Omega. He'd heard of it before. It was the perfect place to do some good. It was a total criminal haven. It was bound by no rules. No government. No laws. People ran free here. Some abused that freedom a little too much. Garrus planned to put an end to that.

The station was an absolute piss-hole but Garrus had seen worse. He'd get used it...eventually. In order to help the citizens of this place, he'd need a team. He knew exactly how to get one. He did learn from the best. He needed to appeal to their reason and prove to them that he got things done.

Shepard once taught him how to handle a situation. Find the best way through. That was the lesson he learned that day when she helped him with Saleon. Since then he had improved and was ready to face the criminals of Omega. It was time to show them what happens when you go too far.