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It's really short but . . . oh well. :D

Toph wondered around the grounds, her hand on her swollen belly. She heard laugher in the distance and smiled, remembering. Her first son had been an airbender. Her second son was still a mystery, her and her husband where trying their best to figure his talents out. Now she was pregnant again, she desperately wanted a girl. She missed Sugerqueens girlyness, and hoped the baby would be more like Katara than herself.

Toph tapped her foot against the ground to check on her children. They played with a ball Katara had sewn together and stuffed. It didn't move very far unless Gyatso used his airbending to force it through the air. This always made Theo happy.

Toph heard a loud roar in the air and smiled at the sky. Her husband had returned. She felt the flying bison land on the ground and her husbands footsteps, light as air, jog towards her. She turned towards him and allowed him to kiss her cheek when she felt a disturbance in the earth. Her husband felt it also, and they both got in fighting positions. It was awkward for Toph, seeing as she was very pregnant.

Then her little Theo came running along, giggling and chucking rocks without touching them. Her husband laughed and picked him up, setting his son on his shoulders.


"Toph, Theo's an earthbender."

Theo giggled. Toph grinned ear to ear.

"That's my little earthbender."