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Morgan Aurelius sighed as she threw the hammer onto the crafting table before moving a strand of hair from her forehead. She had never been fond of making anything from scratch, and her current project was much more demanding than something as simple as making an iron sword or hide armour. She looked behind her and she couldn't help but smile as she looked at her latest project.

Heljarchen Manor.

It had been four months since she had ripped apart the Volkihar Vampire Lord, Harkon, in the frozen wastes of the northern shore of Skyrim. She and Serana had parted ways for a few reasons, and although Morgan had been upset, she also knew that it would be selfish of her to keep Serana with her all the time.

Besides, there hasn't been any vampire attacks in the towns or most of the villages since then, so she must be doing alright in getting the vampire Court in line, she reminded herself with a wry smile.

Morgan had explained everything to Jarl Elisif of Solitude, and Elisif had hugged her so tightly, she had to nod to Sybille Stentor to try and get her off. Everyone had laughed at that little moment, although Elisif had recovered faster than everyone else, thanking Morgan for her work and telling her that if she needed anything, she was to ask and it would be done.

Morgan had replied that she was happy being on her good side, and had promptly gave her a small bow and walked out of the Blue Palace, leaving many people there perplexed at her sense of honour and duty. And then she recalled Jordis telling her about a giant causing trouble outside of Dawnstar, and she had gone to claim that bounty, mainly for the reward that would be awarded should she succeed.

Of course, Aela had volunteered to come, saying that she still had some fight left in her, and Morgan couldn't say no to the tall and feisty Companion. The giant had been no match for the two of them, Morgan's blade slicing the creatures body and legs with precision attacks, while Aelas arrows peppered the giant from distance, each one dipped in poison to kill the beast quicker. It had been Morgan's blade that had inflicted the death blow, a savage upward strike that impaled the giant through the underside of its jaw and through it's skull.

She could still smile at the way that Aela had raised her eyebrow at that little finishing blow. Morgan chuckled as she continued to look at her new home with a warm feeling in her chest.

The Jarl of Dawnstar had offered her a plot of land for five thousand septims, and Morgan had immediately paid up and walked out of the small village without a single word, apart from thanking the Jarl for the land. Since then, most of the Companions had been helping out as much as their time allowed. Only Kodlak hadn't taken part, but Morgan knew that he was a very important person in Whiterun, not to mention he was nearing the end of his natural life…although she had heard from Vilkas that he was searching for a cure to his beast blood before he passed away.

But the one person Morgan had wanted to see, and she had never turned up since that battle at Castle Volkihar, was Serana herself. Sometimes, she dreamt that the two of them were making love in a field, the sun shining on them as though they were both human again. She knew that it was dream, but she still liked to think about it every time she started crying at the temporary loss of her lover.

Morgan looked at Heljarchen Manor, looking for any sign of torn wood or faulty nails. Seeing none, she smiled and walked over, placing her hand on the cold wood.

My new home.

The house exterior was finished already. A small porch area stood at the front of the house, a garden on one side was blooming with flowers. Deathbells, Nightshades and even a few Nirnroot. If there was one thing Morgan had always wanted, it was a never ending supply of poisons, and her current choices were excellent at supplying her with the ingredients she needed.

The other side of her house was a bedroom, with two small beds (for children, although she doubted she would ever get the chance to see any of the beds being used) and a large double bed. The other extension on the far side of the house was a trophy room, and she had already filled the room with stuffed animals, such as sabre cats, frostbite spiders and even a dwemer spider. And of course, a dragon skull dominated the room.

The other side of her house was a kitchen. Filled to the brim with food, drink and anything that could be edible to humans and vampires alike, it was a place that Morgan found she spent a lot of time in already.

In short, Heljarchen Manor was a house for a family.

Her musings were cut off when she heard a soft whining noise, and she looked behind her to see the massive Ice Wolf sitting there and cocking it's head as though it knew she was a little unhappy. Morgan grinned as she turned around fully and sat down on the front step of her house, allowing the wolf to rest its head on her lap.

"I'm not moping, I was thinking," Morgan told the wolf, which gave a yawn as a reply.

Morgan scratched the wolf behind the ears.

"I was thinking, you softy," she told the wolf now, smirking when the animal turned its head away so that she could stroke it under the jaw.

She had met the ice wolf on her very first week building Heljarchen Manor. It had been clearly attacked, rivulets of blood spilling on the ground from wounds inflicted along its left side. Morgan had first thought about killing it right there. She knew that a wolf was dangerous. An ice wolf was much bigger and more aggressive than the smaller, regular wolves that many people of Skyrim were used to.

And an injured Ice Wolf was about as dangerous as they could get.

But this wolf had slowly walked over to her, not even looking at her dragonbone blade that was held in an attacking position, and had then lay down before starting to whine. Morgan had slowly lowered her blade and for some reason that she still couldn't fathom even a few months later, she had walked over and sat down beside the wolf and started to inspect its wound.

It had been attacked by more than one wolf, she had thought. And when she heard the ice wolf growl at the same time she had smelled the scent in the wind, she knew that the ice wolf's attackers were here to finish the job.

Well, until she FUSed the bastards right over the edge of the small cliff nearby. Morgan had then used her restoration magic on the wolf as though nothing had happened. After a few days of rest, the wolf sleeping in a small area that Morgan was going to use for cows and chickens, the wolf had recovered and was fully fit once again.

Of course, the fucking thing wanted to stay with me, Morgan laughed fondly as she began to stroke the wolf under the chin.

She had named her Scar, seeing as she was definitely female and because of the scar that resided on her back as a result of the attack. Since then, she had never left Morgans side, and any time Morgan tried to head out to Whiterun for supplies, Scar had followed her, never listening to her orders to return. She followed other orders, like who to attack when asked (a former Stormcloak officer who had somehow stumbled across her home and was promptly slaughtered by Scar when Morgan had muttered 'kill that bastard sweetie'), and who to trust when Morgan pointed them out (Morgan had giggled profusely as Scar and Aela had wrestled each other in a playful manner the first time they had met).

"Happy now Scar?" Morgan asked with a grin.

Scar sat up to lick her face a few times before lying on her lap fully. Morgan burst out laughing as she felt the weight of the wolf settle on her, and she simply sat there as she continued to stroke Scar along the sides gently.

"I'll take that as a yes then," Morgan continued with a glance around…and then she smelled something.

Something familiar.


Her words instantly changed the atmosphere. Scar leapt off her lap and lowered her body so that it looked like she was about to pounce. Morgan had unsheathed her blade, her free hand glowing with a ball of fire in the evening light as she spotted the lone figure coming up the small dirt path that would lead to Heljarchen Manor.

The figure was female, that was obvious from the feminine walk that the 'visitor' was displaying. Morgan looked at the way that her hips swayed from under her thick travelling cloak and from what looked like a long black dress underneath that.

Maybe a mage. Not everyone needs to wear armour to be dangerous. Could also be a vampire or werewolf, cannot tell at this range…although…yes, a vampire, I can smell her now.

"Is that any way to greet your little vampire friend, Morgan Aurelius?"

Morgan almost dropped her blade at the sound of her voice. She gently petted Scar on the top of her head, and Scar sat down almost passively. Morgan then walked forwards as the woman approached, watching her as she removed her hood.

There was no doubt now who this woman was. It was the woman that had been on Morgans mind more than anyone.

"Serana?" Morgan whispered unbelievably.

Serana smiled, her orange eyes glittering in the soft evening light as she walked over to wrap her arms round Morgan and press her lips onto hers in a searing kiss. Scar cocked her head and simply sat there as the two women fell to the ground before resting her head on her paws.

"You're back," Morgan whispered as she stood up, dragging Serana with her as she did so.

Serana laughed and then shrieked as Morgan grabbed her legs and scooped her up in her arms before taking her inside the house, Scar right behind them.

"Nice wolf," Serana managed to utter as Morgan carried her up the stairs.

"Her name is Scar, and yeah….she's cute. Scar, you might want to stay here at the top of the stairs. This is Serana and she's a 'friend'," Morgan replied with an impish grin on her face.

Scar cocked her head at the sight of her mistress carrying someone up the stairs and followed for a moment before lying down at the top of the stairs, her eyes fixed on the now locked doorway.

Meanwhile, Morgan had dumped Serana onto her luxurious bed on the second floor and made to pin her down, but Serana was faster. She grabbed Morgan around the waist with her legs and flipped her onto her back and settled herself on her chest, her long skirt and travelling cloak smothering the other woman like a cover. Serana smoothed her clothes down and grinned at Morgan.

"I missed you," Serana said simply as she drew a dagger.

And proceeded to cut off Morgans clothes gently with the sharp dragonbone blade.

Morgan sighed as she made to grab Serana again, but Serana tutted and pinned her arms down under her knees and threw the dagger into the wall before leaning down to kiss Morgan full on the mouth. Morgan wasn't able to reply that she had missed her as well, but she hoped that the next few moments would tell Serana just how lonely she had been without her.

Serana giggled as Morgan continued to hold her close, her hand gently running along her thigh.

"I think you missed me as well, "Serana remarked after a few moments.

"You have no idea," Morgan muttered softly.

"I should tell you what I have been up to and why I wasn't able to visit," Serana explained as she lay on top of Morgan and rested her head on Morgans breasts.

"Please do."

"Well, the other vampires at the castle accepted my 'rule' quite well," Serana started with a small smile. "Although most of them had misgivings about my suggestion to use criminals and the such as cattle to feed on, instead of random strangers. I even had to kill one of them when the stupid idiot challenged my status to lead them."

"Bet that went down well."

"It lasted seconds. And in that moment, they immediately accepted the idea…I guess fear makes even vampires back down."

"Maybe. Or maybe they saw the fierce and rightful ruler of Castle Volkihar show her worth," Morgan replied.

"Maybe. In any case, I haven't had any problems since and any cattle are all murderers, bandits, you know the sort."

"What else has been going on?"

"The garden is back to what it used to look like...thanks to the seeds you sent. I wish my mother had seen the garden now," Serana sighed softly.

"I remember what you said about the garden being so different. I just thought it was a nice gesture...and I hope that your mother would have approved," Morgan replied gently.

"It was," Serana assured her, kissing her collarbone. "and she would have definitely approved, she loved nightshade."

Morgan shuddered at her touch and thankfully, Serana relented before she let out another thu'um that shook the house, like the one she had done a few minutes earlier.

"What else?" Morgan asked after another few moments of silence.

"We have an agreement with the Dawnguard. I know, that's unexpected, but Sorine was happy with the offer I made her. She would handle any vampires that would be daft enough to enter a town, village or city, while my…erm…." Serana muttered, trying to think of a word to describe her vampires under her command.


Serana dug her fingers into Morgans ribs and smirked as she wriggled under her. She stopped after a minute of torture before replying.

"No you dolt," Serana said teasingly, "I was thinking of-"


Morgans shriek shook everything within four hundred yards.

"Behave," Serana admonished her playfully.

"Sorry," Morgan replied, sounding anything but.

"'Fellow vampires' would take care of vampire nests in the lands that were causing trouble," Serana finally managed to finish.

"Nice idea. Sorine does seem to have a level head…although there is a problem that had just turned up," Morgan sighed now.

"How do you mean?"

Morgan used a telekinetic spell to bring a letter that was lying on a desk out of reach to send it hurtling into her hand, and then she passed it to Serana, who sat up to straddle Morgan again before reading the letter aloud.

Attention, loyal sons and daughters of Skyrim!

You have been misled by the lies and trickery of your so called 'savior' of this proud land! The one known as Morgan, as well as the title that she does not deserve, 'Dragonborn', is responsible for the deaths of HUNDREDS of innocent lives!

How do I know this you may ask?

Because some loyal subjects of mine happened to be in Markarth when the atrocity caused by this false heroine was committed. Morgan and her vampiric whore were seen slaughtering the fine people of Markarth as though they were merely food! While many of you think that she has been noble and honourable in her deeds throughout the land, this proof says otherwise.

Therefore, as Jarl of Windhelm and Eastmarch, I, Ulfric Stormcloak, is offering a forty thousand septim bounty on the head of Morgan Aurelius, and twenty thousand for her vampire whore.

Dead or alive.

Seek them out, brothers and sisters of Skyrim! Find them and bring them to face justice!

Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm, Jarl of Eastmarch.

Serana gasped as she dropped the letter, which fell onto Morgans chest. Morgan picked it up and threw it onto the floor and brought her hands round Seranas waist to drag her down to her.

"How did he know?"

"No idea," Morgan sighed, "But that is the main reason why I wanted to make this place. Only a few that I trust know where it is. Balgruuf and Elisif have already pledged that we are allowed to remain in their cities…but I said we shouldn't be seen openly should we go to either place. And the remainder of the Jarls are apparently after our blood now after this."

"With bounties like that, I don't blame you for being cautious," Serana agreed quietly.

"We still have Lydia, the Companions, Jordis and the others who fought alongside us," Morgan continued, her hand cupping Seranas thigh again.

Serana wriggled in her grip.

"Yes….but it's still not enough to guarantee our safety."

"Which is why you should read this letter too," Morgan said, passing another note that she had pulled out from the desk cabinet a moment ago.

Serana took it and read it, laying the parchment on Morgans chest as though it was an everyday occurrence. The motion caused Morgan to giggle, the letter never staying in one place for a second.

"Hey, quit moving," Serana muttered with wink.

Morgan did as asked, although it took a tremendous amount of willpower to not start up again.


I have heard of what that fool in Windhelm has been up to. And while he may be correct in the 'killing all those people' comment, he has also forgotten that those people were pretty much dead already, their minds and souls lost to that of others.

And of course, not many people could place a bounty that large on his fat head, seeing as he murdered the High King and all.

But I have strayed off topic.

Morgan, I will be blunt. We need someone with your abilities. We can teach you how to kill silently and stealthily. In return, you would be helping us get our name to be known in Skyrim once again.

If you are interested, come to the place where you teased that mage boy. You know where I speak of. Burn the letter when you have read this. And if your companion wishes to join you, she may do so.


Serana whistled and allowed Morgan to take the letter from her before she filled her hands with fire, incinerating the letter instantly.


"I think…."

"We should go," they both chorused at the same time.

Then they burst out laughing.

"Great minds think alike," Serana chuckled.

"Great vampire women think alike," Morgan added.

"Now you are just flattering me," Serana purred as she pinned Morgans wrists down to the bed and grinned wickedly at her. "And that's one of many things I have missed over the last few months."

"We better make up for lost time then," Morgan whispered as she brought her head upwards to kiss her…at the exact same time Serana had dipped her head down to do the same.

Scar, who was lying on the top floor, scampered down the stairs and went under the long dinner table in the centre of the hall, much to the amusement of the two vampires on the bed, who had been looking at who had been making the whimpering noises.

"She'll get used to it," Morgan grinned.

"She had better," Serana smiled in reply as she kissed her throat.

"Welcome home," Morgan muttered.

"When I am with you…I am already home," Serana said simply as she began to lay soft kisses further down her body…