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Shepard immediately agreed with herself that Ilos was creepy. It was...odd, walking around on a planet that once belonged to the protheans before the Reapers wiped them out. Even her crew; Garrus and Tali were on edge. Nobody wanted to disturb the ancient architecture around them.

But they couldn't focus on that right now. Their sole purpose here on Ilos was to get to the Conduit before Saren. If they failed, the Reapers would return and soon all organic life would be destroyed. It all came down to this day. Shepard was scared.

Once they reached the Conduit, it would be a straight shot to hit it. And the Geth were not going to make it easy on them. For a moment, she couldn't move. She was frozen and couldn't get the Mako to move forward.

But then a hand laid on top of her shoulder. She spun to see Garrus, an encouraging look in his eyes.

"You can do it" he said.

And that was all she needed. With a nod, she drove the Mako forward, heading for the Conduit, heading straight to Saren.