Ranma/Dance Dance Revolution
'Anything goes Martial Arts DDR Freestyle Perfect Attack!'

Nabiki jolted, and then turned to the familiar voice that called her name. "Well, well, Ranma, you would be the last person I would suspect to be here..."

"Ah..." Ranma froze, trying to think of what to say. Took him a bit of time, "What are you doing here?" Ranma paused, "And what's with the silly hat?"

"I was planning to unwind with a relaxing game of Dance Dance Revolution," the middle Tendou sister stated, before noticing the usual crowd gathering around the machine, "And, my 'silly hat' as you put it, serves a purpose..."

She removed the black bowler from her head, and set it on the floor in between the machine and the steadily building audience of young men. "Step back, Ranma-kun, you're blocking the view for my fans."

Ranma stepped back into the crowd, wondering what all the commotion was all about, as Nabiki scrolled through the song selection until she found one she was particularly in the mood for.

"This is a good song!" the announcer exclaimed in charismatic English, just before the music kicked in. The vocals of 'Firefly' kicked in, and Nabiki was in motion. With an alluring pose struck, punctuated by her right hand raised in the air, she swayed to the music, staying in tune with the fast-paced J-Pop by Be Fore U.

Step up, step up. Slide right foot onto the bottom panel, grind the right foot onto it to register a second step. Nabiki glided her left leg flamboyantly onto the left panel, while twisting her hips back to the right. She stepped again on the left panel while twisting sensually back to the left; her arms wrapped around her stomach in a way that had her audience tossing wolf-whistles without abandon.

She twisted to her right, stepping the right foot onto the right foot pad, and spun on it, completing the hold step. She came to a full rotation, stepping on the left arrow just in time, while tossing her arms out to the side, and her head back. She then stepped on the left arrow again, pointing to her left foot with her right hand, and tossed her head to the right side, then left when she had to hit the left arrow two more times.

"Wow..." Ranma mumbled, watching Nabiki with rapt awe, "She ain't half bad!" Obviously, his sentiments were shared by the currently growing male admirers and female gawkers alike, as the circle around the machine grew larger.

Nabiki's continued to dance as if she had the world to please, lost in the rhythm being pumped from the main unit. The right arrow went off four times, before she switched her right foot to the left arrow, stepping on it eight times, while dancing with a finesse that was more suitable for Tokyo's more exorbant nightclubs than a paltry arcade. All too soon for everyone spectating, the show was over.

"Ranma-kun," Nabiki breathed, wiping her brow of imaginary sweat, more for show than practicality, "Mind going around the circle a bit with my hat? I think the crowd's too large for some people to reach it..."

"Ah," Ranma replied, slightly stunned, "sure." He woodenly picked up the bowler, and went around the circle. He wasn't sure what the reason was, until he found several descent value yen pieces being contributed.

"Wow! She's great!"

"Yeah, she comes here every so often to put on a show!" Another girl spoke up.

"Man, I wouldn't mind paying for a show like that from a cute girl like her!" one guy stated.

"Hey, cutie! I'll pay for your next game if you keep dancing for us!"

"Can you teach me how to dance like that! It was so awesome!"

"I'll pay you to show me how to dance like that!"

Nabiki gave a triumphant smirk, she still had two more songs to go, to boot. Before the timer ran out, she selected 'Justify My Love' by Tess...

Nabiki replaced her jacket, and blew out in slight tiredness, "Okay, show's over! Thank you for your patronage!" Nabiki called to her dispersing audience, who begrudginly left, but wanted more show.

"That was... pretty good!" Ranma complimented, staring at the bowler and three paper bags full of change given to her for her performance. Nabiki looked over her gain with slight surprise.

"Hmm, made a killing today. Ranma-kun, I think I need to have you around more often!"

"Uh," A random inspired thought occured to Ranma, "Hey, Nabiki... um, the way you play this game..."

"Ranma, you got something to ask, spit it out before I charge you by the syllable."

"You think you can teach me?" Ranma's face burned at having to ask the middle Tendou sister for assistance; both because of his pride, and the heat from the money starting to burn holes through his pockets.

"Why, Saotome! Don't tell me your sister-in-law made that much of an impression on you! What would Akane think about all this?" Ranma blushed deeper, but didn't respond. "Relax, Ranma, I'm just kidding. I'd be honored to show the great martial arts superstar of Nerima how to play a simple videogame! I won't even charge you!"

Ranma blinked, "Um... no... charge?"

"None at all, honest!" The unhealthy gleam in her eye didn't help Ranma's suspicion at all.

"Remember, the proper 'stances' are generally left foot on left arrow or down arrow, right foot on right arrow or up arrow," Nabiki explained in her eighth lesson plan, as she demonstrated in her eighth game of DDR for that day.

"I get all that, Nabiki," Ranma grumbled, "when are you going to show me how to dance on this thing?"

"Patience, Ranma-kun," Nabiki chastized, "We wouldn't want to rush the lessons, now! If you wanna learn, you're going to have to learn by the way I teach y-"

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" The announcer wailed, signalling too many steps missed, and game over.

"Darn," Nabiki grumbled, before turning back to Ranma, "we didn't get to finish that lesson, gimme another hundred yen."

Ranma grumbled, as he fished into his pocket for his own hard earned money through his own sweat, and usually more than generous amounts of blood, "I don't see why I have to pay for your games! I thought you weren't gonna charge me anything!"

"But I'm not charging you, Saotome!" Nabiki replied, as if shocked by Ranma's vieled accusation, "You're just paying for your own games!"

"How are they my games? *You're* the one playing them!"

"Ranma, Ranma, Ranma, must I explain this simple concept to you?" Nabiki asked in a severely condesending voice.

Ranma wasn't buying into it, as he folded his arms and gave her a half-lidded stare, "Please... do."

"Well... I'm teaching you how to play Dance Dance Revolution in a way that doesn't make you look like a total geek, right?"

"Um," Ranma barely held his want for retort in reply, "I suppose..."

"Which means I have to demonstrate the proper techniques, right?"

"Sounds about right," the pigtailed boy replied, his unamused face starting to grow into confusion.

"And for the past hour, I've been freely giving up my time, energy, and knowledge so that you may selfishly benefit from them..." Nabiki's voice grew somewhat menacing, "correct?"

Shamefaced, Ranma nodded.

"And how was I supposed to do that, if I couldn't show you that without playing your games for you?"

"I guess you couldn't," Ranma replied in a subdued tone.

"Right, so in order for me to teach you, logic would conclude that you would have to pay for me to freely give up my time and knowledge!"

"I guess I can't argue with that," Ranma grumbled, knowing he missed something along the line. He decided a different approach, "But, if I'm supposed to be learn'n something, should I be playing, too?"

"Really, Ranma, you're just so impatient! These things take time! Not like those martial arts techniques you're used to picking up in three days or so. Playing DDR takes a great deal of cultivation, and did I mention a great deal of money?"

"Come on, Nabiki, why don't we just skip ahead to the useful stuff?"

"Oh, so you think you know enough now. My, how cocky you are, Ranma. here, gimme another hundred yen."

"What for? You already have a credit in the machine!"

"Well I need another one. Chop chop, we don't have all day, you know!"

Ranma cursed under his breath, handing Nabiki another coin. "Okay," Nabiki announced, glaring at Ranma, "You think you're ready, we'll skip ahead a ways!" Nabiki selected both sides to play.

"SELECT YOUR STYLE!" The announcer shouted, and Nabiki moved the highlight from 'Versus' to 'Doubles'. After setting the difficulty to light, she selected 'Drifting Away'.

Ranma's eyes nearly bulged, as he watched Nabiki dance in a way most assuradly made to appeal to the males of her species. And that it did, as droves of drooling boys gathered, like adolecents to porn.

In tune to the sensual and charasmatic beats and melody, Nabiki's motions were fluid, and above all, utterly feminine. Upon finishing, and motioning for Ranma to move around the crowd to collect her gratuity, she addressed him in her most arrogant tone.

"Now, let's see if you're ready for that, Ranma...*kun*."

Ranma cracked a broken smile, before realization hit him, "Ah, hold on a sec, willya?" In a flash, he was rushing towards the bathroom.

"I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go," Nabiki mumbled, slightly amused. She blinked, and then frowned, as Ranma rushed from the bathroom, still damp from the cold water she had splashed herself with.

The redhead selected the same song, and gave Nabiki a confident smirk. With an incredulous expression, Nabiki hesitantly stepped from the machine, surprised that the sex-changing martial artist, who was quite adimant about his manhood, would call her bluff.

What equally shocked her, was the fact that Ranma copied her routine, motion for motion, exept with certain other aspects providing for a bit... more.

"Ha!" Ranma exclaimed, triumphantly, and turned to find the drove of young men staring at her with dazed expressions, while the drool from their mouths had increased exponentially. Nabiki herself was blushing hard, while giving Ranma her most irritated glare. Ranma smirked even more, believing herself to even have outdone Nabiki at her own game.

"Not bad... Ranma" Nabiki started, through gritted teeth, as she walked up to the shorter redhead, "But perhaps next time, we'll get you a bra, and possibly wait till your dry?"

"Huh?" Ranma shrugged a bit, causing her chest, quite visible through her still damp... silk... Chinese shirt to commit to all sorts of adolecently appealing motions.

A little side note. I got my own Dance Dance Revolution vids up from a freestyle tournament I was in a couple months ago, took first place, of course ^_^
-'Drifting Away'
-'So Deep'
-'It's Raining Men' (Flamboyantly GAY style!)

Just AIM me or email me if you want them, just warn you that they are large!