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My name is Maximum Ride and this is the story of how I fell in love with my best friend Fang. It all started when we first met...

"Maximum Ride get your butt down here to go met the new neighbors!" My mom, Dr. Martinez, yelled up the stairs. We had just moved here from Vermont. Now we were in hot, Dallas, Texas.

"Coming Mom!" I screamed. She is actually very nice but she has her flaws when it comes to timing. I was in a black body skirt with a red blouse and red flats. I had my hair in a delicate ponytail. My earrings were white wings. I slipped on my silver cross necklace and put on mascara and eyeliner then a dab of light brown eyeshadow. I ran downstairs to see my mom and sisters ready. Ella was 15, I was 17, and Angel was 14. We all grabbed our purses and walked to the neighbors house.

You might be wondering where my dad is but he died when I was 4. He was an amazing father to me from what I remember. Angel and Ella don't remember him at all.

We arrived at the neighbor's house. It was just as big as ours. Three stories tall with a balcony and a huge yard. Home sweet home. NOT! I loved our old house but we had to move to fulfil my dream of being a professional cheerleader. I might be a badass but I do love cheering. It makes you feel alive.

My mom rang the doorbell and a nice looking lady opened the door. " Hello. You must be the Martinez family. I am Jully and these are my children." The lady said and out stepped three kids, well teens. The one who was blond and had blue eyes said " Hi my name is Gazzy and I am 14." looking right at Angel.

"Hi my name is Angel and I'm 14 too." They ran off and left us to do introductions.

"Hi I'm Nudge! I was adopted when I was a baby. Babies are so cute don't you think? Do you know who else is cute? Taylor Lautner! He is so hot and-" A hand slapped over Nudges mouth. She was very pretty with dark chocolate skin and big brown doe eyes. She had a huge mass of pretty curls that matched her eyes.

I looked up from the hand into the darkest, most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They mesmerized me until Ella cleared her throat. I blushed and looked away. " Hi I am Ella. I love fashion, cheering, and I'm 15." Nudge gasped and grabbed her hand. They ran off to Nudges room I presume.

" Hi. My name is Max. I'm 17." I told him. He looked at me for a minute before he said "I'm Fang and I am 17 as well." We looked at each other for a minute until our moms ushered us inside. They went into the kitchen while we went upstairs to the den where everybody was.

We talked the rest of the night to get to know each other better. Nudge loves fashion and cheerleading. Gazzy loves bombs and hip hop. Fang likes guitar and football. Later on in the night Iggy, Fangs 17 year old best friend came to the house as well. He likes football and bombs. All too soon the night ended and we went home.

"OMG Max! You totally like Fang!" Ella screeched when we walked into my room for a sleepover.

"No I don't. I like him as a friend just a friend."I told her. She didn't look like she believed me but who cares. We all fell asleep and that wa the start of the most amazing summer I would ever have.

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