Author's Note: If you are wondering about the bad grammar and such in this fic. Yes it is like that on purpose. It's supposed to feel sort of Western like. Backwoods country type speech if you know what I mean. Also the weird words are German. My apologies if they aren't exactly right I used google translate considering I don't speak German. Also a lot of inspiration is taken from the show Firefly, my absolute favorite show! Certain lines and situations can be seen in the show I just put a Hunger Games twist on them. I hope you enjoy. Read and Review Please!


It used to be different, back when Earth was still a planet. Unfortunately the third world war, a nuclear war between the Americans and the Germans, left that planet in shambles. Barely any survived, those that did now live on new planets in new galaxies. After Earth got all wrecked up all the remaining scientists got together and figured out a way to make other planets usable. With the help of complex machines they created false gravity and breathable air. That was nearly a few hundred years ago.

Now a days there are bout two hundred settled planets. The human race has grown rapidly, so rapidly they are constantly settling new planets. The outer rim planets are poor, small communities mostly. Those who struggle only to live. The nearer you get to the Kapitol the richer and more populated the planets get. Kapitol Stadt is most central planet in the new solar system. The districts of planet go out in rings. District 1 is immediately around the Kapitol planet. It goes on all the way to District 12, the poorest planets. District 13 lays beyond but is uninhabitable, somewhere there is old Earth. Ain't nobody goes out to District 13, not unless they be wantin' to die. Only thing out there are Mutts. They say Mutts were human once. Ain't nobody really knows what they are, only know that you definitely want to be avoidin' 'em.

With the end of the war a new government took control, they call themselves the Union of Nations, Union for short. They took control promisin' they'd make it all right after the war. And they did for a while. But then President Snow took control and he's played the role of dictator ever since. No body saw it comin', his campaign was all well and good, but once he had the power everything changed. The situation in the outer steadily got worse. The rebel forces tried to fight back, ultimately they lost, I was one of 'em, now we sit in the shadows and try to avoid trouble.

Who am I? Captain Katniss Everdeen. Born on the planet Khole in D12, same as my best friend Gale. Former rebel soldier turned thief and ship captain. I captain the Mockingjay, she's a small ship, Avian class. She's got a lot of nooks, perfect for smugglin' which is exactly what I do. She falls apart often enough but she's a good ship, she'll hold. I got a good crew too. Loyal, fighters, survivors, friends. We got each others backs, they're like family. Originally it was just me, Gale and Finnick. The three of us fought in the war together and after we lost we stayed together. They still say I was crazy for buyin' a ship. But hey, what other choice did we have? Ain't no good jobs we could get, smugglin' is as good a business as any. Merely a bonus that I'd be smugglin' from the Union.

I made Finn my second in command. Gale may be my longest friend but just like me he is hotheaded. Needed someone who'd think a little clearer. Finn's clever, gotta give him that, and thinks before he acts which is something Gale and I ain't never figured out. Gale's perfectly happy being the hired gun. He loves his weapons and he loves confrontation. Also he's intimidating as hell.

We soon figured out that none of us could fly this boat, at least not well enough to be smugglers. Needed to be able to make quick getaways and that requires some fancy flyin'. That's where Annie came in. Needed a good pilot, she came as highly recommended as any I'd ever seen. Only warning was that she was slightly on the mental side. Exactly what this crew needed. Plus everyone knows any pilot worth her salt ain't all there. Those are the ones who fly with no fear, perfect if we be needin' to outrun the Union or Mutts if we are ever so unfortunate. The day I brought her on board I swear Finn nearly dropped dead. Never had seen him affected that way before. He's always been a womanizer and every time we stopped planet side he brought some new broad to his bunk. Ain't happened since Annie though. She crept up on 'im, he'd never expected her to completely ignore him. So used to ladies throwing themselves at his feet that when one didn't…he damn near lost his mind. Eventually she came round though and they married. At least someone on this boat is happy.

Then one trip we were delivering axes to the planet Holz in District 7 when M-Jay broke down. The alternator broke and none of us knew how to fix her. Couldn't very well get on any more without a mechanic so we picked up Johanna. She's got a temper like the devil and gets on Gale's every nerve. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a frequent source of entertainment for me. Gotta find it somewhere when you're in the middle of space for days on end. The constant bickering used to be annoying till I realized it was only cause Gale had a thing for 'er. Allowed for plenty of jokes on his behalf. It became even funnier when I found out Jo was feelin' the same thing. Although she threatened to kill me with an ax if I dared say anythin', I truly believe she could too.

However a ship full of former rebels and suspected smugglers don't have a lot of respectability, till we found Clove. She's a professional escort. Don't much care what that entails, only know she accompanies respectable men to hoity-toity events. She dresses all fancy, leaves in her shuttle, which she rents, to attend these events and then comes on back. She says her job is to make these men look good as well as to be a hidden bodyguard or somethin' like that. I asked her about it all once before, but she's very confidential and it's all rather political. Like I said, I don't much care. It ain't really none of my business.

Guess that just leaves me. I left my home planet of Khole to fight in the war. Make my daddy proud. He died while I was away. The new world's all came with their problems, sickness being one of 'em. District 12 being one of the poorest planets don't get a lot of medicine. Left my mom, sister, and me to fend for ourselves. So after the war I took up this gig and send home all the money I can. They're doin' all right, Prim's recently become a doctor at the clinic. She's making enough to keep them afloat and the extra money isn't needed so much anymore. Now I only wish I could go home to visit more. Since I can't I guess I'll spend all my time livin' aboard the Mockingjay.