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Rule 401. I will not use Crookshanks as bait for "Fluffy Fishing"

Hermione stood up angrily, grabbing her cat-like creature and hugging it to her chest. It meowed quietly in protest, but the thirteen-year-old witch ignored it. "No. NO. NO!"

Ron jumped in. "Come on, 'Mione! It's not like anything's really going to happen! Besides, who knows that thing is still even in the castle! It better not," the boy added quietly.

"Ron! You can't use poor little Crookshanks! Besides, who knows what will happen if he runs through the castle!"

"Come on, 'Mione!" It was Harry jumping in to defend Ron.


"Her-mio-nee!" She glared at him. "Alright. Alright. I'll tell you what. If you let us use Crookshanks… I'll let him chase Scabbers around the halls," Ron conceded.

Hermione eyed him suspiciously. "If you'll do that, then fine. We can… use Crookshanks… if you use Scabbers," Hermione agreed slowly.

Ron jumped up. "Yes! Harry she said we can use Crookshanks! We can use Crookshanks!" Ron shouted.

Harry smacked him on the back of the head and shushed him. "Are you mental?" he hissed.

Ron straightened up. "Tomorrow night?" The other two agreed quietly.


Hermione checked her Muggle wristwatch under the Invisibility Cloak.

"Why do you use that bloody thing?" Ron scoffed. "It's not like you really need it."

"Shut up," she hissed, then turned to a more attentive Harry. "It's just past curfew. All the students should be heading to bed now." She hugged Crookshanks closer to her.

A few minutes passes. The three students exchanged glances and began slowly making their way up and down the third-floor corridor, checking for students. When they were assured it was empty but for the three of them, they pulled off the Cloak.

Ron held Scabbers close, ready to let him go any second. Crookshanks was already trying to claw out of Hermione's arms to go after the sickly-looking rat.

"Best to just let them go," Harry whispered. The two students let go of their pets, Crookshanks flying out of Hermione's arms at the sudden lack of resistance. They raced down the dark corridor, the three students following as closely as they could.

"We – can't – see –them," Ron panted, his breathing ragged and his footsteps loud against the stone floor. They heard a small thump, a hiss, and a squeak.

"Did that bloody cat get Scabbers?!" Ron hissed.

Hermione shrugged indifferently. "You agreed. Besides, serves him right."

There was suddenly a loud crash and three identical cries of pain as the students fell backwards onto the cold stone floor.

"Was that door supposed to be locked?" Harry whispered, holding his painfully bleeding nose.

"Shouldn't be. The door to that corridor hasn't been locked since –" They all looked at each other.

"—first year," Ron finished.

"Alohomora," Hermione whispered, pointing her wand at the locked door. The lock clicked as the door creaked open slowly.

When they walked in, they knew immediately it was a mistake. Ron and Hermione shrieked loudly at the creature filling the room with it's awful breath.

"It's that bloody three-headed dog!" Ron squeaked, grabbing Scabbers and holding the rat close as it squirmed.

"Fluffy," Harry corrected, surprisingly calm seeing as he knew exactly what that dog's bite could do to someone's leg (that someone being Professor Snape).

"Throw that BLOODY cat at it, mate!" Ron screeched. "Come on! It's gonna kill us!"

It was Hermione's turn to scream in protest. She snatched up her cat. "Run, you idiots!"

They turned and started sprinting away down the dark corridors, the Invisibility Cloak stuffed down Harry's robe and forgotten.

Professor Snape came running around the corner, surprised at the sight of the three teenagers sprinting down the corridor and screaming like banshees. "What the…"

He grabbed a handful of one of the student's robes. "Mr Potter. Would you care to inform me exactly why you and your group of dunderheads are running through the castle and trying to wake the dead? Just like your father, aren't you?" At Harry's silence, he shook the third year. "Explain!"

"Why is that bloody dog still here, Professor?!" Harry panted, pointing at the now-closed door.

"Language, Mr Potter," Snape commented drily, casting a glance toward Harry's pointing finger. "Ah. You see, Mr Potter, what the Headmaster chooses to let into this school—for very good reason, I assure you—is none of the students' business. Unless, of course, you consider yourself better than the other students?"

"No, sir," Harry protested quickly.

"Now, explain what exactly is going on!" the Potions Master snapped.

"We were… we decided to… I…" Snape merely raised an eyebrow at the boy's incoherency. "We tried to use Crookshanks to go 'Fluffy Fishing'." Harry's face blushed an impressive shade of red.

Snape blinked in astonishment. "What?" he asked, trying to comprehend. "You used Miss Granger's cat—"

"It's really more of a half-cat, half-kneazle creature, and I think there's some demonic possession in there somewhere too," Harry interjected helpfully. Snape blinked again, struggling not to laugh, before recovering his normal angry glare.

"Do not interrupt me." Hissed angrily. "Not even for… interesting… descriptions of your friends' familiars."

Harry nodded politely, slightly pleased that he had caught Snape off-guard.

"Now. Are you telling me that you used Miss Granger's 'half-cat, half-kneazle, partially demon-possessed creature' as bait for, as you so delicately put it, 'Fluffy Fishing'?"

Harry nodded again. This was ridiculous. They hadn't expected to be caught, much less to actually find the horrid dog.

"I see. Ten points from Gryffindor for sheer stupidity. Another ten for being out after curfew. And another ten for attempting to wake the entire castle with your shrieking. Oh, and ten more for looking in places where you know you shouldn't. That sounds nice. Forty points from Gryffindor." Snape smirked at the loss of points from his rival house. "Now return to your bed," he growled.

Harry ran off, sprinting after his friends.

Snape stood watching him run, making nearly as much noise as he had before. "And five points to Gryffindor for catching the Dungeon Bat off-guard, and for articulating well-thought-out descriptions of that demonic creature," he whispered quietly, smirking.

Harry finally caught up to Ron and Hermione, who were waiting for him by the portrait of the Fat Lady.

"What happened, mate? We thought you were done for sure," Ron muttered, punching Harry in the arm.

"Snape," Harry hissed. "Forty points from Gryffindor. However," he looked at Hermione and the fussy orange cat, "I caught him off-guard with my description of that hideous thing." He poked Crookshanks, who hissed at him angrily. Ron and Hermione exchanged surprised looks before looking back to Harry.

"Are you telling me that you surprised Snape?"

Harry nodded. "Oh, also, we're no longer allowed to use Crookshanks as bait for 'Fluffy Fishing.'"

"Damn," Ron whispered. "I was really hoping that cat would get eaten."

Harry and Hermione both exchanged incredulous glances before telling the Fat Lady the password and making their way up to their dorms, listening to Ron's angry muttering.

"—had to rescue Scabbers from that bloody cat's teeth. I can't believe—"

"Go to bed, Ron."

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