Author note: I'm back with a new storyline. This storyline is a sequel from "The pregnancy" storyline. I know in the last chapter of the pregnancy that i was deciding to do another storyline for Don and Katie and their young family. Well I am back with another one. I am hoping that you all will like this one too and of course please review it. Thank you.

Three years later

Don is finally coming home from work after a long night at work. Lexi is turning three in a few days and Katie has been getting ready for it for a week. First, he is stopping at his dad's to get his three-year old daughter. Katie had went back to work after six months and they had ask his father to watch his granddaughter. Don pulls into the driveway and walks to the front door. He walks into the room and sees his father and daughter reading a book.

"Daddy!" Lexi says as she lights up seeing her father. She gets out of her grandpa's lap and runs to her father and gives him a hug.

"hey baby girl." Don says giving her a hug. "Dad, how was she today?"

"She was good." Allen says to his son. Allen walks over to his granddaughter and gives her a small kiss. Don and Lexi head out to his truck and get ready to go home. When they finally get home, Katie is waiting for them. Don gets his daughter out of the back seat and lets her down so she can run to her mommy. Katie picks up her daughter and gives her a kiss. Don walks to his wife and gives her a kiss.

"How was your day today with Grandpa?" Katie ask her daughter as she smiles at her mommy.

"Dad said that she was good today." Don says to her as they walk into the house. They start their night schedule with dinner to bed time. After Lexi is in bed, Don and Katie are sitting couch planning their daughter's third birthday.

"I can't believe that she is turning three in the next couple of days." Katie says to her husband. She remembers the time that she told him about the baby. Katie had not been feeling good for the past couple of days and she is planning to take the test to find out if she is pregnant again.

"neither can I." Don said to her as he gives her a kiss and they finished up getting their daughter's birthday celebration done.