Hey Arnold: Arnold's Bloody Thanksgiving

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arnold was sitting in his room smkoing a blunt on thanksgiving.

"aaawwww yeah bitch, this shit it kickin tits." arnlold said. his eyes were really read. he looked in the miror. his head was shaped like a foot-ball and it made him laught a lot. like a lot really, if you were there youd be annoyed at how much he was laughing, which was a lot. his head looked like a football too which was funny but his head wasn't a football it was his head.

"hey arnold!" someone siad.

"whant the fuck" harndold said.

it was his best black friend ggernlad.

"let me hit some of that shit my homey." jerald said.

anrold gave gerlaod the blunt. he smoked it so much that some smoke started to come out of his head!

"damn son that shit be mad strong you know what im saying?" gearald said.

"yeayh lol." arnolld said.

"hey warnold" gerlad said.

"yeS yesser?" arnold said.

"you know what would be fun?" herald said.

"what would be fun my best black friend gerarD?" arnie said.

"let's go beeat up some little kids in the neighborhood." gerald said with a big smile across his face.

"yeah that would be fucking tits man. lets do it." arnold said.

the boys went outside and arnold pushed his grandpa down the stairs because it was funny because he made funny noisesz. he always liked to push his grandfather until he stopped trying to get punched the inside of a car and opened it. he started the car and didn't even kneed to put the keys in because he was that fucking baller and good. arnold held out stick and hit lots of kids in the fucking head. it was really funny, you had to be there to see it and laugh at it all because they were crying and getting hurt and it was funny.

arnold and gherlad laughed a lot.

"HAHAHAHHAHAHA" anrold and gerald said.

"haha that's really funny arnold" gerry-ald said.

"hey you fags stop making fun of those kids you assholes, stop it i say!" someone said. it was...U-Gene!

"get the fuck outta hear ew-gene you're a fucking fag!" arnold said.

"haha good one." gerryald said.

"thanks i thought ofi it all by myself!" arnold said as he smiled big. they crashed the car and got out and started to beet the shit out of eunge. eugeen was bleeding all over the ground. blood was err'where. gerold and arnald got up and went away.

"wait motherfuckers." eugne said. he got up.

"what you want another beating fag?" arnold said.

"haha good one." gerald said.

"no." eugne said. he pulled his pants down.

"I have 30,000 CC's of explosives strapped to my cock. who wants to fuck?" eugne said as he winked and blew kisses at arnold and gerald.


"no." gerald said. he was too stoned too care.

"the blast will destory the entire city." eugene said as he touched himself. he got hard thinking of blowing up the city.

"cubxw nxnGIB"ugeen said! he tocuhed the detontation button on his ass.

"NOOOOO" arnold said as the blast detrosyed him and gerand and everyone who lived in the city that arnold lived in. aranoid was dead.