Hey, guys. It's gonna be a short one today. writing this much dialogue between Angel and Morgan really took a while, and I want to give the next event a whole chapter.

Chapter 12: Weekends Off

Morgan slowly opened his eyes as he felt light from the window hitting his eyes. He blinked slowly as he stretched his arms and legs. He let out a moan as he felt his body slowly coming back to life. He relaxed and stayed in that position while his mind booted up. After a while, he sat up, and looked around. The lights in the room were off, and the blinds were drawn. He could see the sunbeams filtering through the blinds, and turned to see that Ichika's bed was empty. He scratched his head as he turned to his bedside table. He saw Angel sitting on his table, and found a hastily drawn note beside him. He picked it up, and squinted as his eyes tried to focus on the writing.

Hey, Morgan,

Since it's your first time experiencing an Academy weekend, why not let us show you around? I've got some stuff to do so I had to leave before you woke up, but if you go the arena's entrance at 2:00, me and the rest of the gang will show you what we do on the weekends.


Orimura Ichika

Morgan looked at his clock and saw that it was only 9:25. He swung his legs off of the bed and sat on the edge for a few seconds while he rubbed his eyes. He turned towards his bedside table, and offered a groggy greeting to his partner before picking him up, and heading off to the bathroom.

So what did the note say?, Angel asked.

We're supposed to meet up with everyone at 2:00, Morgan told him as he set his figurine friend down on the sink and looked in the mirror.

Well we've got plenty of time, Angel said as he partner turned the shower on, What do you want to do until then?

I was thinking we could think up some new techniques, Morgan replied as he stepped into the shower and felt the water wet his hair and flow down his body, And then we could go train.

Nobody will be at the arena on a Saturday, Angel told his partner as Morgan squirted shampoo into his hand.

Well they still have a film room, don't they?, Morgan replied as he lathered his hair. He knew that they kept footage of all the fights in the arena, and he wanted to watch his fights with Ichika and Charlotte.

OK, Angel said in reply, I guess we'll watch film for 4 hours.

Oh don't be sulky, Morgan told his partner, We'll practice some new techniques too.

OK, Angel replied, What were you thinking for some new techniques?

We could try to use the cloaking, Morgan said as he washed the shampoo from his hair and reached for the soap.

It only works if we don't move, Angel said, It's not really meant for combat scenarios.

Good point, Morgan said as he started rubbing his body with soap, We could always the sword's other abilites.

What were you thinking?, Angel asked.

We could use it to shoot lightning, Morgan replied as he started spraying his arms down.
That's an interesting thought, Angel said, But it sounds incredibly risky too.

Well I'm still waking up, Morgan said as he finished washing the rest of his body, We can talk about this more later.

Fair enough, Angel replied.

Morgan turned the water off, and stepped out of the shower.

So what do you think about Charlotte?, Morgan asked.

She's a very nice girl, Angel answered as his partner picked him up and walked back to the bedroom, When I was in her head, her conciousness was very comforting.

Did you sense any reason not to trust her?, Morgan asked as he put his friend on the bed and started getting dressed.

Nothing like it, Angel told him, I trust her like you do.

Morgan smiled as his faith in her was validated, and finished zipping up his pants and throwing his shirt on.

Ready to go?, Morgan asked his friend.

Yeah, Angel answered, Let's get some breakfast, and then we'll go train.

Morgan slipped his necklace on and looked in the mirror one final time before heading off...

After Morgan finished eating his breakfast, he threw out his trash and started making his way to the arena.

We could try to find some creative uses for the phantoms, Morgan said to Angel.

There's only so much we can do with illusions, Angel replied.

Well I guess we'll have to think new ways to use what we've got, Morgan resolved as he opened the arena door.

I thought that was what we were doing, Angel said.

I mean less coming up with new techniques and more coming up with new strategies, Morgan told his partner.

And what did you have in mind?, Angel asked.

I'll think about it after we're done watching film, Morgan said.

Angel accepted his partner's statement, and they both went to gather tapes and go to a film room.

Once they had settled into a room, Morgan and Angel put on the film.

They set up the projector and put on the film. They poured over the footage for hours, examing every minute detail from Morgan's footwork to his timing. After a while, Morgan sank into a chair.

I think we've managed to completely fry my brain, Morgan told his partner.

Take a nap, Angel replied, That's always seemed to help you learn in the past.

Yeah, Morgan said, I guess you're right.

He looked at his watch.

We've got an hour and a half, He said to Angel.

Plenty of time for a quick nap, Angel responded.

Morgan laid his head down on the desk slowly drifted off to sleep...

Morgan woke up with a little urging from Angel.

He picked his head up and wiped the slobber from his cheek.

What time is it?, He asked.

It's 2:10, Angel answered.

Morgan took a second to process that statement, but quickly lept to his feet, and grabbed the film.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" he said as he ran to return the tapes.

He busted into the room where he had gotten the tapes, and slammed them down on the first table he saw before turning around and running for the entrance.

He exploded through the front doors, and scared the hell out of all his friends who were waiting there.

"Hey, Morgan" Ichika said as his heart tried to slow down.

"Sorry I'm late" Morgan said as he tried to catch his breath, "I fell asleep, and I lost track of time".

"Oh that's OK" Ichika assured him, "We weren't waiting for too long. Are you ready to see how what we do for Academy Weekends?"

Morgan finished panting, and smiled at Ichika, "You bet I am".

He turned to look at the rest of his friends and said hi to all of them.

Morgan and Charlotte shared a warm smile before he turned to Ichika and asked, "So what exactly are we doing?"

Ichika finished catching his breath and said, "We're going to take a train into town. There's a new amusement park that's opened up, and we wanted to check it out".

"Sounds good to me" Morgan said as he made eye contact with Charlotte and smiled, "Are there any scary roller coasters?"

"Yeah" Ichika laughed, "There are sure to be plenty".

"Sweet" Morgan said, "Let's get going"...