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As I walked home, lollipop in mouth, I decided to examine the surroundings. New, huh? Yeah, I don't care much. I saw about twenty people die, dropping like flies. The first two seemed normal, you know, Kira killings, but the either eighteen…I know for a fact are completely innocent. A terrible person disregards feelings entirely. A normal person can tell when people get emotional. Someone, like me, can see it in people's eyes, their emotions. These people, they weren't criminals. They weren't even petty thieves. I walked home, going back up to my room and turning the TV on. "There has been 32 more deaths by Kira," the newscaster said. "Strangely, 18 of these were innocent people, with not so much as a misdemeanor on their records. Kira seems to be more and more violent. The police would like to request everyone to act carefully, revealing your identity to as few people as possible. Thank you." I turned the TV off.

"What happened here?" I murmured. Now, I don't believe what Kira is doing is right, but I don't argue the results. I'm aware of his method of killing, generally a heart attack to a criminal of some kind. So, therefore a third Kira killed 18 people. (I was aware of the second Kira when s/he came up) It only seemed right. "I wonder if the police know about this," I said, flicking my aviator glasses up. As if a light bulb lit over my head, I looked around for some form of paper. I scoured the house for even a notepad, taking about fifty minutes. Finally finding it, I pulled out the pen I found earlier.

I wrote on the paper, "I know about the third Kira. Call me." I wrote my cell phone address, folded it, and tucked it in my pocket. Smirking, I picked up my fake licenses, for the purpose of protecting myself from Kira, and trading them for my real ones. I sighed, taking each of them, and snapping them into several pieces. I took it and threw it in the garbage disposal, walking out the door. I started walking towards the police station, when I saw a girl with purple hair and…red(?) eyes. She looked around, while holding a black notebook. She wrote a few things in it, and started to walk on. She turned to look at me when I got a good deep look in her eyes. Eight people nearby dropped, each having a heart attack. She smirked, and walked away.

"She's the third Kira," I whispered. I can't say, how, but I just know. Her eyes, filled with insanity and emotions pushed to the brink, told me everything. And this one didn't need a name. She needed a face. And she just as easily could have killed me. I started running, no sprinting, towards the police station. When I got there, I was panting. I opened the doors and walked up to the reception desk, where the police chief's kid, Light Yagami, was talking to the receptionist. He looked over at me, smirked, and walked out. I would have red his eyes, but they were…too deep.

"May I help you?" the lady asked. I nodded, panting.

"Can you give this to the chief of police?" I asked, pulling out the piece of paper. "Its important, concerning Kira." The receptionist nodded, grabbing the paper and sliding it in some sort of cubby. She nodded.

"Thank you. May I get your name to leave a message?" she asked. I nodded, telling her my fake name. She smiled. I smirked, turning around and walking out. Light Yagami was waiting for someone, though I wasn't sure whom. He turned to face me and smiled, appearing to be thinking.

"Hi, my name is Light Yagami. I overheard you talking about the Kira case. I can deliver your message faster," he said. I shook my head.

"I suppose. Tell your father I know about the third Kira," I said.

"Okay, I will. Can you give me your name?"