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Chapter 1: Well, this is interesting

I was just sitting on the couch, watching a movie. I wasn't expecting to be thrown into another wild adventure. I wasn't laying on a very comfortable surface, too cold and squishy.

I stood up and looked around to see that I had been laying in a puddle of mud, at least that's what I was hoping it was, and standing in a forest of ridiculously large and colorful plants. It was then that I realized, I was on Pandora and breathing the air. Breathing the toxic atmosphere and not dying. How was that possible?

A twig snapped behind me, and I whirled around to see the biggest, most vicious looking animal I had ever seen in my life. A thanator. It snarled at me, and I took a careful step backwards. It stalked towards me, and fear gripped me in its icy claws," Oh crap," I breathed, taking another step backwards then taking off at a full sprint through the woods.

The sounds of the giant beast chasing me grew quickly louder, and I fought the urge to scream because it could attract more angry animals who were looking for a snack. I scrambled over fallen branches and under large roots of trees as I tried to escape the large predator. I felt its claws snag the back of my leather jacket just before I was thrown against a tree.

The impact shoved all of the air out of my lungs, and I crumpled on the ground as the thanator seemed to be waiting for me to get up and run some more. It was playing with its food, me. I stood up and put my hands on my hips," Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with your food?" I said, almost laughing when it tilted its head to the side in confusion.

It growled softly, and I rolled my eyes," I'm not going to run. Go find something else to play with. Go ahead and eat me if you want, but you do not get to play with me before eating me," I said, pointing at it sternly. It tilted its large head to the other side and let out a soft whine," No," I said sternly, tapping its lack-of-nose.

It shook its head and snorted in surprise then lay down in front of me. I stared at it in shock," Wha-what? Did I just tame a thanator by acting like my mother?" I thought aloud," I need to thank her when for being such a good mom when I get home," I laughed, stroking the thanator's head.

It purred and licked my arm," Aw, you're actually kinda cute," I said softly, kissing its head. I laughed and began to walk away until I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see the thanator following me. Staring at it in shock, I realized that it probably was just a young creature and probably thought I was either its playmate or odd-looking mother.

I frowned at it," Go home, I'm not your mommy," I said, pointing in the direction it had come from. It shook itself and took another step towards me. I shook my head and sighed," Fine, you can follow me but on one condition!" I said, causing it to tilt its head to the side again," No trying to eat me."

I kept walking for what felt like hours with the little thanator until we both sat down and took a breather," Ya know, if you're gonna keep following me, I'm going to have to name you, so I don't drive myself insane," I said to the young beast. It purred and licked my face," Heh heh, okay. I'm thinking," I said, stroking its head," I'm hoping you're a girl, so I can call you this. Lily," I said, stroking her head," Like the earth flower. They were beautiful, and I always did like that name," I murmured, leaning against Lily's side.

She curled up around me as we both drifted off into sleep. I ended up having a weird dream where I was running on a rainbow with a bunch of singing leprechauns. I woke with a start and nearly screamed as I saw several tall, humanoid figures standing over Lily and me. Scared for the young thanator, I gently stroked her head and tried not to wake her up as I stood.

The tall figures all looked at each other, pointing at me, and talking in their native tongue. No doubt, they were talking about how I wasn't wearing a mask and was sleeping with a thanator. The leader put the pointy end of a spear in my face and I stared at it for a minute," Who are you?" he asked with a thick accent.

I gulped," Sky Waters," I said, glancing down at Lily as she lifted her head and yawned. All of the tall figures pointed their weapons at her, and I threw myself around her neck," Leave her alone!" I snapped, glaring up at the weapons pointed at my new friend.

The leader gestured for all of them to pull back their weapons as little glowing seeds began floating down and landing on my head. I slowly reached out and let one land on my palm, and let Lily sniff it in curiosity. With an innocent look in my eyes, I looked up at the leader," What are they?"

He seemed entranced by the seeds," Itokelina, seeds of the sacred tree. Pure spirits," he breathed, looking into my eyes as they flew away," Come," he ordered, pulling me to my feet.

Lily jumped up and growled at him, and he let go of my wrist. I stroked her nose and whispered it was okay it her ear. The leader reached down, picked me up by my small waist, and set me on Lily's back. I stroked the strange queue like tentacles coming out of her head," Follow him," I said, pointing at the leader.

Lily shook herself before taking a step towards the leader. The tall figures seemed a bit shocked as she sniffed the leader, who barked an order to them and took off running, and two figures came up and gently took hold of Lily's head-tentacles, so they could lead her as they ran.

I leaned forward and gripped Lily with my knees, so I wouldn't fall as she ran through the dense vegetation and jumped over fallen branches. The tall figures led us on for what felt like an hour until we reached a huge, and I mean HUGE, tree in a valley. As we approached the tree, firelight lit up the figures enough to where I could see that they were all blue and wearing only enough to cover what needed to be covered.

As we entered the giant tree, we passed through a huge crowd of giant, blue people until we reached the center of the tree and who I guessed was the ultimate leader of the blue people.

We all stopped, and I slid off of Lily's back as the ultimate leader looked me over and asked the leader of the group that brought me a question in his native tongue. For a short while, they conversed in their native tongue until a blue woman came down the giant spiral that made the center of the tree and yelled at them all a little bit.

She strode up to me, and I craned my head back to look her in the eye," Who are you?" she asked with a thickly accented voice.

I looked up at her," My name is Sky Waters, this is Lily," I said, gesturing to the thanator.

The lady looked me over and suddenly pulled a bone needle from a necklace and pricked my left shoulder. I hissed in shock and rotated my shoulder a little," Why do you not wear a mask Skywaters?" the lady asked, slowly walking around me and touching my long, brown braid.

I took a deep breath," Because I don't need it, unlike the rest of my kind," I said calmly, forcing myself to remain calm as Lily sniffed my arm. It still kinda freaked me out that I had a friendly thanator that had tried to eat me right beside me.

" You and the beast are friends, how?" the lady asked, standing in front of me with a curious look on her face.

I smiled," I honestly haven't the slightest clue as to how it happened," I said, stroking Lily's head as she nudged my arm with her head," But I couldn't be more glad that it did."

The lady spoke to the ultimate leader of the blue people then let him speak for a bit before striding back to me," You are the first of the Sky People that we have seen that can survive without a mask. You shall stay with us until we can return you to your people. Tsu'tey shall teach you our language and ways. Learn well, Skywaters," she said, stepping aside as the tall, blue man who had led the group that brought me to the tree stepped forward.

I looked up at him with a curious look on my face," You need new coverings," he said, pointing to my mud covered clothes," Come," he said, leading the way up the spiral. Lily stayed right on my heels as I walked as let out a small growl if I got too far ahead, or if someone tried to touch her.

Tsu'tey led me up to a small area where some elderly women were making clothes. Apparently, I was the size of a child to them, and they seemed like nice old ladies, like grandmothers. They gave me a pretty, indigo top that was like a wide strip of cloth that I tied around my chest, and a sort of loincloth kind of thing to wear around my hips so my lower areas could be covered.

Lily stayed close to me the whole time and growled softly when one of the old ladies moved to put something around her neck. I slowly took the thing from the old lady and slipped it around Lily's neck. The old lady smiled and nodded in approval, and I returned the smile as Tsu'tey led Lily and I out.

He kept a good distance in front of me as we climbed the giant spiral in the tree up to where all of them were sitting around a fire and eating. They were all talking until they saw me and Lily. They instantly went silent as they noticed us, and all of the staring made my skin crawl to where I tried to hide behind Lily as I made my way to an empty seat.

Lily laid down at my feet as I sat in between two of the blue people. One of them handed me some food, and I smiled graciously as I took it. I glanced around a bit and took a bite of the food then savored the exotic taste. I swallowed and chuckled appreciatively," Delicious," I thought, taking another bite," Either that, or I'm starving."

The people all began to talk amongst each other again as I blended into the background. I could feel all of them staring and pointing but decided not to care as I stroked Lily absentmindedly. A few minutes after I finished eating, Tsu'tey and I encountered a problem. Lily wanted to sleep next to me, but I was supposed to sleep in a hammock, hundreds of feet in the air.

" She cannot sleep in a hammock," Tsu'tey growled, pointing to Lily," She must sleep on the ground with the rest of the animals."

I stood in front of Lily with my hands placed firmly on my hips," She wants to sleep next to me, and I don't feel like having this argument anymore. I'll just sleep with her on the ground," I stated, climbing up onto Lily's back.

Tsu'tey looked at me like I was insane then rolled his eyes and led the way down to where I would be sleeping. When we reached the large area, I was surprised to see all the direhorses. I loved horses, and the direhorses were absolutely gorgeous creatures.

Tsu'tey noticed me staring at them and nudged my shoulder," You and your beast will sleep over there," he said, pointing to a dark corner that was away from all the other animals.

I nodded and steered Lily over to it then jumped off as she laid down. I sat down and leaned back, against her belly and let her curl up around me. She flicked her tail up and over my face, and I laughed a little," Thanks, Lily," I murmured before falling asleep.