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Chapter 2

I opened my eyes groggily. Every body, including Gandalf, was peering down at me. "What? Everyone faints at some point of their life!" I said in my defense. "What happened, my dear girl?" asked Gandalf, getting right to the point of things. "It's just… you're dwarves, and I'm an elf. Those don't exist from where I came from. And, by mention, where am I?" I answered, looking at them each one by one. "And who are you guys?"

"I am Thorin, son of Thrain. And you are in Middle-Earth, on the outskirts of the Shire." Thorin said, eye-balling me with disgust. "Oh." I said in quite a small voice. "Oh." I started to feel woozy again, getting ready to faint and cry at the same time. Gandalf gripped my arm to steady me. "Why don't you get on a pony?"

I nodded, and looked around. "Where?" I asked realizing that there were no more ponies. "You will ride with Fili and Kili, since they were the ones who found you. You ride with Fili first." Ordered Thorin, obviously still pissed that I was coming.

I looked at Fili, aka Blondie and he held out a hand to help me up. "I can get up myself, thank you." I said, raising my chin. I put my foot on the saddle, and pushed my self up. Unfortunately, I've never ridden a pony or a horse, so I of coarse fell off, ripping my dress in the process.

Fili and Kili burst into laughter. I glared at the two, and stood. Fili again held out his hand. I rolled my eyes, and took it, trying to act tough. Not exactly working, was it?

I was behind Fili, and inspected our pony. He was a pretty chocolate brown one, and I started to braid the little tufts of fur to entertain my self.

About half an hour later Fili looked behind his back. "What are you doing?!" he asked in horror. "Making him look pretty, like you." I said, a bit annoyed. "Hey." He growled, glaring at me best he could. "I could braid your hair if you'd like me to." I said sweetly and evilly at the same time.

He looked at me in utter horror and said, "If you dare lay a finger on me I will-"

He was cut off when Thorin shouted, "We'll stop here for the night." "Yes!" I pumped my fist in the air. "Food and freaking sleep!" Thorin and Dwalin, a bald dwarf a bit on the mean side, glared at me. I ignored them and proceeded to hop off my pony. One problem; I was, and still am, 4 11" the size of a small dwarf, and the pony was a bit taller than usual. I gulped.

Fili jumped down and turned towards me. "Uhm, a little help please?" I said with a small smile. He smirked and walked away. "It's the stupid braid incident, damn." I mumbled to myself. Luckily, Kili, walked by just then. "Oi! I'm stuck on a pony! Help me down!"

He looked up at me, a smile playing on his lips. "Stuck?" "Yes!" I gasped. He held out his arms. I swallowed, and then jumped.

He caught me in his arms, and I absent-mindedly breathed in his scent. He smelled of camp fires and forests, and bacon? I pulled away from him, and gave him a strange look. "What?" he laughed. "No mean to be rude, but you smell of bacon." I state matter-of-factly.

"That's because I was bringing this to you." Kili held up two strips of bacon, and my eyes widened. "Gimme that!" I grabbed the bacon and looked at it. "Thanks." I said, remembering. Kili simply nodded, a smile on his face, before walking away.

I walked towards the fire, seeking warmth in the chilly night. I took in my surroundings. We were on a cliff, over looking plains and mountains in the distance. I felt a finger tap on my shoulder, and I started. I spun around to find Bofur holding a bowl of soup. "Oh, hi." I said, trying to be casual. He chuckled. "Hello Rosie."

I smiled and took the soup. "What kind is it?" I asked. "What?" "What kind is the soup?" "Oh," he laughed. "It's 'surprise' created by Bombur himself." "What does that mean?" he winked. "See for yourself."

I took a sip, and almost gagged. "What is in there?" "No one really knows, but it's all we've got before the boys have a chance to hunt again." Bofur said, chuckling. "Oh, go away." I gave him a playful shove, and he went away.

The night passed on, and nearly every one was asleep. I was still wide awake, thinking about my home. About my mum and dad, and Mindy and my cat, Whiskers. I soon started to cry. I curled up into a little ball, silent tears streaming down my face.

Then a large snore jolted me out of my dilemma. I looked up, tears drying quickly, to find Bombur snoring his heart out. With each intake of breath, 5 moths flew into his mouth. With each out take, they all flew out. Gross.

I heard the crunching of leaves to my left. I looked in the direction, startled, to see Bilbo, the hobbit, creeping up to his pony, Myrtle.

He was muttering something, and amazingly I could hear him. "Don't tell any body about this, it's our little secret." He playful told her as he fed her an apple. Then a horrible screeching sound echoed through the silence.

Bilbo danced over to the fire, looking around in fear and pointing towards the noise. "Did-did you hear that? What is it?" he asked. Fili and Kili looked at him with mock-serious expressions on their faces. Oh, boy.

"Orcs." said Kili. "They'll be dozens of them out there, the Low-Lands are crawling with them." Fili said gravely. "They strike," Kili said mournfully. "In the wee small hours, when everyone's asleep. Quick and quiet-no screams-just lot's of blood."

I look at him horrified, a mirror to Bilbo's expression. Kili and Fili looked at each other and started laughing. That's when I knew it was a joke. Drama queens. I thought bitterly when I stood up to walk away.

"You think this is funny?" Thorin asks angrily. Kili and Fili's smiles quickly vanished. They were definetly doomed. I don't remember much else, just me feeling sorry for them and pleased at the same time. Very conflicted.

I sat down next to them, right by Kili, and said, "I would be laughing, but you gave me bacon earlier." He laughed quietly. "Good, Rosie. But we should probably get some rest." He finished quickly, catching Thorin's glare.

I curled up next to him, and fell asleep listening to Balin's tales of Thorin and The Pale Orc.