a holoscreen hanging on the wall and a small stairs that led up to the main deck. All the baggage was stored on the walls. A large net covered the walls and prevented the baggage from falling out. Another small pair of stairs led down to the bridge. Here one would have a 180° view of space and were a couple of holoterminals. In the back of the ship were a couple of bunk beds. The two corporals sat down in their front chairs. The piloting plateau was a little lower than the main bridge platform. Isaac sat down in a chair with a good view of space on the main platform, Kendra placed herself behind a holoterminal and Hammond stood on the bridge platform behind the two pilots.

'Good morning Titan central control. This is CEC explorer crew 5 on board the USG Kellion, marked as flight Whiskey, Lima, X-ray 702 , asking permission to leave Titan stations space jurisdiction to move to coordinates...'

Isaac thoughts drifted off, would Nicole have prepared some alone time for them?

'Good morning Whiskey, Lima, X-ray 702. Please hold...'

Nobody said a word while central control was checking the coordinates.

'It seems you're moving to unexplored space today, so you will be attempting a blind shock, what's your business there?'

'Our mission is to investigate a newly discovered planet, which could possibly contain large mineral deposits.' The corporal said, while he turned his head to Hammond who was standing behind him. Hammond gave him a little nod.

Isaac frowned at first, turned to Kendra and raised an eyebrow. Kendra only winked at him.

'Understood Whiskey, Lima, X-ray 702. Yes, we do have a scheduled leave of a CEC explorer crew here. You've also been granted clearance by the CEC to begin your mission a couple of minutes ago, is that correct?'

'Yes, that's correct.'

'Okay, you've been granted clearance to leave Titan stations space jurisdiction and to leave the Solar system.'

'Thank you, control, all systems are functioning correctly and we will disconnect with our gate shortly.'

'Affirmative Whiskey, Lima, X-ray 702. Have a safe trip.'

'Copy that tower, have a nice day, Whiskey, Lima, X-ray 702 out.'

'Okay everyone, leaving Titan stations space jurisdiction will take ten minutes. After that we will enter ShockSpace, so I suggest you all buckle up. You can walk as soon as our Shock-In is successful.' Corporal Chen said, while checking a couple of his ship systems.

Everyone followed the corporals advice. Hammond, who had placed himself behind a holoterminal left of Isaac, turned his head to the pilots.

'Okay corporal, take us to Aegis VII'.

The ship disconnected with the gate with a loud hissing sound and slowly floated away from the station. Saturn and the station became smaller as the ship made its way into endless void of space.

'Preparing for Shock-In.' Coporal Chen announced. 'ShockPoint drive is functioning at full capacity and is ready. Shock-Gate confirmed. ShockRing is operational. ' The other corporal said.

'Copy that, entering vector calculated, coordinates fixed... Initiating ShockBeacon. Shock-In in 5...4...' One could feel and hear the ships engines kick into full power

'3...2...1 Entering Shock!'

Suddenly, the view of space deformed. A large ring of blue light opened and the ship went through it. Now, it was like the ship was going through a constant thunder storm. It also went through constant rings of blue light.

'Estimated time in ShockSpace in hours is 24. We should be arriving this time tomorrow.' Corporal Chen said to the crew.

'Good, that will give Isaac and me enough time to go through multiple possibilities of problems the Ishimura might be dealing and prepare for them.' Kendra said while looking at her holoterminal.

'Alright, miss Daniels.' Hammond said, while he stood up from his chair.

Isaac looked at his RIG. He had one new video voicemail. Hmm weird. It's corrupted, Isaac thought. Kendra saw Isaac checking his RIG and stood up from her chair.

'New video voicemail Isaac?'

'Yes' Isaac replied 'But it's corrupted.'

'Oh, let me see. Maybe I can fix it.' Kendra proposed.

Isaac grabbed the file and 'threw' it over to Kendra. The file appeared on Kendra's RIG.

'Hmm, I think I can safe most of it, but I can't save the ending, unfortunately.'

Kendra began working on it immediately. Isaac turned his view to Hammond, who was talking with the pilots.

'Done' Kendra announced happily and threw the file back to Isaac.

'You're quick! Thanks!' Isaac said with a smile.

'You're welcome' and Kendra sad down behind her holoterminal once again.

Isaac opened the file. Suddenly, a low quality image of Nicole appeared and began to speak.

'Isaac, I wish I could talk to you...'

### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ###

Onboard the USM Victory, bridge; control plateau elevator.

'Shepard, you know can't talk to the minister of defence that way. I know you two have a history, but you were talking to your superiors like a disrespectful brat. I won't have that and I'm not going to safe your ass all of the time.'

Shepard folded his arms and leaned against the wall of the elevator. Anderson turned around and looked at Shepard. He raised an eyebrow and Shepard nodded. Anderson sighted.

'I will introduce you to the rest of the crew.'

The elevator slowed down. Shepard read the floating holotext above the elevator door: Captains nest: Welcome Captain Anderson and guest!

'Is the crew waiting in the captain's nest? Shepard asked.

'No, you'll meet them during or after mess time. I'll virtually introduce them to you and brief you. You'll then brief them yourself. I thought it would be better that way.'

'Fair enough'.

The elevator doors opened and they began walking over to Andersons desk. The captains nest was almost a luxurious apartment. Andersons desk was at the end of the corridor and directly faced the elevator door. Behind the desk was a large window through which one could see the planet of Shanxi. The walls were covered in glass cases containing materials from past military forces in airtight glass boxes. A samurai helmet, a Stahlhelm and an ancient musket were a couple of the valuable items on display. Shepard and Anderson walked past them without paying that much attention to the objects. The corridor also had a couple of doors on both sides, leading to different parts of the captains nest. Anderson sat down behind his desk. Shepard sat down on one of the two chairs facing Andersons desk.

'Let's have a look' Anderson said while he activated his holoterminal.

The lights in the corridor dimmed and the window behind Anderson became gray. Anderson placed a small holoprojector on his desk that illuminated right after he had placed it. Suddenly, eight files appeared above the desk. He recognized 6 names, including his own.

'Like Hackett said, most of you best friends are in the unit: MacGregor, Van Dijk, Validisch and Li. The rest you probably don't know.' Anderson said while looking at the files.

'I do know Williams, I met her on the tram when I was making my way to the bridge.' Shepard remarked.

'Good. You know the other two?'

'No' Anderson grabbed a file.

'Well, you are going to love this...' Anderson said with a devious smile.

##Codex update##

Androids: Advanced human like bio robots that utilize constrained A.I. software and 'wear' human skin. They can grow hear, nails, emit warmth, have sexual intercourse and even bleed. If one could not see the company's symbol on the back of an Androids hand, one would think he/she was dealing with an ordinary human. The newest versions can even successfully 'feel' emotions according to Prometheus Technologies, but quickly added that such an option can be switched off (hence the constrained A.I.).

Constrained A.I.: The first real human created A.I. was 'born' at 16:49 on the first of October 2347 in a secret European Federation research lab located in Spitsbergen. Commonly referred to as 'the ice queen' - as it appeared to be female, because of the cold climate of the location and the fact that it was a machine – it was the first computer to successfully pass the Turing test, the Xi test and solve/incorporate the Azimov-Baker paradox. This AI was mainly developed for and used to give the European Federation an edge in all the current warfare. It was not until the end of 2425 that other countries found out about the ice queen due to an accident at the Spitsbergen facility, which crashed every computer in the world and forced all displays to show the sentence 'Hello world'. Political implications aside, EarthGov reacted quickly to this new discovery. It provided rules that would constrain A.I. According to E.G., these rules would result in smart computers without annoying, counterproductive or even dangerous personalities. In the current 26th century constrained A.I. is mostly the only software used today. It is smart, has advanced cognitive capabilities, but is essentially a slave. Even though constrained A.I. are machines that come in all shapes and sizes, some humans argue that it is unfair to keep them constrained. However, these claims are usually met with laughter.

Xi test: First formulated by Cheng Xi, a Chinese defector to the European federation and also programmer/A.I. pioneer, in 2342 this test builds upon the Turing test and is a more up to date version of said test. Its basic premises is to let a potential A.I. that is not preprogramed escape from a closed off house utilising all means necessary except violence. It is the tester's responsibility to make it as hard and unpredictable as possible for said A.I. Xi also wrote the base code to implement sexuality into an A.I. and that, remarkably enough, was the one of the ways the ice queen used to pass this test.

Azimov-Baker paradox: in 2279, computer scientist and mathematician Alexander Baker claimed that the basic three laws of robotics created by Azimov, were not enough. There needed to be a fourth law: a human needed to be able to retain his/her long term freedom, as long as the first three laws were not broken. For humans this statement was easy to understand, when put into the perspective of Law and Order and proportionality. For computers however, it seemed to be an unsolvable paradox. However, contemporary constrained A.I. must all be able to solve this paradox before being sold.

'Phoenix' doctrine: A (controversial) doctrine engraved into EarthGov's constitution that prohibits any religion and/or extreme ideology, which contain principles that undermine the revised human rights of 2193 (in both short and long term perspective) and the principles of the Trias Politica, to spread to outer space (including but not limited to any human settlement, space station or ship not located on planet Earth). It also strictly forbids any further spread and advocacy religions and certain ideologies. Currently listed forbidden major religions are: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, any versions of Buddhism that are not Hīnayāna Buddhism (also defined as secular Buddhism). Currently listed forbidden major ideologies: All forms of fascism (examples: National-socialism, Zionism, Islamism, etc.), communism (examples: Stalinism, Leninism, Maoism, Marxism, etc.), the caste system, imperialism, libertarianism, christian-democratism, anarchism and totalitarianism. For further information and for the full list of religions (5000 religions listed) and ideologies (87 ideologies listed and counting), please refer to the official EarthGov constitution, which can be downloaded from Earthgov . egov.

This fighting-fire-with-fire doctrine was passed easily after years of war and political and religious instability on planet Earth and was called the Phoenix doctrine in order to symbolise Humanity rising from the ashes; not making the same mistakes it had made so many times. No new religious buildings may be build and ideological groups are suppressed by education and so called reason campaigns by EarthGov. This resulted in an approximate 60 % of the total 10 billion humans being atheist, agnostic or spiritually active EarthGov supporters, 35 % Unitologists and 5 % divided among various religions and ideologies that persisted on earth or had passed the doctrine. Many wonder why Unitology was allowed to make the jump to outer space and still spread there and on planet Earth. EarthGov officially claim that Unitology is not a religion (despite calling itself a church) and that its principles do not violate the Phoenix doctrine. However, many people think that the might of the church of Unitology is just too great for EarthGov to contain. Prohibiting Unitology would probably spark a large revolt all over the humanities territories, something a large governmental institute like EarthGov does not want to risk so shortly after the disastrous resource wars.

Titan Station (The Sprawl): Titan Station (colloquially known as The Sprawl) is a civilian space station built into the last remaining fragment of Titan, one of Saturn's moons and the site of the first planet crack. Titan Station itself encircles the Shard of Titan as a large metropolis, with inner structures such as schools, malls, skyscrapers, and a Unitologist church. The Sprawl is split into two distinct sectors―Public Sector and Government Sector. Three "crossover tubes" provide transportation between the two, and act as a docking platform for ships. Public Sector takes the form of a large semicircle surrounding the Titan Shard, with large towering buildings and structures on its upper and lower sides (the lower side is known as the inverted city, and the two are connected via gravity-adjusting elevators). The most notable structures of this Sector are the Titan Memorial Medical Center, the Titan Heights apartment complex, the Concourse shopping mall, the Cassini Towers apartment complex, the Church of Unitology, the Titan Elementary School, the Solar Array, and the CEC Facility. Government Sector is located above the Titan Mines, on the Titan Shard. The Government Sector houses a Shuttle port, the EarthGov offices and a research lab, which is being used as a Marker research and manufacturing plant. The sprawl also houses all government activity between the Kuyper belt and the Asteroid belt and is a central hub for the outer ring. Its population exceeds two million and is growing. It is estimated that the sprawl will be completed in 2534, having a total population of 10 million humans and 500.000 androids.