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When I get outside the gates, I stare back at the school, pondering what just happened. What did just happen? I try to work it out in my head when I am interrupted by my ringing phone. I take it out of my pocket and see that it is Izzy.

"Hello?" she says, sounding worried.

"Hi..." I reply questioningly. "Is everything ok?" I ask.

She sighs in relief. "I'm ok, but what about you? What happened?" What?

"What do you mean?"

She lets out a breath, as If frustrated. "You know, with you and Jace." How does she know?

"How do you know what happened?"

"I have my connections." She says in a rush. Well here i go...

"He stood up for me." I say.

"He stood up for you?" she repeats slowly.

"Yeah." I confirm. "He started beating up some guy who-" Isabelle interrupts me.

"-Clarissa Fray, you idiot girl." she says.

"Excuse me?"

"I said, you're an idiot." She repeats, dragging out the words for me to understand.

"I know what you said" I say, annoyed.

"Then why did you ask?" smartass.

"Ugh, whatever. If you're not going to listen to me I'll just pu-" I say, waiting for her to apologise, cause i know she will.

"Okay, okay" she says "Tell me what you wanted to say."

I take a deep breath. "Something happened with this guy, it wasn't even a really big deal, but me being me, I started crying"

I'm lying when I say some of this, because what happened with my dad is a big deal, but I just don't like to think about it. I continue.

"Next thing I know, Jace is slamming him up against some lockers and yelling in his face, asking him what he did to me. Then he starts hitting him, and if I hadn't have stopped it, I think Jace actually might have actually killed him."

Iz clears her throat and asks "And you are pissed at him for this because...?"

I finish her sentence. "Because... He isn't exactly nice to me. He teases me all the time, and as much as I hate to admit it, it does upset me." I take a breath.

"So..." Iz says. God she's impatient.

"So... He can't treat me like that, upset me I mean. And then going around beating up other guys that upset me. I'm not some kind of toy that he owns and can do what he pleases with whenever. You know?" She goes quiet for a long time.

"Iz?" I ask, wondering why she isn't talking.

"Clary." she says, suddenly taking on a serious tone of voice "You and Jace have one messed up relationship."

I scoff a little.

"Relationship?" I repeat, trying not to laugh and to hide the glint of hope in my voice, which I hate. "We have no relationship."

"Mhmm" she says, with a knowing voice, which worries me a little. Does she know that I like him? I hope not, cause that could result in some messed up shit on my part. There seems to be nothing to talk about now.

"So, I guess I'll see you later" I say.

"Yeah" she says, and before we can even discuss when 'later' might be, she puts the phone down and I am just listening to the monotoned beep of a hung up phone.

What am I going to do now?

Oh. My. God... Everyone is looking at me.

As I walk through the halls, I pull my hood further over my head, trying to hide myself from other peoples glares. I don't get much of a positive result from that, they still all recognise me. Damn the bright red hair.

Some people whisper. At least they have the decency to try to be discreet about it, others are just outright talking about me, no doubt about how much of a bitch I am. But I don't feel bad, he deserved what I said. It's about time someone told him that the whole world doesn't revolve around Jace Wayland.

I spend the day making my best effort to avoid Jace and his friends. The whole day is going not so bad so far; I've had no lessons with Jace, and all of these have not had a seating plan, so I've just sat at the back, trying to block out the gossip and dirty looks sent my way. When it's lunch, I sit with Iz, as per usual, and we try our best to ignore everyone.

However, as the day goes on, Chemistry gets closer and closer. All day, I've been ignoring the fact that this lesson will come, and now that its next period, to be honest... I'm shitting myself.

There is 5 minutes left of English, meaning 5 minutes left until I see Jace. As you can probably guess, I didn't go to his house last night...

I keep looking at the clock.

4 minutes. What will I say to him?

3 minutes. Do I apologise?

2 minutes. No, he's the one who should apologise.

1 minute. Breathe Clary, calm down.

And then... the bell rings. Fuck.

Remind me please, in future times, that procrastination just tends to make things worse.

For a minute I panic, until a thought comes into my head. I actually face palm myself in the hallway, attracting a few wired looks.

I quickly carry on walking.

God I'm stupid. All I need to do is skip chemistry, that's how I'll avoid him. I start walking toward the gates with a stupid smile on my face. I'm such a nerd.

All is going well until I walk past my chemistry room, and my teacher decides that she will greet people at the door before they walk in. Now, to my knowledge, she has never done this before. And it is today of all days that she decides to start doing it.

I try to turn around and go out the other doors, but she sees me and I have to resist the urge to throw a brick at her, but unfortunately, there are no bricks handy and that is likely to lead to permanent expulsion and, quite possibly, a prison sentence.

She looks at me with a curious expression on her face.

"Clary" she says "where are you going?" ummm...

"Oh, I- um I just..." she raises her eyebrows, clearly amused by my nervous and stuttering state and then gestures with her arm for me to enter the room. What am I supposed to do now? I consider bursting into tears to see if she'll let me be excused from class. As I stand there thinking, her impatience grows as she shifts on her feet. Finally, she's had enough.

"Clary!" she snaps, making me jump. I sigh, walking toward the door and giving myself a mental pep talk. You can do this, don't be such a pussy. With this thought in my head, I proceed to enter the room.

Apparently, I've become some kind of celebrity overnight because as soon as I walk in, all eyes are on me, every pair but one. All but Jace, he is staring blankly at his desk. I relalise that I have stood here for long enough staring at him and that I should probably make my way to my seat. So I begin walking with everyones eyes following. I take my eyes of Jace, with the fear that he might look up and see me staring and carefully take my seat, sitting as far away from him as my desk will allow me.

The teacher comes in and starts talking about projects and how we should have started them by now, and all the whileii don't take my eyes off the board at the front of the room because I wouldn't know what to say to Jace if he started talking. All is going ok until the stupid teacher decides that it would be good to carry on projects today.

I don't make an effort to turn to Jace, he should apologise to me. We just sit there, not looking or talking to eachother. The teacher must sense the awkwardness because she comes over to us and says

"Have you started your project yet?" Neither of us speak or ever look at her. And then she says the worst possible thing. "That's it. You two go outside and sort out whatever problem it is that you're having with one another, because this project is important and needs to be done." Jace and I look at eachother and then simultaneously look at the teacher, both with desperated eyes. She just stares back at us blankly and flicks her hand.

"Go." she says, in a final tone of voice.

We both huff, walking out of the room and refusing to look at eachother...

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