Max POV:

This morning I went to a cheer and tumble gym to practice with Nudge. The rest of the flock came to watch us. We were wearing blue shorty shorts for cheering and white tank tops with white sports bras that had the Dallas star on them. We also bad white cheer shoes and blue and white bows in our hair.

"Okay Nudge we are going to stretch and then tumble for a while before going over the routine." I told her and went to start the music for stretching. I went to the blue springy floor and sat in a wide straddle. I stretched out my legs then arms then back and wrists. Finally I slipped into my splits. "Oy Nudge come do the splits with me." I called out to her. She came over and did left, right, then center splits with me.

"Max start the tumbling music. I really like the songs on this track. It makes me feel all pumped up. So does caffeine and sugar. I really shouldn't drink any caffeine should I?"I just shook my head and started the music. I went to the corner of the mat and jumped up and down for a minute to loosen up a little. I sprinted down the center of the mat and did a round off, back handspring, back handspring, back tuck, back step out, left split.

"OMG! Max since when are you so god at tumbling?" Angel shrieked at me.

"I don't know Angel. I only took classes since I was 4."I told her sarcastically. I then bounced again to do another combination. I ran and did a front handspring, round off, back handspring, back tuck, and finally a split jump.

"Wow Max that was so cool. Can you show us how to do the split jump? Please? Pretty please?" Ella asked. I nodded and motioned for them to come over.

"First of all can you all do the splits?" I asked them. All of the girls said yes. The rest of the time was filled with split jumps. Then it was time for the routine. had to admit I was a little nervous to do this in front of Fang. It was not exactly conservative. It was really sexy actually. I went over to Fang. i gave him the ipod.

"Fang can you go turn this on for me?" I asked him in a cute voice that I knew he liked. He shrugged and went to turn on the music. I got into position with Nudge and Ella. I may have forgotten to mention that all of the girls did cheerleading. Angel was a lower level though, being younger. Danza Kuduro turned on and we started to do our routine to the pop of the beat.

Pop the chest and swivel the hips. High kick. Split jump. Now it was time for some floor work. We went on our knees in a formation. One leg out. Lean down. Splits in the center. Roll up. Toe touch. Straight leg scorpion with Ella and Nudge on either side doing heal grabs. We were smiling our dazzling smiles and almost out of breath. The music turned off and we went down.

"Wow." Wow. WOW! That is the best Fang could come up with. I want more than one word. Ugggh.

"Come one guys lets go home now. I'm so tired." Ella said. We all nodded. I went out into the hall to grab my things. That was when Fang decided to come and grab me from behind. I stiffled a shriek. When I turned around to say something Fang kissed me. On. The. Lips. Every angry thought left my mind and all I could think about was Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang. His tongue traced my bottom lip and I granted him access. We stood like that for a few minutes until we heard Ella call.

"Time to go Fang."He just sighed and left. i packed my bag and left the hall shortly after. We went back to the hotel and crashed for the night.


"Max truth or dare?" Iggy asked me. Well shit (AN: sorry about the curse but I curse a lot.)I could not win this one if I said truth Iggy would ask me who I liked and if I said dare he would make me kiss Fang. Oh well. If I kiss Fang it doesn't mean I like him right? I just get another chance to kiss the hottest guy on earth, Fang.

"Dare." I told him bravely and confidently. he just smiled an evil, evil, smile at me.

"I dare you to make out Fang for five minutes." He smirked as I felt my mouth drop open. Not what I was expecting at all. Oh well I got the kiss part right.

"Fine." I got up and walked across the circle to Fang. I sat down straddling him. My hands went around his neck and his went to my waist. I pulled his head to mine. I tangled my fingers in his perfectly black silky hair. We just kissed and kissed. I pulled away and looked him in the eye. They were twinkling with a passion I had never seen in them before.

"Max. Your turn." Angel told me. I jumped off of Fang and sat back down.

"Nudge. Truth or Dare?" I asked her.

"Dare. ZOMG! I love dares. They are so much fun because you never know what is going to happen to you until it does. Are you going to make me kiss somebody. Maybe you will make me do something embarrassing. I hope not. I hate being embarrassed. Don't you?"All I got out of that was dare and embarrassment.

"I dare you to make me look like the hottest human being that ever walked the face of the earth. When we get back home. Ella and Angel can help you too." I told her. She was speechless for a minute until a stream of words poured from her's Ella's and Angel's mouths. I got absolutely nothing from though. I just wanted to feel pretty for a day. maybe make the boys at school drool next week. Then everybody rushed away to the rooms to discuss what just happened.

"What?!" I asked Fang a little defensibly when I saw his look.

"Nothing." He just shrugged and walked away to his room leaving me very confused. I wonder what they are going to put me in. Oh well. We'll find out later won't we?

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