I do not own death note. I'm just writing this fanfic. So… yeah. These are gonna be almost all OCs, but I might toss in some canon characters. Takes place around the time of the second kira's appearance.

I woke up, finding myself on the floor of my nasty apartment. Oh hi! I'm Rae, purple haired extraordinaire. I stood up, looking at the clock. It was nine thirty, damn. Crap, I have to go to school. I picked up my bag, running to the front door. I opened said door, and sprinted. "God, I need to get to To-oh right now," I murmured, reaching the bottom floor.

"Rae you need to stop making so much noise!" my landlady said. I shook my head, practically leaping through the door into my car.

"I need to get there now, hurry up car!" I said frantically. Driving at almost ten miles over the limit, I made it to campus with about five minutes to spare. I sighed, opening the car door. I ran to class, opening the door. The teacher looked at me, glaring. Everyone looked at me momentarily before returning their attention to the teacher. The teacher looked at me, pointing at the clock. I was two hours late. "Sorry. I'm so sorry," I murmured looking at the teacher. He looked at me, making a shoo motion.

"Leave," he said.

"Please I'm very sorry!" I said. The teacher glared.

"This is a university. You have to be serious, but you've been late for this class for the eighth day in a row. I'm sorry Rae Tamorra, but you're expelled from my class," he said. I shook my head in disbelief.

"Please! No!" I shouted, looking around the classroom. Only two people looked at me. Light Yagami, with a smug look on his face, and Emmett, my friend since elementary school. He smiled at me, turning his attention to the teacher.

"You know what? Class dismissed," the teacher said. I sighed, turning around and walking out. Again?" I murmured, upset. "Father is gonna be upset." I pulled out my cell phone, calling father.

"Hello?" his voice said. "Who is it?" He sounded exhausted. I sighed.

"I'm sorry. I was kicked out of another class," I murmured. I held my breath waiting for his scornful remarks.

"Its not important right now!" he shouted, taking me aback. "I just need to get out right now." The phone clicked, hanging up. That was strange…he sounded worried.

"Oh…well," I murmured, getting in my car. I looked out and saw Light, with that kid named Hideki, and that model Misa Misa. Strange…oh well. I drove home, leaping out of the car. The landlady opened the door, also glaring at me.

"You got kicked out of another class. You don't pay rent on time. The tenants complain about you. Get your stuff and get out," she said, tossing some boxes onto the street. I sighed.

"Can I stay in?" I whined. "Please!" I realized I sound so desperate, but I mean… I need a place to live! The landlady frowned, looking at me quickly. She slammed the door shut. I picked up the box and put them in the trunk. Sighing, I sat down behind the driver's seat. I turned on the radio.

"News on more of Kira's murders," the telecaster said. He started going down the list. I smiled, no familiar names.

"Good, good," I murmured.

"And the last one…Tamoke Tamorra."