Setting: Main Meeting Area

Zeus: And now we will talk about...*Beep Bop Beep*
Hermes: YES! High Score!
Zeus: Put that away Hermes. We are trying to have a Olympus meeting here.
Hermes: No can do Daddy-O
Artemis: HERMES! Listen to Father NOW!
Hermes: Or what?
Artemis: Or umm... Or...Or I'll smash your game system!
Hermes: No! Not my game system!
Apollo: *Snickers* Just admit it Arty...
Artemis: Admit what? And no one calls me Arty except...I mean Don't Call Me Arty!
Apollo: *Snickers* Except for who?
Artemis: NO ONE!
Hermes: Hurtful...
Artemis: HERMES!
Hermes: Don't yell Arty..err...I mean Artemis...or your gonna ruin your vocal cords
Aphrodite: Awwwww! Hertemis For EVER!
Artemis and Hermes: Nooo!
Artemis: *Glares at Hermes* I'm a Virgin Goddess Afro...
Aphrodite: I DON'T HAVE AN AFRO!
Hermes: Nice One Art!
Artemis: *Grins and Blushes* Thanks!
Apollo: AHA! You just blushed!
Artemis: Nooo I didn't
Zeus: As I was saying... Now we should talk about Artemis. Artemis have any input?
Artemis: Umm...
Hermes: *shouts* I'm in love with Artemis!
Artemis: *snaps head toward Hermes* Y-You are?
Hermes: *rubs back of neck* Errrm...yes?
Zeus: Following that declaration, I Grant Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, to not be a virgin Goddess anymore. Meaning I allow Hermes to break her oath.
Artemis and Hermes: W-What?
Hermes: are you sure Father? I mean she is-
Artemis: just shud up and kiss me
Apollo: *snickers* Yeah Hermit shud up and kiss my sister.
Artemis then runs over to Hermes and hugs him. Hermes, shocked, soon hugs her back. Hermes then pulls back and kisses Artemis full on the mouth. Artemis soon kissed back. Hermes is just in utter shock.
Artemis: *whispers in Hermes ear* I'm in love with you too.

TaDa! Tell me if you love it, like it, think I need to improve it, or hate it! Ideas are welcomed! I may even use them!