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Chapter 8: Horses? I love them!

The moment I woke up, I was full of energy. I was practically bouncing off the walls as I got dressed and ran down to the dining hall. After inhaling my food, I raced my shadow to Grace's lab where she was briefing Jake on how to act in the clan.

I grabbed Jake's shoulder," Don't worry Grace, I'll make sure that the clan doesn't murder Jake," I laughed.

She fixed me with a glare," You've had sugar today, haven't you?"

I shook my head," Nope!" her face fell," I had coffee!" I laughed, hopping into a link bed and going to my Avatar.

I walked through Hometree towards the smell of food and quite literally ran into Jake. He and I smiled and walked towards the food. We chatted about how we had come to Hometree and laughed at how stupid Jake had seemed to Neytiri. Honestly, I couldn't blame her for slapping him with her bow. Proof of it still lingered in the form of a small bruise on Jake's cheek.

After breakfast, Jake was led outside by Neytiri, and I was led to the archery range by Tsu'tey. He gave me a simple wooden bow and ten arrows," Hit the targets in the center, you were able to last time," he said simply, stepping back to watch.

I rolled my eyes," Sure," I muttered, nocking an arrow and pulling it back," I'll hit all the targets in the center."

An irritated growl slipped past Tsu'tey's lips, and I felt him slap my arm into its proper place before I could loose the arrow. I released the arrow and felt a satisfied grin crawl across my face. The arrow buried its head in the center of the target with a dull thunk.

I nocked another arrow and drew it back, keeping my arm in the proper position as I aimed for the center of the second target. I inhaled slowly and released my breath as I let the arrow fly towards the target. Another grin spread across my face as the arrow the center of the second target," This is a bit borin-AAAGH!" I said as I was tackled by a very happy thanator," LILY!" I shouted indignantly.

Tsu'tey started laughing and didn't even bother trying to get Lily off of me. I attached my queue to Lily's head-tentacle. She allowed me to jump up, climb onto her back, and smack Tsu'tey to the ground with her tail," Oops, she's excited," I lied.

He rolled his eyes as I nocked another arrow and had Lily slowly begin to walk parallel to the targets while gaining speed as I shot each one in its center. I turned and smirked over my shoulder at Tsu'tey. He rolled his eyes again and gestured for me to come back.

With a simple thought, I directed Lily back to Tsu'tey," You must learn to ride horse," he said, walking away from the archery range.

I hopped off of Lily's back and ran after Tsu'tey to where the direhorses were in a clearing. He stroked one's face and smiled at it," Horse are not like ikran or palulukan. They can bond with anyone at anytime," he said, "This is Ale'ya," he looked at me expectantly.

I jumped up on the horse's back and pulled my queue to attach it to a head-tentacle," Whoa," I breathed as my mind connected with the horse's," This is just... wow."

It was strange, I could feel everything the horse felt, just like with Lily, but the horse seemed a bit less intelligent. I gently stroked her neck and smiled as I directed her to trot in a circle around Tsu'tey as he explained what the connection was called, but I wasn't listening, I was focusing on the horse.

She had a slight limp in her gait that was caused by a cut one of her legs. I had her stop then jumped off her back to investigate the wound. Tsu'tey strode over to me and seemed surprised as I ran a hand gently over the cut," What plants are best for healing?" I asked, standing up straight.

Tsu'tey looked at me strangely for a moment then led me to a healer so I could get some herbs for the horse's leg and showed me how to apply the plants to Ale'ya's leg.

After I made sure her leg was going to heal properly, Tsu'tey led a couple of horses over to me," I think you should learn the land around Hometree," he said, gesturing to a horse," You will ride with me."

On our way out into the valley surrounding Hometree, Tsu'tey and I saw Neytiri trying to teach Jake how to a ride a horse. I bit my lower lip as Jake fell into a patch of mud, cursing as he fell.

Tsu'tey taunted Jake in Na'vi as I forced myself not to laugh. " Nice one, Jake," I called out as the marine stumbled to his feet.

He flipped me off as he stood," Yeah, I know, Sky," he growled as he wiped mud off his face.

Tsu'tey scoffed as he looked at Jake," You should go away," he sneered.

Jake laughed a little," Nah, you'd miss me," he pointed at Tsu'tey," I knew you could speak English."

I gave Jake a strange look as Neytiri said something to Tsu'tey in Na'vi and smacked his horse's hindquarters causing it to canter away. I urged my horse to follow Tsu'tey as he took off into the valley.

I felt happiness swell up inside me as I felt the wind in my face. I leaned close to my horse and urged her to run faster than Tsu'tey's as we rode out into the open.

We rode for an hour and returned to Hometree happy and smiling. I was grinning for the rest of the day as Tsu'tey taught me the basics of the Na'vi language. It was easy for me to grasp onto the foreign language, but I knew I had a long way to go with proper pronunciation.

When Jake and I returned to our real bodies, he wheeled up to me and smacked my arm. " What is wrong with you? How can you tried those blue behemoths?" he asked with envy written all over his face.

I smiled," Blue behemoths? You mean horses? Simple, I love them!"