Second Only to You



PROMPTS: Smirk - Eye Rolls - Grinning Like Crazy - "Bloody hell." - Dreaming - Infuriate - "Merlin's beard." - Garden Gnomes


Finding Yourself

"The one with the white beard and navy robes, looks a bit like a Muggle Garden Gnome? Him."

Teddy disappeared to the call of his name from the front of the hall, leaving Molly somewhat confused. She desperately wanted to ask what on earth he meant by a Muggle Garden Gnome now. Even though her mother was a Muggleborn, she'd never come across any other Gnome than the nasty ones that ran around the Garden and they never wore blue robes or had white beards.

Trying to avoid day-dreaming about garden gnomes in little blue sets of robes, Molly turned her attention to Teddy, who was sat under the sorting hat.


As soon as the hat left his head, he started grinning like a crazy person as he stood and started heading towards the Gryffindor table who were clapping madly and wildly. As he walked over, he stopped, flashing her a thumbs up with the cheesiest smile ever.

"Bloody Hell." Molly muttered over the noise before rolling my eyes at him. He smirked back at her and then took his seat at the Gryffindor table.

She didn't have to wait long for her name to be called, despite being last. After all they were only a small year. Sooner rather than later the sorting hat was being placed on top of Molly's head.

"Merlin's Beard," a voice chuckled, "You Weasley's are still coming here? How more should I expect then?"

She didn't expect the Sorting Hat to have such an infuriating voice, but Molly guessed if you knew everything then you would be slightly stuck up. It hmphed, pressing for an answer.

"Eleven," she retorted annoyed, Molly wasn't exactly up for a chat.

"Eleven, hmmm," it pondered, "Well let's see. You could be a Hufflepuff I suppose, but no, no, you'll find yourself better in Gryffindor."