Yup, they've definitely gotten bigger.


Look at them, hanging there all perfect like.


I mean, they're not like porn star ones that somehow look completely solid and sit in place as if held up by an invisible bra, but they hang there just right. Hers look more like pillows.


"Extremely comfortable pillows, too," I mumble aloud.

"What?" Jade's frustrated expression quickly changes to curious confusion.

Wait, mumbled aloud?

"What?" I blurt out in response.

"You said…" Jade lets her words trail off and sighs. "Look, can you stop staring at my tits for five seconds and maybe, you know, take a freakin' picture already?"

"I wasn't…" Oh, who am I kidding? Yes, yes I was. "Okay, okay."

I finally lift the camera in front of me after what could only have been, like, a few seconds of staring, right? I mean, she only had to call my name once, I think. Yeah. She's naked, standing in a way that basically screams 'Look! My boobs are magnificent!' as she always tends to do in pictures. But this time it's not just the cleavage she's showing off, and I think she's taking some sort of strange pride in finally showing off her full glory to the world. The world being me right now, but you know what I mean.

And what a glory it is. I actually can't believe I'm finally seeing them, to be honest.

"Any fucking day now."

Crap, I was doing it again, wasn't I? Well, can you blame me? Look at them! I know they're boobs and I'm a girl, but dang. My mouth's not watering at all. Nope.

There's what sounds like scissors opening and closing and then I realize that Jade has a look of near pure rage as she holds her favorite pair of scissors in front of her, snipping them angrily, as if to suggest that she's about to cut me into little Tori ribbons. Because apparently I got distracted again.

I have a problem.

"Okay!" I yell. "I'm taking the first one, strike a pose again."

She does, slipping into one of the few she always seems to use for pictures; this one being the one with a slightly open mouth, seductive gaze, hip flared to the left, and her hands up in the air. One of them twists into her hair, creating a somewhat messy haired look, and the other holds the scissors out next to her, close to her face. Sexy, but also creepy.

With an instant snap, or a click, the camera captures the pose.

Wait, where the hell did she even pull those scissors from? They weren't there a few minutes ago. And she's naked… More importantly, is that camera sound described as a snap or a click? Both? So it would be a snick? A clack? Are those already words?

Snicklack, goes the camera again, capturing another alluring photo as her pose shifts slightly.

I don't really see a naked female's body very often, other than mine, and I can't help but notice that Jade's isn't repulsing to me much at all. It's not like I've never been able to admit when a girl was attractive, or at least had a well kept body that I could respect, but Jade's is quite the form to admire. Her legs are long, her belly is perfect, her eyes alluring, and her… well, we'll come back to that later. But then there's her boobs. Why have I always been drawn to those things? I have no idea, but what I do know is that I came to terms with my attraction to them a long time ago.

I gulp, and my own posture shifts a bit. A smirk breaks out across her face and those eyes of hers capture mine in a devilish look that would bring most people to their knees. She's enjoying this, isn't she? Might as well take advantage of her enjoyment.


Jade licks her lips and drops her scissor-less hand down to her hip and ever subtly caresses her own bare flesh.


This really shouldn't be making me gulp. But she really is something to admire right now. Oh, yeah, that's probably a good indicator that I should take another photo then.


I clear my throat and look away to catch my bearings quickly. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. Shut up. And when I look back to her the scissors are no longer in her hand, but rather on the nightstand a few feet to her left, and her teeth are pulling at her bottom lip, her eyes pulling at mine, and her hands pulling softly at her boobs.

With a simultaneous gulp and snicklack it suddenly gets really hard to deny that I really want to face plant into those really comfortable looking pillows.

I'm still not gay though.


Fully clothed, boots on, and a smile on her face. A booted foot of hers kicks into my door, after she unlocked and then twisted the handle so as not to break the frame apart, and you can just see the amount of joy on her face as she fully believes the giant wooden thing would slam into Robbie. I cringe as her foot collides with it, hoping to everything that she doesn't splinter the thing and damage my apartment even further. But she doesn't, and more notably, there's no Robbie. This immediately makes her angry, which is no surprise. She curses not-so-under her breath and marches out of my room, probably towards the soon to be deceased Robbie Shapiro.

I liked her better naked.

Wait. Darn it, Tori…

Once I make my way out of my room as well, I find Jade standing near the couch, arms folded, looking down at a sleeping Robbie. Her eyes narrow as she looks at him, contemplating something.

But I speak before she seems to reach a conclusion, saying, "Is it just me or does he look kind of sad?"

He does. I mean, I know he's asleep, but… I can see myself in him right now. His guard is down, just as mine is every morning when I look in the mirror. Well, before Jade arrived, anyway; when I was actually alone. The face I would see was lonely and sad. And for the first time in a very long time, I feel sorry for Robbie.

"Good," she huffs, unfolding her arms and stomping towards the kitchen, where she stops, grabs a bottle of water from the fridge and takes only a moments hesitation once she lifts back up. "Well, don't just stand there, Vega," she finally speaks again. "Get the boy a blanket. Don't want him freezing to death before I can torture him some more."

I give a small smile of my own, one she doesn't see, and do as she commanded. Either she really does have a soft spot for him, or she saw the same thing in him that she sees in herself, like I did. Either way, this version of her is almost as good as the naked one. No, I mean it's better. It's…

Dang it, Tori…

"Alright, let's go," she demands.

I nod. Robbie is fully blanketed, he knows not to touch or take anything because, well, Jade lives here, and we're ready to go. We're headed to the store to buy things. "Things" being whatever we could use to hide our identities while on camera. Like masks of some sort. Not ones that cover up our entire face, but ones that at least make our eyes disappear. And Jade will probably get a bunch of fake tattoos or something like that. Robbie actually agreed to do wigs for us like he did for some of our high school productions. He just needs a few supplies that he seems to have misplaced or simply never reacquired since his high school days.

And, yes, Robbie knows what we're doing. How could he not? We decided it would be much more of a hassle to try and keep him out of the loop. It's not like we're doing anything all that bad anyway. We're just going to strip on camera. Strip each other. Maybe dance around a bit. Boobs would probably jiggle during such dancing.

Damn it, Tori…

With a sleeping Robbie behind us, I take deep breath after Jade passes by me to be the first one out of the door and then I close and lock it before we head down the stairs towards Jade's car. And suddenly things are a bit awkward. No bickering, no yelling, no angry glares. We simply trod down the steps in silence. I guess that's to be expected after we had both just seen each other not only completely naked, but we stripped each other out of our clothes too. And then took pictures of said naked bodies, telling each other to strike a pose… Yup, awkward.

Not only all that, but Jade had, like, danced all over me! I know that's the sort of thing that we're supposed to do on camera, but it felt more like she was doing it just to make me uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable.

What makes the situation even more awkward is that I had tried to do the same to her. I did her… slinky, slithering thing, or whatever, and tried sliding over her body as I began to undress her, but she just kept on smirking that smirk at me. She was completely calm and okay with it! And if I didn't know any better, I'd say she had been enjoying it. But that was probably because it was only serving to make me uncomfortable again, which she always enjoys. So I stopped. I stopped trying to be sexy or skilled or whatever you want to call it and just took her clothes off. It was kind of like any time that I would search her for scissors back in high school. I would be serious and straight to the point, and she would just stand there, let it happen, and smile at me. Not to mention the completely untrue comment she made about how long I spent trying to get her shirt over her breasts.

I can only see the back of her head right now, as we're almost to the car, but I can just feel her smirk. She knows it's awkward; she knows I think it's awkward, and she couldn't be enjoying herself more, could she?

Despite how awkward it is, and despite the gigantic smirk on her face, my own smile breaks out just as we both slide into her vehicle. I'm smiling because of the agreement we made earlier. I thought about it, and hearing more of her dreary depressing music was just something I didn't want to experience again, at least for a day. She suggested, again, that I can have the radio for a day if I just let her sleep alone in my bed for one night. My agreeing had nothing to do with the fact that she was topless and posing for photos at the time, no matter what she might say. So, finally seated, her smile fades and mine grows larger. Feels good to finally get one over on Jade West.

With a groan, Jade shifts the car into the correct gear and we take off down the road just as I turn up the volume and begin my search through radio stations.

"No," Jade says within seconds.

"I wasn't even going to stay on that channel!" I argue.


I shake my head and sigh, leaving the "whatever" as a silent given, and continue to scan through the different channels.

"No," she says again, but I wasn't going to stop there anyway so I just keep going without a word.

This one doesn't sound too bad. It's playing pop songs that are a bit old, but at least they're pop s-


With a groan I change the channel again, coming upon a Rhianna song, which is quite refreshing, and my smile returns. It's one of her older songs, but a catchy one. It's her 'Diamonds' song and my lips immediately start to go along with the lyrics until:


So, out of what had quickly become a routine, I suppose, I begin to reach out to change the channel again. But, wait, you know what? She's not allowed to do that anyway! "Wait a second," I begin. "You're not supposed to argue what we listen to anyway, remember? So even if I wanted to listen to any of those other ones you would have had to deal with it. And you'll just have to deal with this one too."

Wait for it… There it is! That glare of hers fixates on me but she knows I'm right and she can't do anything about it, not if she wants that bed to herself for a night. She looks back to the road, frustration obvious in her expression, and begins to tap her finger agitatedly on the steering wheel. I'm not sure if this song really irks her for some reason or it's the fact that I'm getting my way that bothers her more. Probably the latter.

She groans, letting her annoyance get the better of her, and says, "Does it have to be this song?"

Well then, maybe I was wrong.

"What's wrong with this song?" I ask. "I like it."

"Yeah, no shit you like it, you stopped on it."

"Jade," I sigh.

Her face makes a bit of an ugly expression and her shoulder rolls dramatically as she mocks "shine bright like a diamond" and looks at me like I should know why that's not appealing or something.

"How do you not like Rihanna?" I ask, contorting my face into a bit of a confused expression, because I could have sworn I recall Jade liking her music.

"Who says I don't like her?" She says while still cringing at the current song.

"That face your making says you don't!"

"No," she begins. "This is the face that expresses my curiosity for why this annoying ass song is playing in my car. How the hell is this even still on the radio after this long?"

"Why is it so annoying to you?"

And she snickers. "Well, for one thing, you like it."

How did I not see that coming?

"Seriously?" My expression drains of most emotion.

"Seriously." And hers lights up in victory.

"That cannot be the only reason, Jade."

She groans and closes her eyes for a few moments as if in physical pain do to my questioning and then says, "I just don't like it okay? You know, there is such a thing as liking a certain artist but still finding a song or two of theirs completely annoying."

"Well," I say. "In that case," and it's probably a bad idea to say this, but, "The songs you usually listen to really bug me too. Like, I just don't understand how you can stand it. I don't get it."

"Good," she says for the third time today as a response. "That's your opinion and you're entitled to it."

"Great," I respond, and I'm honestly surprised she said that.

"Just as long as you know that your opinion is stupid."

I would like to retract my surprise, if possible.

Note: Sorry it's so short. I had originally intended for there to be a third scene (at the shop they were headed to) but I couldn't figure out how to convey the things I wanted through Tori's POV. That, and I'm a horrible person.

Hope you enjoyed it anyway!