Chapter 1

I started up the street, wind whipping my red hair into my face. I was heading towards the old antique shop, for I had seen a beautiful jade necklace there, and I had bought it for a treat to myself, but asked the old woman to keep it there until January 5th, 2012. And that was today.

I entered the musty smelling shop. "Hello?" I called. "Hello dear! How may I help you?" I looked up to find an old lady, white hair pulled into a bun on the top of her head, her blue eyes sparkling. "Uhm, I am Rosie Greenbush, and I am here to pick up my package that I purchased last week." I said with a smile. "Oh, yes, you're the one who purchased the magic necklace?" she asked me. "Yeah!"

"It's right back here, sweetie." She entered the back of the shop. As I waited, I took notice of some of the movies. 'The Brothers Grimm'. One of the titles jumped up at me. I remembered it from my childhood, about the brothers and the evil witch stealing the little girls for their youth. It had been a pretty gruesome tale. But I also remembered a ring, round, gold, and simple. It was curious indeed.

"And here it is, the magic necklace!" they lady called as she approached. I resisted the temptation of rolling my eyes. Magic necklace, my butt. "Thank you," I said, smiling. "But it isn't really magic, is it?"

Her bright blue eyes turned dark and glassy. "Of coarse it is, my sweet." She said in a raspy voice not at all her own. "Uh-duh, thanks. I'll be leaving now." I said quickly, stammering, my heart beating super fast. I quickly left the shop.

I ran as fast as I could towards my apartment building, not looking back once. I entered through the glass doors and decided to take the stairs. I raced to the third floor, and barged through the door. My friend/roommate, Mindy, looked up from her magazine. I must've looked like a mad woman, gasping for breath, green eyes darting around, red hair a mess.

"What happened?" Mindy exclaimed, rising from her comfy arm chair. "It's a strange story, including a possessed old woman. Just let me settle, I'll tell you later." I said, sitting myself onto the couch.

I looked down to the box I had grabbed, containing the necklace. I opened the box, and lifted the necklace out until it was dangling in front of my nose.

It was on a silver chain, with separate pieces of diamond shaped jade, each surrounded with a line of silver. Simple, but beautiful.

"Oh, that's gorgeous!" Mindy crooned, craning her neck to see it better. "I know, that's why I bought it." I murmured. Then I slipped in on. Mindy gasped with surprise. "It looks really pretty on you Rosie, it really does. I'm extremely jealous. Where'd you get it?" "An antique shop. I'm…" I trailed off as my vision started to blur. The edges around my eyes turned fuzzy and black.

"Rosie? Rosie!" I faintly heard Mindy's voice in the back of my head, and it was fading like it was getting further away. Then everything went black.

I opened my eyes to find green leaves with harsh sunlight going through them. I hissed, and shielded my eyes. I took notice of my surroundings. I was laying on a bed of moss, in what seemed to be the middle of a forest.

"Ugh." I groaned as I pulled myself into a sitting position, and then I eagerly looked around, still half asleep. The forest was truly beautiful, the tall trees standing high above my head, leaves rustling softly in the wind. I looked at the flowers, an array of colors swirling in the wind. Not a drop of pollution in the air.

I relaxed in the peace until a sudden thought came to me. How did I get here? I started to panic, and I quickly stood. I felt no different, still 4 11" as I'll always be, even though I was 18. Then I felt my hair. The short cork screw curls had grown until they reached about my waist, calming into soft waves. I ran my hand through it, feeling the silky texture.

I looked at what I was wearing. My sweater and jeans had been replaced with a sleeveless simple dress, tied around my waist was a gold belt. On my feet I wore soft pale boots.

I furrowed my brow. Who ever pulled this joke off was going to pay. Not funny. That's when I heard a small voice calling, "I've signed it! I've signed it!" I held my breath, trying not to be seen or heard. "Now, really? We'd better check then." said an old man sounding voice. I crept closer with baited breath.

"It's good." "Get the lad a pony!" said a deep, rumbling voice. I peered through the bushes, trying to get a better view. There were what looked like 14 little, extremely furry ponies and men riding them like horses.

"Uh, n-no, I don't think that'll be necessary, thank you! I'll just follow on foot." said a man with curly brown hair. But then 2 more men on ponies came riding up, and, lifting him up by the armpits, sat him on a pony. The little man sat on it stiffly, holding the reins quite awkwardly.

I tried to stifle a laugh in vain, for they all turned suddenly towards my direction, suspicious looks on their faces. Well, except for the little man, he maintained an expression of utter horror. I could hear him muttering, "Oh not the orcs now! I really don't need to die, we've only just started! I-" He was shushed by a dark haired man with a serious expression. I wondered if the little man was a bit mad, I mean, orcs?

Two of the men jumped down from their ponies, and drew weapons. One had a bow, the other two swords. I gasp. Where did they get those? They crept closer. I now had the ability to see what my hunters looked like.

One had long blonde hair, with the occasional thick braid running through it. He had a small goatee, and a braided moustache. He wore thick furs and heavy boots. I would've laughed at his moustache, except I was pretty darn terrified.

The other was… attractive. Who is that? I think as they approach. He had long dark hair to his shoulders, and a bit of scruff. No beard, nice for a change. He wore a thick leather coat and soft leather boots. His hair was tied back from his face part way, but that's it for decorations, unlike braided over there.

I knew that there was no chance to escape, so I just sat there, waiting for my doom. Eventually, they got there, and quickly swiped the leaves away all dramatic like. I again resisted the urge to roll my eyes. A bit over the top guys?

"Umm, hi." I said, peering up at them from my place on the ground. They looked very taken aback. "Thorin, it's a girl!" Blondie called to one of the other men. "Bring her to me then." Thorin called back. He looked like a grumpy sort of guy, a serious expression on his face. He had long dark hair streaked with silver.

Blondie started towards me but I scrambled backwards, clawing at the dirt. "You are not going to touch me!" I squeaked. "We aren't gonna hurt you." The dark haired one said. When I turned towards him, distracted, opening up my mouth to talk back, Blondie grabbed me. I cried out and fought back, but he was a bit to strong.

He dragged me up to Thorin, who looked upon me with rage. As he examined me, his eyes widened. "Bind her hands!" "Why?" said the dark haired guy. "Kili, shut up." Kili frowned, and turned away and walked up to some old guy I hadn't noticed before.

As they began to bind my hands, the old man stood and said, "Fili, stop binding her hands." Fili, formerly known as Blondie, stopped. Thorin looked outraged.

"What?" he said angrily. "Do you know what she is?" "Yes, I do, Thorin. I can see. But there is no real reason to bind her hands and treat her like a prisoner. I believe she has something special about her and that she should accompany us on our quest." The old man said. He had a long, silver beard, along with long silver hair. He adorned a pointy hat, and blue eyes peered out from under it.

"No, Gandalf! Impossible! She is, you know!" exclaimed Thorin. What exactly was I? "I don't care. She will accompany us. Now, what is your name, little one?" I looked around, several men were staring, and Thorin was muttering angrily, obviously defeated. So it was settled. I smiled sweetly. "Rosie. And what exactly am I?" "Oh!" Gandalf chuckled. "He means that you are an elf."

"An elf?" I said, flabbergasted. My hands flew to my ears, sure enough, they were pointed. "An elf?" I repeated. "Yes, and, if not for your ears, judging by you height, I would have thought you one of them." "And what would they be?" I asked, trying to breathe. "Dwarves." And then I promptly fainted.