Yeah, yeah, long time no see on this. Give me a break, I've been looking for a gnome assistant and I'm looking through the paperwork. By the way, did any of you knew that gnomes have gone slightly out of business in Booty Bay recently after Cataclysm? Yeah, neither did I.

Leopard the Warrior of Africa, now a.k.a. alias Damiana Worgbane under the company "The Night Phoenix Stalkers." And yes… this "company" is in the story.

Torun swung his awe into the tree he was using as a training dummy before finding it almost impossible to get it out of the rough trunk. As he was about to go into a rage, the tauren felt a tap on his shoulder.

"A little quick on your temper there, lad," Aleco said, his orange eyes glaring at the axe that was now stuck in the tree. "Along with us stuck getting another axe for you… again." Torun huffed, his one blind blue eye looking towards Aleco's bag.

"Did he give you the money?"

Aleco huffed before looking in a different direction. "I see… I never quite understood why you were allowed to join the Night Phoenix Stalker if you couldn't even get half what the employee owes us." Aleco jerked his head back to Torun, glaring unsteadily.

"Actually, I did get half, you bloody cow."

"Bull, you mangy mutt. A bull! Get your gender right for once!"

"Shush!" Aleco perked his ears at the sound of giggling nearby before a group of blood elf mages and paladin women came into view. One of them sighted the two males and bowed her head, her friends giggling at the sight of them. Torun folded his arms while Aleco bowed back. "Ladies," the worgen said, making the other blood elves giggling even more before the group continued.

"And that is why I never married. So many warriors of the Horde wish to marry a Blood Elf women, and I have never understood why," Torun commented, his one good gray-blue eye following the group that had passed. Aleco folded his arms this time, raising an eyebrow.

"At least they're the ones that are tolerable of their race. If you had been a male blood elf warrior, I highly doubt that Head Chief or even that idiot of a warlock Romerito would have let you join," he commented, taking the pouch that held the 500 gold and opening it. Torun huffed, clearly not amused. "Now, we're going to have to form a plan here to get rid of our little… victim."

"Obviously we're going to follow her to where she's alone and kill her off," Torun said, taking another opportunity to get his axe. The black worgen glared again at the reddish brown tauren.

"No, we gain her trust…. Or one of us at least."

"Obviously you are going to volunteer yourself."

"Yes. I am of an Alliance race, who for now don't want her killed, while you are of a Horde race, who do want her preferably dead. You however, are welcome to give her the blow that kills her, as I can have the pleasure of watching her die after she thinks that I'm a true friend until the last minute." Torun stared over at his companion with widen eyes; the worgen took no note of this as he put the pouch back and stretched his arms. Looking over at the taller race. "What?"

"You are totally twisted."

"Thank you, though I do suppose that wasn't a compliment."

"You can bet your mutt muzzle that it wasn't."


Lang Ling gazed at her reflection in the hot springs of the training grounds. She sighed, holding her gaze to focus. To many trainees and master of the Peak of Serenity, these pools were to help one meditate, to calm one's self. To her, however, it was more than just meditating.

"Ji! Ji!"

A 5 to 6 year old Lang Ling ran up to a 7 to 8 year old Ji Firepaw with a scroll in her hand. Ji lifted his head from his home studying in curiosity of the scroll. "I'm gonna be monk too! I'm going to be a Huojin monk at Master Shang Xi's Academy!" The pandaren cub looked up her older brother from the side of the table, waving the scroll in her tiny fist. Ji perked his ears and went to take the scroll before a full grown pandaren male in full guard armor stepped out of the house behind the two children. His fur markings were black, but unlike many other traditional looking pandaren, this one had rather snooty fur where white fur would usually be and his eyes were a dark evergreen teal. This was Jing Firepaw, father of the new generation set to the Firepaw family. His eyes darted to the scroll within Lang Ling's hand and went over. Ji scooted over a bit for his father as he took the scroll.

"Another scroll from Shang Xi… I was wondering when this one would come," the dark pandaren sarcastically joked. Lang Ling meet Ji's eyes before both looked down at their feet. They weren't strangers to the somewhat rivalry that was between Jing and Master Shang Xi. Lang Ling raised her eyes to see her father's reaction to the scroll. Jing furrowed his eyebrows as he read some parts out quietly.

"'….very surprised on enthusiasm… potential seeking of history and information… proud to say on taking another monk student of one of most honorable Huojin families….' A monk? I thought Bo Bingwen and Li took you to try to enroll as a potential future priestess?" Jing looked down at his youngest child in confusion. Lang Ling looked down and fiddled with her fingers.

"I… I did, Baba. I really did, but the instructors said I seemed more focused with what the monks were doing," she squeaked out, her tail moving side to side with a little bit of guilt. Jing sighed and closed the scroll.

"At least she's not a rouge and signing up to assignation training," Ji said, putting up a smile. Jing closed his eyes before putting up a smile and shaking his head.

"What am I going to do with you two training with each other in the ways of the Huojin monks?"

Lang Ling smiled a small bit at this memory and standing up to look at her reflection. Not for the first time in her life, she saw only her father's teal eyes in hers. The monk smiled sadly as she thought of how much Ji had looked like their father in the memory and the last time she had seen him in person. A frown came as another memory swarmed up in the pool to replace her reflection again.


"Ji, calm down, ok?"

"You're thinking of following Tushui monk ways! How can I calm down!?"

"How about starting with NOT yelling in my ear?"

15 year old Lang Ling rubbed her left ear while 17 year old Ji was pacing back and forth. "And just to correct you, I'm starting to see some benefit in learning some Tushui ways. Aysa says that sometimes you need to stick with your mind, and sometimes that meditating to clear the mind is a good way to find the solution to one's problems. She's even offered to train me in some of traditional ways." Ji stared at the female Firepaw as she had gone mad.

"This… Anya…"


"Offered to train you in the ways of the Tushui monk?" Ji's right eye seemed to begin to twitch. "I don't think you realize that our family's been strictly Huojin for generations?"

Lang Ling thought for a moment before shrugging. "Guess someone had to bring in another small change. Aysa also said that sometimes a small change and be for the better…"

"I don't care what this Anya said to yo-"

"Her name's Aysa!"

"Whatever!" the two's shouting attracted the attention from other members of the Central Village* before many made the wise choice of ignoring the Firepaws' conversation. "The point is," Ji continued. "That you are actually going to listen to a Tushui follower, which is the rival of us Huojins, when you come from one of the most well-known Huojin families of all of the Wandering Isle?"

"Ji, were you even listening to a word I was saying? And besides," Lang Ling bit into an apple and leaning back on the bench she was sitting on. "Jojo Ironbrow's technically a Tushui monk and I thought if I learned some Tushui ways, I could impress him. I figured that I should try something new to get his attention if two years hasn't done it. I'm still waiting for the cutie to even flirt back at me." Ji looked in what seemed to be horror.


(Somewhere else in Azeroth….


Deathwing: *lifts his head from poker cards* What the-? Oh come on! I was just practicing my speech for the next victim!

Lich King: Really? Again?

Illidan: We are not prepared!

Deathwing: I'm going to freaking bite your head off if you say that again during this round.

Lich King: No, I get to do it this time. I already lost 3 rounds of this stupid poker game because of him.

Illidan: You were not prepar-

Lich king: Ok, that's it!)*

When somebody finally broke up the physical fighting* between Ji and Jojo later that day, neither of the two youngest members of the Firepaw family spoke to each other for 2 weeks.

Lang Ling began walking away from the pool as soon as that memory was over. Some of the trainees that stayed year-round at the Peak of Serenity came forward to greet her, only for them to be chased away when she roared out at them before going to where the portals were. If one of them had looked closely, they would have seen tears starting to well up in her teal eyes.

If any of the monk trainees were to know of the recent memory, they would have passed it off as any brother-sister argument, except for their fellow monk it was the moment that started it all.

In Orgrimmar….

Ji laid in his bed, the sun setting on another day in Azeroth. He gaze towards the picture of his family before looking at the letter from his sister in his hand. His brown eyes scanned the words as his mind wandered off to how life was back on Shen-zin Su. No segregation in the villages, no separation of families, just a few overgrown rodents in the fields and a few rivalries here and there. Especially Huojin and Tushui monks. Ji rubbed his eyes and focused on the letter before giving up and placing it back in his secret drawer. Memories came back to him as he remembered life on Shen-zin Su's back.

18 year old Ji Firepaw watched as many of the women of the village placed up decorations. It was one of the many festivals that the villages would celebrate. Though to be fair, he never really understood the purpose of a festival that would usually celebrate a family or two finally marrying off their daughter or son. Ji felt a very sickening feeling in his stomach at the thought of the possibility of one of his sisters and even his brothers being married off. Especially his sisters. He didn't care if the lucky guy was a friend of his brothers, a friend of his, a family friend, or even Master Shang Xi…. Ok that last one was really creepy and maybe he would care, but he still didn't like the idea of Li or Lang Ling being wooed by anyone without his approval. Maybe Chen Dawnscrive was right, maybe he really did think like his father. Actually, now that he thought of it, who was getting married? The Huojin monk looked around and saw his mother Tora Yu Hu underneath the tree before walking over to her.

Tora Yu Hu was of one of the rare red "tiger" pandaren* women, a trait that had been clearly half passed on to only Lang Ling. Her eyes were a soft, earthen brown that many would envy. Her stripped black and reddish brown hair was pinned high up with a golden pin, though the braid went down against her back like the family's traditional hairstyle. She wore her festival dress, which was covered in peach blossoms and tree branch detail against a sky blue background rimmed with light violet. Upon her neck was a silver necklace with the family's crest upon it. Ji hid a small smirk as he thought of some irony in his head. His parents were considered pandaren of rare looks, yet it seemed that besides Li's tail, most of their children were considered normal.

"Mama?" Ji asked, when right up to the older pandaren. "By any chance, exactly who is getting married for such a special occasion?"

His mother smiled sadly, yet gently before placed a paper lantern on a tree branch. "Mei Yang Xi, Master Shang Xi's daughter of course, to Huan Chu Oxwalker, and Liu Lan Cloudsinger from the Morning Breeze village to…" Tora Yu Hu passed for a moment as Ji helped her reach a higher branch before continuing with a hushed voice, "Jojo Ironbrow."

The sudden sound of dishes crashing against the stone ground brought many pandarens' attention to the sight of Lang Ling picking up the pieces. Ji took note that for the first time he could actually remember, his little sister was actually wearing a festival dress. It was dark violet with a kimono belt a lighter shade with a yellow pattern.

Li Juan, one of the elders, quickly ran over and shooed Lang Ling away. "Don't pick the pieces with your bare hands, girl. You could cut yourself. Go quickly! Go some cloth and wet it down, otherwise if the broken pieces cut through the cloth, they'll leave an infection if they cut you!" Lang Ling quickly ran back into the inn to do so the faint sounds of pitiful attempts to hide small sniffs of crying catching some attention. Ji followed his mother to where Lang Ling was, and quickly gave Li Juan the wet cloth.

Ji twitched his nose a bit at the memory. He had saw it as a mix blessing and still did. It was the moment before he had met Aysa (he had no idea how long it was before his mother and himself finally convinced Lang Ling to even come out of the inn) which he could remember feeling embarrassed when he realized of his new-found crush, and yet also the moment where his baby sister lost her chance to get attention from Jojo (which he won't deny, he saw it as a mix blessing.).

The monk trainer thought to the day where they all left Shen-zin Su. He sighed as he remembered the look on Lang Ling's face when she was presented with the decision of following either Aysa or him. She had looked so confused, so conflicted. She chose to go to the Alliance with Aysa in the end, therefore placing both him and her in this situation of course with their secret letters. But he was sure that none of them knew what choosing one side would cost for all of them.

How any of them could had known of what was now happened?

*1) You have to admit, the idea of some of the antagonists in World of Warcraft playing poker seems kind of cool.

*2) Granted, Jojo hadn't been given any chance to hit Ji, so it was a one sided battle here.

*3) Ok, "tiger" is what I'm calling the female pandaren fur/skin tone that seems red and black with the markings. I'm calling it "tiger" from here on out.

Well, sorry this took so long. I've been excited about the World of Warcraft movie coming up and have been looking up any leaks on that and what the next expansion is probably going to be.

In speaking of which, I'm going to voice some opinions on some ideas I think for any expansion for WoW with the following:

Villian: First off, I do think Azshara should be the big villain in, if not the next expansion, then the expansion after that. Yes, I do realize that many players make the argument that technically we don't see her do much at all when we do see her in a quest line in Cataclysm and technically she makes all her naga subjects do her bidding and that it would make her a weak villain in personality.

BUT…. That actually sounds something a pretty awesome bad guy or… err… woman would do. I mean, isn't it until Cataclysm that we finally see her in her naga form? (I started playing this game during TBC, people, so I had to look up lore here people.) And if she is said to be so powerful that even demons would do her bidding, is it really the naga people who are following her and attacking Azeroth the most we should worry about from her? And think it this way as well. Azshara has been under the oceans of Azeroth with no disturbance for years with that kind of power.

And I'm not talking about even 100 years, people. I'm talking about over ten thousand years. Think on this for a moment. Ten thousand years with magic that could only be matched with Archimonde, Kil'jaeden and Sargeras… combined. And with the Old Gods backing her up. Does no one understand that Azshara just might be able to knock out all the dragon aspects!? Was Deathwing really the most dangerous destructive being we were worried about compared to this b**ch!? This woman has access to the entire world through the oceans people! I think we kind of have a bit of a problem here, and it's nowhere near to being even a medium sized one! Azshara, with all her naga followers, would only need to send them out across the ocean and cause chaos everywhere! Quite frankly, instead of making up some new villain and shit, why don't we go for this idea? What many think would make her a rather crappy villainess would actually make her very plausible and awesome, kind of like the Godfather.

New Races: Oh boy, the big one. Of course, if we include Azshara, there is some naga involved.

And I have to say, I am rooting for naga as a neutral race. And yes, I know some will say Alli, many will say Hordie… Let's go neutral on this one. We got the first neutral race in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, why not add another? In fact, I am going to list down the races and their starting allegiance and state why afterwards, ok?

Naga – Neutral

Murlocs – Neutral

Dragonspawn- Neutral

Ogres – Horde (Everyone knew that was coming…)

Arakkoa (the bird people) – Alliance

Naga- Ok, Let's admit it, everybody pretty much wants to play a naga or be given the option to. The reason I place them as a likely neutral race is that, for the Alliance, the night elves do not see Naga as a… well to say it in the best way possible, race of redemption. However, keep in mind that the naga were once High borne night elves. However, they do not like the Horde, yet their minds could have changed after the blood elves joined. And really, do we need to listen to any pro-Alli or Pro-Hordie complaining about the naga being on the fraction they didn't want them to be? As a neutral race with the option to choose either side, we can get rid of that problem right there. You are welcome Blizzard if you were bored enough to read this entire thing. I just solved your fan-player problems. As for the feet armor problem for the tail, make it armor to protect the tail. Mount problem, tail wrapping round mount with racial mount as a rather giant seahorse that looks like an underwater version of an eleven horse with an epic horse shaped head.

Murlocs- I for one do love Murlocs and hate them at the same time. Reason why I hate them is the amount of variation in height. It's good, don't get me wrong, but it gets on my nerves for some reason. I love Murlocs as an idea for a playable race because it'd be the first time where we would have a race that's mostly animal in gender differences. I would totally love for that to happen with any "furry" race. I mean really, how many creatures do you see running through your back yard with breasts hanging down? (By the way, no one answer that please, I honestly do not want to know… gods I'm going to nightmares). The idea for the neutral is actually based on the naga. Thing about it this way, both the Naga and Murlocs are known to be races that one would find near water. I do get the feeling that there would be some contact between these two races.

Dragonspawn- Ok, obviously, this race would have the remaining Dragon Aspects as their racial leaders, obviously there would be a neutral group for this race that could possibly give a quest for this specific race if it would be neutral, which would be sweet, and as of the main racial leaders not taking any sides in the Fraction, I highly doubt that any Dragonspawn following the dragon Aspects would start as on Horde or Alliance. Enough said.

Ogres- Ok, this is also a race everyone's been wanting, and we all know that due to the obvious ogres and orcs relations in the Horde that this race would defiantly be in the Horde. Enough said. I actually do find it nice to know that not everyone would want a perky "pretty" race with a feminine female model. I do like that.

Arakkoa- ok, from what I've gathered, here's what I found that would support this race as an Alli race: 1) The Skettis Exiles in Shattrath City worship the Light, a practice more common in the Alliance than the Horde. 2) The Arakkoa respect Draenei as a race with great wisdom. 3) The Arakkoa Grizzik helped Alliance against Horde because he "hates orcs". Thus more likely arrakoa joins Alliance.

For some reason, I have not been able to find any info that would support these guys as Hordies. And I will not ever support High Elves people. Forest Trolls? Hell f**king yes. More elves that have a potential of sparkling in the sunlight? Hell f**king no.

Update models- Ok, I am going to get this out of the way. I'm not as against the female worgen as a lot of people are! All I would like is to have the Alpha female worgen eyes so that I can actually tell the differences between each eye besides the face markings and make her face look less like a Chihuahua yet not too much like a fox. Actually, now that I think about it, having the face like a fox actually might make the face look more feminine if Blizzard was trying for that. So the fox face actually might work.

On another level… try to make the Blood elves more bearable. Please? I can't stand looking at them and trying the ignore the need to burn every one of them at the stake or drive a stake through their heart. This is why I play Alli most of the time, I have the option to kill Blood Elves and rid of them from my sight. (Yeah, it's pretty obvious that I do not like elves.) The only down side is that I get stuck with the Night elves, the forest protectors that always seem to keep driving into that Elune and the Light religious stuff, but at least they're bearable to hang around with when they're not doing that. (I do apologize everyone, I'm sick as I'm finally writing down the rest of this and it was house cleaning day.)

New world? - Ok, with two races that are usually found near water and a Sea Witch, I am think of a possible underwater world. Who knows, maybe World of Warcraft's version of Atlantis, a lost people who've adapted to underwater besides the Naga and Murlocs and could inspire another race in a whole other expansion, maybe all in the known parts of the ocean and leaving the other side of Azeroth left for another expansion (Which could be a whole other continent that is upon what looks like a wall of impassible mountains yet is really a high plateau), the possibilities in that alone could be endless.

Please review.