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Eren lay on top of Reiji staring into his eyes. Suddenly she spoke up, making Reiji jump, 'I love you' she had a soft smile on her face as Reiji replied, 'I love you too'. After a few moments of silence, Eren started to rub up and down against him. She carried on as he penetrated her and made love to her. After they had finished, she curled up to him under the thin bed sheets and held him close, 'That was amazing'. Reiji looked down at the beautiful girl and replied, 'I am very glad you enjoyed that'. They lay in the bed for what seemed like hours upon hours. Eren was getting bored of just sitting there, so got up and re-dressed herself. What she did not notice was the handgun Reiji had slipped out from underneath the pillow. He sat up quickly, clenching his fist around the handle and pointed it against Eren's head.

Mr McCunnen arrived back at the manor house a few days later. This time his driver stood next to him, wanting to see what all the fuss was about. 'This place brings back so many memories' he smiled as he said it, thinking of all the good times. The driver quickly replied, 'Of what Sir?' McCunnen stood there for a few moments, thinking about the many memories, and finally replied 'My family. They all were born here and grew up here, including me'. The driver said nothing and he carried on with what he was saying, 'I was born in secret here, a love child of my mother and an assassin'. The driver had a curious look on his face, and asked, 'Would you mind telling me who the assassin is sir?' Mr McCunnen turned around with a somewhat, evil smile upon his face, 'I am the love child of Claudia McCunnen and Reiji Azuma'. The driver was taken aback, and almost went into shock, 'Azuma...you say?' Mr McCunnen still had the smile upon his face as he drew out a small blade, 'Is that a problem for you?' He quickly replied with, 'Nno Sir, of course not' and went back into the car.

Sweat dripped down Reiji's brow whilst he had the handgun against Eren's head. He was acting on impulse, but why? What had he seen that made him want to shoot Eren? He glanced over her body again, and then saw something. Or rather, didn't. Eren had scar on her back, from a gunshot wound. But as Eren had stood up to get out of bed, he noticed it wasn't there. Eren simply turned around to him and smiled. A plain, simple and happy smile. Reiji was confused by her action, and still pointed the gun at her. 'You're not Eren…' he was broke off by her simply laughing at him. She walked over to him and took the gun away. 'What's the matter Reiji?' He looked at her and thought to himself, It is Eren, those same familiar eyes. But where's the scar?