A/N: Hey! Sooo...I'm in a oneshot mood apparently and decided to make this a dropbox for all of the ones that are under a couple of thousand words-except 'Nightmares', that one I like having on its own. I am working on three chapter stories for SM right now, but I've decided I won't post them until they are done or nearly so to avoid the dreaded 'On Perminent Hiatus' bit. I wrote this one as from a quick shot of inspiration after hearing Cascada's Piece of Heaven for the first time in who knows how many years. Hope you get a bit of enjoyment out of it!

Piece of Heaven

She'd been trying to sleep for hours. She wasn't really sure what had woken her up, or more accurately what was keeping her up, but her body felt like a livewire, like she'd gone through half of her candy stash in under an hour. It wasn't necessarily a jittery feeling though, just…aware. Aware of everything. Aware of the comfortable silence in the small apartment. Aware of the not quite full darkness thanks to the ever-bright Tokyo lights. Aware of the soft mattress and mellow cotton sheets that she lay on. And most of all, aware of the warm body that lay spooned behind her, his slow breaths ghosting across the back of her neck, one strong arm wrapped around her waist. It wasn't so long ago, very recently in fact, that she thought she'd never have this again.

It had been just over a month after the battle with Galexia and she supposed she was still taking everything in. It wasn't as bad with the girls; they'd really only been gone for the last battle, however long it had been—she still wasn't that sure. Sometimes she could go days pretending it never happened—that they'd never died; that she'd never had to see them, hold them as they died. Then she'd wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, thinking that maybe it was the last few weeks that had been the dream and that they'd never actually come back to her. It was those times that she'd feel like the world was empty and she'd never be happy again. She'd fumble for her communicator on those nights, sometimes she'd press the 'group call' button so she could see all of their faces, but more often it would just be one—if one of them answered then it meant they had all come back. She knew she was being a bit silly and worried what they'd all think if they were all being called every night.

With Mamoru, though, it was different. She'd lived six months without him there. At first she'd tried to convince herself of what she had told everyone else. He was enjoying America. He was busy studying. He just didn't have time for her right then, but that was ok because they had their entire lives to be together when he got back. She'd known, though. The whole time she knew somewhere inside herself that he was gone. She'd felt something that day, not two hours after she'd left him at the airport. She'd tried to convince herself it was just hard to know he was going to be so far away, that she needed to push past the pain and be the strong girlfriend he deserved. But she'd know he wasn't coming back. The whole time she'd known. Six months she'd lived without him and while she never got used to the idea, it had become her new normal—however painful. Now that he was back it was…strange. Wonderful, of course, but strange. As the complete opposite of the scouts, she could go hours—once she'd gone two whole days—forgetting he was back. During those times she was calm, but hollow. She felt dull and listless and like she could barely remember what it was like to be happy. One time she'd been on her way to the Crown, shoulders slumped and walking very slowly. Then he'd been there, walking towards her from the other end of the block. She'd stopped and just stared, openmouthed. The day got brighter and her heart leapt with joy at seeing his smiling face. Another time she'd just been moping around the house and he'd called. Her heart had stopped when she'd seen his name on the phone. And then it filtered back to her. He was alive and she could talk to him, hold him whenever she wanted.

Usagi turned and shifted in the bed so she was laying on her back instead of her side and could look at his sleeping face. He grunted as her shifting jostled the bed and half opened his sleep bleary eyes. "Usako…?" he mumbled, obviously not really aware of the waking world.

She brought her small hand up to lovingly stroke his cheek. "Shh…Everything's fine, Mamo-chan. Go back to sleep." She kept her voice as low and soothing as she could. He hummed in compliance and tightened his grip on her waist, bringing her closer to him as he nuzzled her neck below her ear. She did her best to hold in her giggle. He was so cute when he was like this. The stress and the walls he still kept up melted away and nothing but innocence and contentment showed through. The warmth in her chest grew and she felt loved and…happy. That was it, she realized. That was why sleep evaded her so. This was the first time she felt well and truly happy since he'd given her the ring at the airport. As she let that thought wash over her, mixing and mingling with the wonderfully cozy warmth from his wonderfully alive body, she smiled. It wasn't forced, it wasn't hampered by sadness, and it didn't fade after only a few moments. It had been a completely ordinary day spent with her not so ordinary friends and her wonderfully extraordinary boyfriend. Nothing special…except for the fact that it was. She was happy and she let her body relax.

There was nothing to worry about.

Nothing important she had to get done.

All she had to do was relax and enjoy this moment of bliss.

Her own little piece of heaven.