Disclaimer: i do not own any of the Mortal Instruments, the characters and series all belong to Cassandra Clare.

'Why me'? is all that goes through my mind as i walk through the door into my first class of the year, chemistry, to see a seating plan up on the board. This thought comes into effect even more, when i see that my name is written next to none other than Jace Waylands. And as if things couldn't get any worse, he is already sitting in his seat, so i can't just slip into my seat and hope that he does't notice, oh no, this means that i'm going to have walk over to my seat and go through the whole awkward situation where he watches me as i pull out my seat and i don't know where to look or whether to introduce myself or just ignore him and wait for him to introduce himself.

Whilst i am having this whole debate in my head... i suddenly realize that he is staring at me and, so i decide that if i don't make the journey to my seat now, i never will. i begin walking, and all the while, he continues to stare at me, as do all of the girls in my class, although they are more like death glares than stares. Here is the thing about Jace Wayland, he is the most notorious player in our school. Which has a strong connection to the fact that he is also, possibly the most good looking guy that the world has ever come across. He epitomizes the 'golden boy', everything about him is golden. He has these molten, smoldering golden eyes, perfect blonde hair and a tan that any girl would die for. Looks wise, he has it all, however, his downfall is that he is a total ass, and has probably dated about 97% of the female population of the school, and before you ask, no, i'm not one of them.

At this point i am behind my chair, he isn't looking at me anymore, so i take this opportunity to slyly slip into my seat and go with the whole 'ignore him' approach. If he wants to talk to me, he can, that's his choice. Although i don't know why he would want to talk to me.

So far, everything is going well. Jace hasn't attempted to talk to me, the teacher has started talking about what we will be covering this year, yada yada yada. I'm just about to zone out from everything she is saying until i hear the words that i was dreading, ''turn and say hello to the person sitting next to you, because they will be your partner for the rest of the year''. NO... no no no no no. this is the worst possible situation. I'm going to have to talk to him, what am i going to do now? with all of this going through my mind, i turn to my left to face the inevitable. ''im jace, and you are''? I am met with smoldering eyes, and signature smirk, and my first thought is 'im screwed'. ''Clary''...

To be continued... r&r