Paste your docuAfter the wizard competition Alex Russo won the competition so she is the family Alex and Maison was
practising spells in the lair and Maison was just that Max is a mortal he was helping his parents in the
Sandwich and Zeke were also working in the sandwich shop for dinner Alex used her magic and her and Maison decided to go flying with the magic carpet and go to a drive thru for hamburgers and fries in the wizard told Alex "I have Something for you!" Alex said "what is it?" Maison handed Alex a baby blue Crystal necklace with baby blue pearl Earrings. I love it! Said Alex thank you it's beautiful! Then they were on their way home. When alex got home she showed her necklace to her mom. Her mom said "Meha it's beautiful! he must really care for you! Then Alex was on her way to bed. The next day Justin was in his is the headmaster of the wizard he was making potions in his lair inside his was making a potion to stop he was mixing the potion he was saying " I am going to stop acne!" Alex went to visit Justin and said "acne are you serious that's the most stupidest idea you have ever made!"Alex decides to leave because she got went home and saw that Maison turned into a wolf got frusterated and rushed Maison to the they got in the lair she was panicing and was pacing back and forth rapidly trying to figure out a potion or a finally figured out a spell."I got it Maison has to drink this blue liquid,then I have ro give Maison a kiss,and finally say these words wolf,wolf turn around,change me back to human!" Then Maison in a flash changed back to human and gave Alex a hug! Then the headed to the apartment upstairs and watched a comedy movie called "Grown Ups."After the movie Maison headed home and Alex went to bed.