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Apollo's Fairytale: Forced Fairytale

"Apollo!" shrilled a certain goddess awakening the Sun God from his glorious slumber. Apollo sluggishly tilted his body upwards in an erect position on his throne. He barely had time to open his eyes before a force barreled into him, knocking any air he had out.

"Apol-lo!" came the voice yet again followed by a giggle. Apollo glanced down at the thing… or rather person seated in his lap. He groaned when he saw her latest transformation. She was five, maybe, six-years-old with dark blonde hair pulled into two perfect pigtails, and a giant pair of light green eyes brimming with mischievousness. She opened her mouth to show a set of missing teeth on the top and bottom row.

"Aphrodite," deadpanned Apollo. "Why are you a child?"

"Silly boy," Aphrodite giggled. She rocked on his lap, producing a classic teddy bear from out of nowhere. She still wasn't answering him.

"Aphrodite! Seriously, what are you doing here? Dad gives us a break in several hundred years, and here you are bothering me for Zeus-knows-what reason. Shouldn't you be out swapping fluids with Ares or playing with the mortals? Leave me alone," he said with a slight whiny edge.

"Calm down, dearie, you are here to assuage my boredom since Daddy Zeus commanded everyone not to do our jobs. There's no love in the air. There's no drama to behold. Oh Apollo! I'm dying, there's nothing to do!" bemoaned the six-year-old. She put her hand to her forehead, slouching on Apollo for dramatic effect.

The Sun God huffed. He crossed his arms glaring at his older sister. "Then die."

"Don't be so crass."

"I'm not. Go die from boredom and leave me in peace," stated Apollo.

"All I ask from you is to read me one a story. One teensy story," she pleaded pressing her hands together. Oh, he could feel his will deteriorate from the childish pout but he wouldn't budge. This was his relaxation time, it was not the time to indulge the goddess of love.


Aphrodite sighed, her shoulders drooping. "You know, you are one of my favorite siblings. Your love life has inspired generations of love stories and plays. However, I will do whatever I must to get you to do what I want. Even if that means I have to ruin a relationship I particularly like!" In her hands her stuffed animal had turned into several photos all of which depicted him and… Apollo gulped, suddenly feeling very anxious.

"Where did you get those?" he questioned. He made a move to snatch them from Aphrodite, but she was too quick. The photos she once held in her delicate hands disappeared into a plume of pink smoke.

"Where did I get them?" echoed Aphrodite with a laugh. "Hello, lover boy, I am the goddess of sexual love. I knew from the moment you laid eyes on the poor lad that you two would be in cahoots together. I personally have no problems with it, but Daddy might. You know how possessive he is with lovers."

She laughed yet again at the nervous look on Apollo's face. He slumped down in his glinting throne, groaning under his breath. "He couldn't be that mad, could he? He hardly invites Ganymede to his bed anymore," he mumbled.

Aphrodite pursued her lips. "Don't be daft, dearie. Daddy doesn't allow anyone else to touch his property."

Apollo groaned yet again. He sank in his seat, crossing his ankles and looking worse for wear. He put his hands over his eyes, inhaling sharply and then exhaling softly. He peeked through his fingers, narrowing his sky-blue hues on the child goddess. His relationship with Ganymede was very important to him and he did not want to lose it. Alas, his sister was very good at blackmail. Aphrodite was going to get her story.

Joy. He rolled his eyes.

"Fine," relented Apollo. He dropped his hands, glaring heatedly at the girl, "I'll read you your stupid story."

Aphrodite cheered on his lap. She clapped her hands together and squealed, blush dusting her freckled cheeks. She twitched her nose alike Samantha on Bewitched: a teddy bear and a storybook dropped out of thin air into Aphrodite's outstretched hands. She gathered the teddy bear in her arms, fixing the bright scarlet ribbon wrapped around its neck, and gave the storybook to Apollo.

Apollo flipped through the thin book only to discover it was blank, every page he turned too there was nothing. The book was full of empty pages. He closed the farce of a book, glancing at the cover, which was surprisingly void of words and pictures. "What trickery is this; do you want a story or not?"

Aphrodite cuddled her bear close. "Of course, I want a story. You just have to create one."

"Why did you give me a book then? I could've created one by words alone."

Aphrodite waved a dismissive hand. "This book effects what happens in the mortal world. It can turn a certain place into a fictional land and regular people into nobles and peasants. I'm surprised you don't recognize it."

Apollo raised a golden eyebrow, questioningly. "What do you mean by that?"

Aphrodite impishly grinned. "Athena read me a certain tale back in the day about two special persons set in Camelot, I believe Merlin and Arthur were their names."

"Only you," breathed Apollo, slightly in awe of the young goddess seated on him. She created one of the greatest and most amusing tales on Earth. Oh, the mortals and demigods thought of the Love Goddess as dumb and ditzy but she was so much more than that.

"Yes, only me, before we start this wonderful narrative I have a few requests."

Apollo inclined his head, aware that Aphrodite was only being polite. She wasn't requesting anything. Whatever she'd say had to be taken into account. "Ok."

"I want you to use Poseidon's boy and Hades' spawn."

Apollo nodded. "Perseus and Hazel, got it."

"No!" exclaimed Aphrodite scandalized. "There is no chemistry between those two. The girl belongs with my husband's little boy. It's Perseus and Nico."


"It has to be a fairytale like Cinderella."

"Really? I would've pegged you for more of a Little Mermaid type, but whatever you say." The Sun God shrugged, shifting in his chair.

"Perseus has to be in a dress…"

Apollo gave her a sharp bark of laughter. "He's a boy, remember!"

Aphrodite sniffed pointedly. "That's never stopped my precious Hermaphroditus."

Apollo was close to making a snippy comment but he held his tongue. Aphrodite was very protective over her children and could not stand any outright insult toward them. He gave Aphrodite a tight smile, slowly opening the storybook. He cleared his throat a few times… his voice taking on an old grandfather tone. "If that is all Aphrodite, let us get to the story.

"Once upon a time…"

Percy and Nico were practicing swordplay in front of all the new campers. Their respective swords, Riptide and Abaddon, made from stygian iron and celestial bronze locked together in a fierce dual. Nico gnashed his teeth, as did Percy, neither of them wanted to lose the fight.

Percy swung his sword hard toward the son of Hades, only for it to meet thin air. His sea-green eyes scanned the training field in front of him… where was Nico hiding…?

"Behind you," Nico breathed in Percy's ear, a shiver raced up his spine at the tone of Nico's voice. However, that only served as a slight deterrent. He twisted on his heel ready to cut the teen's head off when he heard:

"Once upon a time…"

Percy stopped, as did Nico. The two shared a startled glance. Where was that voice coming from? It almost reminded Percy of Gaia's sleepy voice infiltrating their innermost thoughts. He prayed to all the Gods' above it wasn't Gaia waking back up. They had defeated her. She was slumbering deep in the recesses of Earth.

"There were two boys…"

"Nico," Percy said, his sword hand shook. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Nico looked like he wanted to voice his thoughts too, but he never got the chance. The world twisted and turned around them, growing hazy. Percy hadn't the time to utter a single word when both he and Nico fell to their knees, dropping to the ground, knocked out cold.