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It was three o'clock in the morning and Richard Cameron was woken up abruptly. He was screaming into a hand covering his mouth and someone was sitting on top of him. All he could tell was that it was a man. It was what Cameron had always feared. Someone was probably jealous of his father's company and their wealth and was going to kidnap him and hold him for ransom. Cameron continued to scream into his hand and started thrashing around; he needed to get to a phone.

"Calm down, Dick. It's just me," Charlie Dalton said this with exasperation over the muffled screams of the ginger kid beneath him.

Cameron reached up and ripped Charlie's hand off of his mouth; sitting himself upright. "Charlie, what the hell?! You know I have kidnapping fears."

Charlie rolled his eyes. "Who would kidnap you, Dick? It would be the only instance in all of history where the kidnappers actually couldn't handle the kid they picked up."

"Haha, very funny. Now could you please tell me why you've woken me up in the middle of the night? And why you had to sit on top of me?" Cameron said, flustered.

"Dick... I woke you up at this hour because I have a proposition for you," Charlie licked at the words as he pushed Cameron down again; pressing himself into him even more.

Cameron gulped. He knew it was wrong, but he had always had some feelings for the Dalton boy. Certainly his parents wouldn't approve; Cameron didn't even approve of himself because he knew it was wrong. But as Charlie was getting closer and closer to his face, he was becoming more excited.

"What's that?" Cameron was trying to keep his cool.

"What do you say we continue the passionate experimentation of the Dead Poets? Between us?" Charlie thrust his hips slowly into Cameron's and Cameron let out a slight, breathy moan.

Charlie laughed. "See Dick, I always knew you were into me. No one can resist Nuwanda's charms." Then Charlie pressed his lips to Cameron's; sliding his tongue down his throat and continuing to grind into him.

Cameron groaned again; this time louder and more passionate. He loved the feeling of Charlie on top of him and how he was just starting to lift up his shirt. Suddenly, the straight-lace Cameron was accustomed to being came back into light and he pushed Charlie off of him.

"God Damnit, Charlie! This isn't right. What... what the hell are you doing?" Cameron ran his hands through his hair nervously; like he was worried someone knew about this.

"Well, Dick, you seemed like you were enjoying it, don't lie," Charlie tried to pull him back down but Cameron resisted.

"No, Charlie. I'm out. This is disgusting and immoral and wrong! I'll probably go to hell for this! Oh man, I can't survive in hell." Cameron retreated quickly; like if he stayed in there another second his fate would be sealed.

Charlie still sat on the bed, astounded. No one had ever stood his advances up before. This was the first time; but Charlie made sure it was the last.

A.N. This Chameron Fic is dedictated to "dazzling embers" because she wanted me to write one for her. She's really in love with Chameron and I've been becoming accustomed to the pairing.

- "Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make your life extraordinary." – John Keating (Robin Williams). Dead Poets Society (1989)