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You can probably already guess which Kirkland is which, but just to clarify:
Allistor Kirkland - Scotland
Arthur Kirkland - England
Dylan Kirkland - Wales
Paddy Kirkland - Ireland
Mathia Kohler - femDenmark

Just a warning - rating will change around chapter 4 or 5.

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The women sat around the table, drinking from tall glasses and reminiscing over their past year together.

All of them were high class, each of them having broken the 'non-existent' glass ceiling by the time they were twenty-five to go on to work for some of the biggest name companies in the city. Not to mention the fact they were some of the highest-earning women as well, which was one of the reasons why they had booked the penthouse suite for the only day of the year they let their hair loose.

Margaritas in the morning, beer at lunch, cocktails in the afternoon, and then moving onto whatever was left lying around by the time they were dead drunk in the evening. It was silly fun that helped them relive their uni days and made them feel young again. All of them were total career women, never having time for romance unless it was on the job. The only reason two out of the seven of them even had rings on their fingers was because they married co-workers. Mathia had never understood the appeal of it though – why would you want to be in a relationship with someone you work with? Especially if that person was someone you argued with on a daily basis.

She shook her head slightly. She wouldn't think about that...

The women were currently in the last stage of their drinking, which had tended to grow more dangerous over the years the richer they got, as the more expensive penthouses always had well stocked bars with good, heavy alcohol.

They had a game they would play. Another silly thing they had been doing since uni and yet had kept up as it always brought them together, no matter what - Truth or Dare.

The rules of the game were absolute, and the consequences of forfeiting would be so severe that it was not even worth considering. But there was a loophole. If you had yet to carry out your dare and only one person could remember the dare in the morning, you didn't have to do it.

Which brought us to this, Mathia's dare.

The women stared hungrily at the dare-giver. They always reacted the same way, for every potential dare, every year. It really could grow boring, even though there was always an under-lying tremor of nervousness in each of them.

"I dare you... Hmm..." Sarah put a finger to her lips, pretending to think on it, teasing them even though they all knew she was the type who thought up her dares weeks in advance. "Kiss Kirkland."

All the women -bar herself- started whooping and cheering, laughing and clapping as she forced herself not to flush. Biting her lip, she met eyes with Sarah, who stared back with a knowing smile.

They all thought they knew about her 'crush' on Allistor Kirkland, but they were so wrong. Just because they argued a lot in the meeting room and would go out to lunch together with a group of other co-workers, and just because she sort-of-kind-of got off with him at the Christmas party did not mean she had a thing for him. She was the senior team manager and he was a department head, and, sexy or not, just because he was the only man she actually got on well with did not mean she had a thing for him.

He was a fucking good kisser though, she'd give him that...

Urgh...She did not just think that...

She tried to clear her brain of the thick alcohol buzz, focusing again on Sarah, who was still staring at her with a shit-eating grin.

"Arthur Kirkland," she said slowly, savouring the words and the shocked reactions from the other women.

Mathia ignored the flicker of disappointment in her stomach and took a long drink of her something and orange, smirking at Sarah as if to say she'd enjoy the challenge.

Though really, Arthur Kirkland? Out of the four Kirkland brothers, she had to choose the vest-wearing prude that resided down in the archives, who was obsessed with tea and took part in creepy war re-enactments. Sure, all four of the Kirklands were attractive enough, but Paddy and Dylan were generally better than their youngest brother when it came to everything, apart from archive organising, obviously.

And don't even get her started on Allistor Fucking Kirkland (she hated how good those three words sounded together.)

Well, whatever, she thought as she gave up trying to suave and sexy in front of the other women and threw back the drink. It was just one kiss...

She groaned, clutching a hand to her head. Walking out of her bedroom in her underwear and a large shirt, her feet padding softly on the heated marble floor, she found the other six women seated around the kitchen table; most of them were eating cardboardy wholemeal toast or whey bread or some weird crap she never had time for.

That was another silly thing they did. Every morning of the next day, hungover, they would crowd around the table and laugh about what happened the night before, while also writing out all the dares they could remember.

She slipped onto the last chair, grabbed a red apple and took a bite while Sarah took out her phone, sliding the list towards Mathia with a slow grin. Her eyes quickly scanned it as she chewed, dread pooling in her stomach, and sure enough, fourth one down:

Kiss Arthur Kirkland

"Hey, Dylan." Sarah was also one of those annoying types that knew everyone. "You couldn't possibly tell us where your little brother is, now could you?"