As the elevator plummeted to the depths of the Earth, I wondered. You have an awful lot of time to ponder the universe. I wondered about my friends. I wondered why, if there was a god, why he let these people exist. Yet, slowly, accepted it, but it was in that small part of my mind where I wouldn't notice it anyway. Just… how did they do this… and why?

The elevator lurched and the doors slowly opened, breaking me from my thoughts. I immediately went into my defensive positions, which sadly is a slouch and my arms covering my chest. I felt oddly exposed as I stepped out of the elevator being the only girl, but I guess that's pretty normal. The elevator rose back up but a lot faster than I expected. I began to hear disembodied voices, and as I slowly walked towards the sound, I could make out words.

"New fish!"

"Fresh meat!"


I looked up, and the voiced died down, but not by much. I do admit, I have a feminine look about me. I removed my arms and showed more of my figure. I'm not that curvy, but I can guess these boys are pretty desperate. I didn't rise from my slouch, but put my hand on my hip pondering what to do. A man stepped out behind me, like he was my living shadow. I almost squealed. Almost.

"Rin. So you don't have a last name. Aw the poor thing an orphan?" The man, whom I later found out, was the warden.

"Prisoner number 201385. Cell number F11. 6th level. Cell mates Alex Sawyer and Carl Donovan."

I looked away from the warden, and saw no one step forward. My heart sank. I could put up with rooming with two asses, but I really don't want cowards as my roomies.

"I said step forward." The warden hissed at the mass of boys.

Slowly, the two boys, (who weren't too bad looking, I might add), stepped forward.

"Beneath Heaven is Hell boys, and beneath Hell is Furnace. I Hope you enjoy your stay." With those parting words, the warden turned and left me there to die. No explanations, no warnings, just a sentence that meant nothing to me.

I hardly had taken half a step and some idiots walked up to me. The rest of the inmates just stared, giving me sympathetic looks. I glared at them. The people who walked up to me had some crude black bandanas and a failure of - what is it? – A skull? Painted on the front. So apparently they were supposed to have some authority over me or something, 'cause I could care less. The leader, as far as I could tell, walked up to me with a sneer on his face.

"What's a little girl doing here? You missing your papa? Aye, boys I think we have ourselves a new playtoy!" He laughed like I was some joke, sent from outside to entertain them.

I stood there calmly, redid my ponytail. We had a stare-off for a bit. After I was finished with my hair, I stood up to my full height. And I'd say I was about 4 inches taller than him without standing up straight. So I can say that I had him beat on the intimidation scale.

"Well, isn't that a nice welcome from the peanut gallery. I sure as hell don't know who you are, nor do I care. I'm here whether I like it or not, and I'm not going to spend my days listening to some little kid who thinks the world owes him something because he has a shank and a stupid bandana. I should hope that you weren't talking to me when you said that, but it better not be me." I said it with anger in my voice, but I was aggravated more than anything.

Then, without thinking, I punched him. Square in the face. Hard. That knocked the sneer right off his face. He looked at me shocked for a bit, and then regained control.

"Hmph. Well, well, looks like we have a fighter. Listen to me missy, that ain't how we do things around here." He said leaning towards my face. Before he could say anything else I said, "Suuure. And I'm the Queen of England. So, I'm supposed to listen to you like a dog, afraid and cowering because you:

A) Have a stupid bandana or B) have a shank to wave around in my face? Hell no. I've been around 4 year olds worse than you. You ain't worth a damn to listen to, so why should I even try?" I leaned closer as I said the last part. "Aw, no comebacks for the little attention queen? Aw, the poor thing." I punched him in the face for good measure and moved him and his cronies out of the way.

"Don't act superior because you can kill. Some can die in an instant, or some can go insane. Don't judge a book by its cover." I said those words quietly enough so the skulls could hear me. Then I walked away.

The group of inmates had hardly moved. Or blinked, I guess. Then, applause came out of nowhere. I was taken aback. I had nearly lost my cool and could've killed everyone. But instead I got applause. How lucky. I walked over to the two guys I could be rooming with. As I passed others, I heard celebrating voices.

"Kevin definitely learned not to mess with girls."

"Bro, you are lucky to room with that chick. She ain't bad looking either!"

A few slaps on the back and we finally made it to the stairwell to go to our cell. "Well, usually that goes horribly wrong…" I mumbled to myself.

"So, I guess we're roomies now, aye? We've got some catching up to do!" I said it with a grin. I was actually pretty glad of what I did in the previous 5 minutes. I walked beside my mates. When we got to the 6th floor, I said, a bit more quietly, "I could've lost my top, so I'll just say that. Who's who? And where do I sleep?" "I'm Donovan. I have always thought it was cooler than Carl. I've been here for about 4 years or so. Top bunk's mine." The older and, presumably wiser one said as he clambered onto the bunk.

"I'm Alex. Middle Bunk's mine. I got here a few weeks before you did, and we will do formal introductions after the lockdown ends." He sat on his bed, and I thought for once, my life would be okay for a day.

"What's a lock-"I was cut off by a loud siren. That answered my question. "Well then, in case you didn't hear, I'm Rin. And the bottom one's mine." I said it and giggled lightly, and in turn got quizzical looks from Alex and Donovan. "What?" I asked the picture of innocence.

I sat on my bed, smiling. I had some okay kids in my room, and later, they would become my best friends.