I woke up in a cell, dark and bleak. I was all alone, save for a small cot and a toilet. I had no clue why I was there. Suddenly I remembered where I was. I jumped out of the cot and beat against the door caging me from the rest of the world. I screamed "I DIDN'T DO IT". I was answered by a bleak silence. "I. Didn't. Do. It." I said to no one.

I beat against the door again. "I didn't do it…" I slowly sank to the floor and curled into a ball. I cried. I must've blacked out after that.

What must've been a few hours later, I woke up to the sound of big, heavy footsteps. The men in black suits were back. They looked like the same ones that killed my little baby brother that I loved so much. They framed me too. I'm just 15, I would risk anything to keep my brother safe and now he's dead. Gone. Never coming back. So here I am. And the man entered the room I was in, snapping my control on my fragile frame of mind like I could break a cookie. I stood upright suddenly, almost making the man flinch. I made for the door, but the man with the shark teeth and steel arms grabbed me with utter glee by the arm and started dragging me towards a trial that was pre-decided, my impending doom already given to me.

"I DON'T WANNA GO! I. DON'T. WANT. DO. GO! I don't want to gooooooo!" I struggled against my captor, but I made no progress. I hit him and kicked him and bit him and clawed the entire way to the courtroom to where my already decided fate would be made official.

I screamed and repeated my chant the whole way there, but the black suit just grinned. "I told you I would see you again Rin." He grinned even wider, if that was even possible.


After the trial I was doomed to fail, I was dragged to my cell after I had been hit on the head to knock me out, or so I'm told. I must've been there at least 3 more hours until I was grabbed roughly by the arm again by the black suit.

"Oi, watch how hard you squeeze, aye?" I said, rather groggily, my voice slurred.

I hope I could regain my calm state of mind till we get to Furnace, 'cause as far as I know, I could've gone past my breaking point a long time ago. While I was wallowing in self-pity, still half dead, I was vaguely aware that I was shoved on a bus, and sent on my way. No one could care less about me now. Except… maybe… no… he would never care. So here I am sitting on a bus headed for Hell on Earth. Whoopi. But after I came out of my daze and insane mutterings, I noticed that the bus was oddly empty. No one else was there, and only the person driving and a few guards were there to let me know I wasn't dreaming. I felt even more alone than I had ever felt in my entire existence. But, it was oddly comforting almost, and it was then that I started thinking that I only needed myself. That is, until we rounded the corner and I regret looking up. I might've puked my guts out right then and there if I hadn't looked back down. My eyes were probably as big as the moon. And I bet they stayed that way for a long, long time.

"You still haven't puked your guts out yet, kid? I'm impressed. I think I might've won this bet for once. Ya know, this man here-"the guard gestured to an old balding man, "-has been on guard for something like 40 years or so. He likes to predict which kid spills first. And he's never been wrong before, that is, until you decided not to puke." He smiles as he said it laughed lightly. "I sure as hell didn't expect a girl, who is probably our first and last, was gonna be our strongest player. Kid, you're tough an' I can tell. Never let those guys get to your head and you will do just fine."

He nodded to me. "You're gonna make history."

Those were the last sane words I heard from anyone with kindness in their heart for a while.

After I alighted from the steps of the bus, the doors closed and the bus left. I took a good long look at was to be my home for presumably the rest of my life. Then, I collapsed on the floor in defeat. Not in vain, or sadness or anything like that. I just felt my little courage and resolve leave me.

"One way in."

"No known ways out."

"A living hell on Earth."

I said each line like a chant, mentally and physically preparing myself for hell on earth. If only I didn't have mental control issues, where I could go over the top at any moment, things would have brightened just a bit. But my world had just lost the meaning to live, to remember happiness, and basically all emotion. Done brooding, I decided to stand up.

I didn't notice the blacksuit watch my every move, and my little drama. Too late now.

"Hello Rin."

I must've jumped 3 feet in the air.

"Come. Now. No choice, unless you want to be skewered alive."

I thought about it. For a long time. Or so I thought. It wouldn't be bad, to die short and sweet, end my misery and join my bro. But slowly I shuffled forward.


I walked through the gates with the blacksuit, he said, "Welcome to Furnace. I hope you survive girly. You'll be fun to test."

He led me to a hangar. "Sadly, since you are a girl, you get a shower that's separate and also a dressing quarters and bathroom. You will, however room with the boys, and some minor modifications have taken place in the cell you will be residing in. I am amazed Furnace let this happen, because it took quite a bit of effort for us to cause little suspicion. You better be grateful." He said it with a sneer. I could tell he was one of the ones to work on said modifications.

He led me to a room and I did as I was told per regulations due for clothing, feminine issues and supposed behavior, but I think it'll be a mad house anyway. I took a shower and dressed in sandpaper underwear, itchy clothing and cardboard shoes. Pretty grungy stuff if you ask me. I guess these things could be called 'feminine', but they don't make the mark by very far. I managed to grab my hair tie from my pocket before I lost my regular clothes for good, so I was glad about that. I put my hair up in a sloppy ponytail and went back to the blacksuit. He then led me to a steel elevator. I stepped inside and almost immediately, a machine gun popped out of a hidden door. It was sleek and robotic, and I would be surprised if it was operated by a man.

"No funny business kid." The guard said as the doors slid closed. It was a long way down to hell, but I just hope I can last.