"Whoa.. whoa... almost gotcha..." Ranma mumbled loudly to himself, as he battled his most challenging opponent. They both managed to fell each other once in this tournament, it was now the final round. If a draw was made, the judges would rule in one of their favors.

Both fighters were on the last vestigases of stamina; it wouldn't take much for either to fall, now. Ranma's opponent, Vegar Tsung, readied his ultimate killing technique, there was no way Ranma could survive it if he guarded. With a grit of his teeth, and a prayer on the tip of his tongue, Ranma prepared to unleash his own final attack. Vegar Tsung's body became alight with ki, as he launched himself at Ranma like a human torpedo. With a practiced flash of his hands, Ranma met the blow with his own...


The blow landed true, totally disrupting his opponent's technique, and launching him to the far side of the arena. Ranma's avatar landed, and was declared the final victor.

Ranma watched the credits roll, after defeating the last boss of Super-Duper Back-Alley Battler EX Plus Omega Triad Dues. He felt a great pride in his accomplishments, if not lighter of the several hundred yen coins it took for him to accomplish this task. But as it's been said, there's no keeping Ranma down in the end.

"It's about time you finished up that stupid game. Honestly," Akane huffed, walking by Ranma from one of the other nearby arcade games she had been amusing herself with, "Look what I won!"

"Huh?" Ranma examined the yellow puff ball with a face and... he presumed arms made of wire with a red ball at each end, "What the Hell is that?"


Ranma blinked, "No, really, what in the world is that?"

"No, it's "What the Hell is that'."

"Um... okay, I'll bite... What the Hell is that?" Ranma enquired, as Akane apparently requested. Akane nodded, and gave Ranma a smile in satisfaction, before turning to head for the exit.

"Isn't it cute? I hardly ever win anything from those UFO Catchers."

"Well, are you going to tell me what the Hell that thing is?"

"What the Hell is that."

"HEY! Are you mocking me?" Ranma shouted, feeling his fustration build.

"Oh? What's that?" Akane asked, looking towards a corner of the arcade with a large crowd.


Akane ignored Ranma's enraged outburst, and walked into the crowd. She stopped, and blinked, as she watched a young man with spikey brown hair... dancing on an arcade machine.

"Hey, Tomboy! You're carrying this joke too far now!" Ranma called behind Akane, before stopping himself to see what had her and everyone else around them enthralled.

Akane had seen the game before, but never could dig up the courage to play it. The times she had watched someone on the machine, they were usually stomping on one of the four arrows. Sometimes, they would use both sides of the machine, but after the initial 'ooing' and 'aahing', it didn't seem all that impressive.

The young man on the machine was definitely working to change her opinion, though, as he was actually *dancing* rather impressively, while using both sides. As if every move was choreographed, his steps matched the buttons, as the announcer shouted high praises.

All too soon, the show ended, leaving the young man bowing to an applauding crowd. "Wow, he's something else!" Akane exclaimed, in awe of the dancer's show.

"Hmph, I guess..." Ranma droned, "Ready to go?"

"Wait, let's see if he plays again!" Akane urged, hoping for another exibition.

Ranma huffed, "Come on, Akane, it's not like there ain't anything to it. It's no big deal."

"Oh," the raven-haired girl replied, arching an eyebrow, "Like you could do it?"

By this time, the young man turned his attention to the conversation, as he rested up a bit; showboating was a tiring business, "Hey, why don't you get up here and try it? The more people who play, the better."

Ranma turned his attention to the guy, "Uh, no thanks, we have to get going."

"We don't have to be back for another hour or so, Ranma," Akane interjected, "Why don't you get up there and show us how it's done, if it's so easy?"

Ranma snorted, "Na, I got better things to do with my time and money."

"Yeah, like spend 700 of it on Back-Street Brawler..." Akane retorted, "I think you're just being a coward."

"HEY!" Ranma exclaimed indignatly.

"Chill, chill, alright? If he can't do it, nobody's gonna force him," the spiky haired young man interrupted the oncoming argument.

"Look here, I can play this dumb machine just as good as you can!" Ranma challenged, feeling as if the other guy had subtly implied his inability.

"Eh, probably can, after a while, I mean. Just need to get a... bit of practice... I guess." Ranma bristled at the back-handed comment.

"Rage! I'll pay for your next game!" One of the girls in the crowd exclaimed. Suddenly, the young man named Rage found several hundred-yen coins shoved in his face from schoolgirls, eager to see him style again.

"Well..." Rage seemed to ponder the request, "I guess. Heh, it's just so awesome to be as good as me!"

Akane turned to Ranma, and mouthed 'uh-oh'. She knew the look in her fiancee's eyes, "Ah, Ranma? Um... why don't we go ahead on home?"

"Hey, no need to rush away!" Rage stated, "You haven't even seen my best moves yet!"

Akane gave another glance to Ranma, who was slowly moving to boiling, "I dunno..."

"I'll tell you what..." Rage leaned in close to Akane with a smug smirk on his face, "How about I dedicate this next game to you, cutie?"

"THAT'S IT!" Akane rolled her eyes, and put her face into her right hand; she *almost* made a clean getaway...

Ranma stared at the slightly shocked Rage with a defiant glare, "I can play this game just as well as you! Watch me!"

"Ranma, don't! I mean, he *is* pretty good!" Akane urged, moving to impose herself between Ranma and the arcade dancing machine. She baulked, as she watched his face darken even more. Of course, the jerk would assume that it was a shot at his pride.

Ranma leapt over Akane, momentarily surprising even Rage in his leaping ability. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a hundred yen piece, and inserted it into the coin slot. He immidiately selected the hardest difficulty, and set forth looking for a song. The one titled 'Max 300' sounded interesting...

Everyone blinked, exept for Akane and Rage; as one mumbled the word 'idiot' repeatedly, while the latter chuckled lightly to himself. It had only taken 2.7 seconds for the black screen featuring in big English letters the word 'FAILED' to appear.

Lightly shoving a dumbfounded Ranma, Rage snatched up one of the prooffered hundred yen coins from one of his fans, and inserted it, "Ah, this one's not quite up your speed, lemme show you how it's done..."

Ranma watched, and silently fumed, as Rage made a fool out of him. With his precarious glances back towards Akane, who was rapt in the show, Ranma vowed that he would show this jerk a thing or two...

Ranma/ Dance Dance Revolution
'Anything Goes Martial Arts DDR Freestyle PERFECT ATTACK!!!'