Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the creator of these intriguing characters. She and the filmmakers have made a fascinating and beautiful trilogy. I wish to borrow her background and add a plot twist of my own. I also made use of the site wiki/Volturi' a fantastic site if I may say and well worth a read for twilight fans.

Chapter 45 – The end is the beginning of something new

Bella's POV

We left the Denali coven the next morning accompanied by Athenodora, Marcus and surprise …. Riley. It seemed that the night our plane arrived at Alaska their tracker Riley had caught Athenodora's attention and considering he was more used to the human diet than the vegetarian; he decided to come with us and see the Volturi coven. It also seemed that he and Caius had covered South America together in search of me thus earning each other's alliance.

Our trip home was smooth and I was happy to go to my new life. In the past I had never accepted this as my home but now it meant security for me.

When we arrived Caius gave my hand to Athenodora so that she could bring both Riley and I to the west wing while Marcus and Caius went to the throne room to speak to Aro. As we walked through the corridors footsteps came our way and Athenodora acknowledged the presence of Jane and her brother Alec.

When we were about to pass them they suddenly stopped and I heard the sickly sweet voice of Jane saying "How are you Isabella? We came to understand you had quite an ordeal". I looked towards the voice and then heard Jane ask "What happened to her eyes?"

It automatically angered me so I replied "If you wish to ask about my health please feel free to talk to me; my eyes will heal and my tong is still intact". I felt rather than heard Athenodora's snicker but realized that she must have told Riley of the dangerous twins for he did not dare to do so.

Jane huffed and one of the two left as I heard one pair of footsteps walk away from us. I then heard someone say "Welcome home Isabella" and considering it was a male voice I knew it was Alec. I heard his tread as he left to follow the path Jane had taken.

Athenodora brought me to my room and led me to the bed where I would wait for Caius and then she mumbled "I hate those two. You stay away from them Riley they are dangerous and you too Isabella! They are not to be trusted!"

They then left the room and I decided to rest until Caius came to me.

After quite a wait he finally arrived and quickly filled the bath and helped me undress so that I could join him. I still had blurry vision but it was no longer a constant black that surrounded me. I was finally registering color and was amazed and happy. It was like discovering the world all over again

Caius was very careful and after my bath I came back to my room to smell three humans. I was no longer held back by my conscience and enjoyed my first good meal in a long time.

After that I enjoyed Caius's company. I didn't care that he was dominant because I enjoyed his touch rough or not; it filled me with a sense of security and love.

Aro's POV

Isabella had been at the Volturi for a week now and Caius had kept her in his wing.

After her ordeal she had finally built up her courage to come to the throne room. I saw the fear and apprehension that shadowed her face. She was quiet and polite as she bowed to me.

Being part of my entourage Alec and Jane were in the throne room when Bella arrived. I didn't know how Alec would react and I was always fearful that the truth would come out but I had to do this.

I smiled my usual smile and spoke "Dear Isabella I am glad that you have fully recovered your eyesight and I sincerely hope that you will come to see Volterra as your home In the future. When I see the peace and love you have brought to Caius I can only rejoice that you have been found".

"No thanks to Demetri" Caius angrily replied as he looked angrily towards Demetri.

"Be reasonable Caius; with Bella's gift he could never have found her. After all even your tracker had difficulty. Anyway as long as she is in our midst she will always be safe with you and my guards to protect her. Maybe if I look in her mind I can find the culprit". I looked questioningly at Caius and he nodded towards Isabella as if asking her if she would allow my request. At which point she nodded her consent. I then stood up and walked towards her extending my hands.

She gave me her hands and I could watch what had happened and realized Alec's strategy; make her fear the outside so that she would never leave us. He had done well!

"Unhappily I can see nothing" I said as I let go of her hands and gradually took a step backwards and turning around I went back to my throne saying "The villain was able to cover his tracks quite efficiently".

Caius nodded and held his hand out to Isabella and for a second I saw the anxiety leave her body as she was wrapped in his arms. Yes, their bond was now strong and I would have no problems with Caius as he was totally enthralled with his mate.

"Where is Athenodora Caius?" I asked as I looked around the throne room.

"She is no longer my wife so she no longer needs to come to the throne room. At the moment she is in her room which she shares with the tracker"

Considering she is no longer working with Isabella maybe it is time for Demetri to introduce her to the languages and arts that the Voltari are blessed with.

"I'm sorry to disappoint Aro but Athenodora will continue her language lessons with Isabella and I will be introducing her to the arts and music as that is what I am most fond of. But before she begins her studies I wish to let her rest for a month or so."

Caius then looked at Isabella and said "After all she has consented to take lessons in the various languages as she knows they will be necessary for her status as my mate and future wife".

Isabella, looking towards Caius smiled and nodded her agreement

I hesitantly began "I do hope you will both consider training Isabella with her gift".

Caius looked wary but it was Isabella that answered, looking at Caius her smile widened as she said "I would like to do so; I know it wouldn't have helped me when I was captured but I see that all powers have its use. The bond between Caius and me proved that; for without it I would still be in the Amazon. Who knows what will happen if I discover my gift but I must tell you; I cannot use it against the Olympic or Denali coven unless they were attack us'.

"Of course not my dear; I myself do not approve aggression so that will be no problem. Maybe you can start gradually, when you begin your language and etiquette lessons. May I suggest you work with Alec, after all he and Jane know how to push their gifts from their bodies and I am afraid that Jane is less patient than Alec. Your gift as shield is also something that protects you but if you work on it you could protect others as well".

"What do you think Caius?" I asked

Caius was a bit hesitant and looked at Isabella as he said "Are you really sure this is what you want?"

Isabella was hesitant too but then said "Yes, I want to contribute to you. You have given me my life back and who knows what I can do with my gift. Maybe one day I can return the favor and can help you; I want you to be proud of me"

As they looked at one another I knew I had gotten them to give into my request. Given the choice between Alec and Jane I was almost sure she would chose Alec. After all she had no prior experience with him, at least none that she knew of. While I was thinking this I heard Isabella speak.

"I will accept Alec as my training partner" she said as she looked up at Alec.

In answer to this Alec looked at her, gave her a small smile and a nod of appreciation. He then resumed his impassive stance.

"Very good, then that is settled" I said smiling at her choice and then turned my eyes towards Caius I went further to say "You take good care of our treasure Caius". I nodded my head towards them as signal that they could leave.

Both quickly left and I turned to Alec saying "Meet me in my chambers over a couple of hours for I wish to discuss Isabella's training"

With that said I left the throne room and went to my chambers

Alec soon came to my chambers as I had requested.

"Dear Alec your mission has been a success. Isabella will not wish to leave the confines of the Volturi castle for a very long time".

He nodded his head to my compliment but was further quite passive.

I continued saying "As you know I have also been able to convince Caius that you should train her as you had requested".

"Now that Athenodora had a new mate and neither the Denali nor Olympic covens would be coming to the Volturi coven; things will go back to the old situation. Caius and Isabella are happy with one another and that will keep him pliant and take his mind of off anything else. At first I was afraid that Caius would allow us to train her but thankfully Isabella accepted our offer" I said as I smiled at my triumph.

Seeing the praise I had given him Alec's posture was not as jubilant as I had expected; I comprehended something was bothering him. I looked at him and held my hands out in a motion for him to touch them.

I immediately saw the problem. Although he had enjoyed everything Isabella had to give, his need and desire for her were overpowering.

"Oh dear, I didn't realize that you have such an attraction to her" I said as I let go of his hands.

"Neither did I master and I find it frustrating being able to see her and yet acting like I do not know her while our intimacy had been so lengthy. Even Caius hadn't had her company for so long!" he glowered.

"Is it wise for you to train her Alec? Knowing how you feel about her I would say it will be very difficult for you. Maybe someone else should do it."

Alec argued "You promised me that I would be rewarded for my services master; this is what I asked of you. It will be very difficult indeed but even more so if I would never be able to see her again".

"If the bond were between you and her that would make for a strong alliance but losing Caius would make our crown week and she would be but a shadow of herself. I do not think that is what you would want". I explained

I went on to say "Both Caius and Isabella have agreed to the training so we will go ahead but be careful. I do not want any more disturbances in the Volturi coven; if there are too many changes we will become weak and that is something that we cannot survive at this moment in time".

Looking point blank at Alec I asked "Have you anything else you would like to say about this?"

"There is one important matter we must speak of." Alec said "Edward Cullen is dangerous to our secret. If he were to ever read my mind I may not be able to mask my feelings towards Isabella and neither of us wishes to face the danger that such knowledge could give".

"That would be no problem; I will forbid his presence at Volturi until everything has blown over. Who knows maybe your infatuation for her will pass and then all will be over"

Bella's POV – 2 months after Bella had come to live with the Volturi

I had been back at the Volturi for a couple of months now and I had a hard time believing how much I liked it here. I enjoyed my time with Caius as he showed me the different forms of art and taught me the basics of music. We would often laugh at my progress but he would be very patient and sex; well what should I say…?

I had begun my language lessons with Athenodora although Demetri would sometimes help me with languages outside of Italian or French; it was surprising how much information I could absorb in my vampire form.

I was taught etiquette lessons by Sulpicia as it was deemed essential for a Volturi wife to be well mannered being as we were an important part of the image of the Volturi coven. Above all I wanted to make Caius proud of me; I knew he loved me but this was something I wanted to do for my own self-esteem.

The most important lessons were the ones I got from Alec. First of all he asked if I recognized the feel of my gift and I told him I had. I didn't tell him I had been working on it because I promised myself I would never again do anything to hurt the Denali or Olympic covens.

Alec was always patient with me. He gave me helpful tips and quickly taught me how to expand my gifts so that they could help others. He was the one who would attack and I would use my force field to protect. He told me it would take years for my power to attain its full potential as that was the experience of most gifted vampires but he would do his best to assist me.

In the short time that we had worked together our teacher – student bond had grown. Strange that Caius and Athenodora were always suspicious towards him; although I didn't know him that well, I never had any reason to be angry at him.

All in all the vampires that lived here weren't as bad as I expected them to be. I often found Marcus in the library and had long discussions with him over the past. After all he had lived it and his information was a lot more credible than History channel. I was often captivated by his stories and decided that this was also an advantage of living with these vampires.

Everyone had their own piece of history and I soon realized my mortal life had been a lot more fortunate than the others.

One day I asked Alec about his past and found out that Aro had saved Jane and him from being burned at the stake for witches in the 800's. After that he told me how life was at that time and again; I couldn't help but be fascinated.

Caius's POV – 7 months after Bella had come to live with the Volturi

I took the box from the secretary wondering who had sent it as I brought it to Isabella. The address wasn't recognizable as it had been stamped by the different authorities and the stamps were on top of one another.

I went into our room deciding to surprise her. A small piece of my heart was still angry at her recklessness as it had almost causes me to lose her and the mere thought of that made me uneasy. I walked in just as she had finished dressing into one of my favorite dresses and once I laid eyes on her, my love for her overshadowed everything. Hearing the door she turned and came toward me to give me a kiss and I quickly put the parcel on the table as I took her in my arms. After a long intimate kiss she laughed and wrapped her arms around me as she looked over my shoulder.

"What have you brought me my love?" She asked as she went to look at the parcel.

"It's not from me but maybe a secret admirer" I joked as I watched her pick it up.

"Strange" she said shaking the box to guess the contents. "Maybe the Denali coven has finally forgiven me for my reckless decision to meet Jacob" she said.

She quickly opened the box and I saw her demeanor change within seconds as she picked up a letter that was in the box. I saw her hand tremble as she dropped the box and paper backing away from it, a devastating fear filling her eyes.

I picked up the paper and read what it said:

My lovely Isabella,

I will never forget our time together and promise I will come back to claim you.

You cannot hide forever.

Your South American Mate

Next to the letter was a magazine and I picked it up and took it out of the bag trying to understand what it meant. All of a sudden the sickly sweet smell of frangipani filled the room and she ran out of the door to escape.

I was stunned but quickly ran behind her and found her in Alec's arms. He saw me coming and promptly explained "I was walking through the corridor when she raced out of the door. She was very upset so I thought it better to detain her hoping that you would soon follow".

Once I took her into my arms he left saying "If either of you ever need anything feel free to ask for help". I felt a pang of jealousy but then I dismissed it as I told myself they were just friends; after all they had been working together for the last half year. Being cautious I decided I might ask to be present at some of their lessons just in case there was more than just friendship. I trusted Isabella but the twins were something else.

I walked her to our room and took her on my lap trying to calm her down. She shook uncontrollably which made me wonder what the hell he had done to her. I had given her a hard time when she first came to be under my control but I had still been able to win her heart; whoever took her would never get her love only her fear.

After an hour she began to relax in my arms and said "I'm sorry Caius, I must be such a coward in your eyes. I don't know what you see in me; I am broken and useless".

I held her chin in a vise-like grip and made her look into my eyes "You forget my love; I know what it is like to be a slave to heartless masters. Now you show fear because the experience is so fresh in your memory but later if you recall those weeks it will make you vicious as it has me. The saying 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' is true believe me" and then I gave her a long and intense kiss as I held her in my embrace.

She then gradually pulled herself out of my embrace saying "I never thought I would say it, especially when we first met, but I love you Caius; I think you are the only one who can help me to rediscover myself. I didn't realize how bad it was but, now that I have had four weeks of slavery, I can only admire your courage to survive a mortal life of slavery. I hope I can do the same so that you can be proud of me as I am of you" she whispered as she cuddled up to me.

"No one could understand unless they have experienced it; but I promise you he will never touch you again".

Bella's POV - 13 months after Bella had come to live with the Volturi

I often received e-mail from Alice who would always be my friend and keep me in the loop over the world outside the Volturi coven. It seemed that, as she had predicted, the bond between Edward and Alexia had become stronger in time. She told me that she had seen this in his future when he had arrived in Alaska after his first visit to the Volturi. He said he would always remember me as his first love and I had the same feeling.

She also contacted Jacob at my request and told him that everything was alright and I was very happy. She promised she would and a few days later I heard that he was happy for me and that he too had found his imprint.

Once I knew his e-mail address I send him my love and told him that I wanted to see some pictures of his mate.

Lastly I asked both Jacob and Alice to keep tabs on my dad and mom making sure they were all right and in need of nothing.

Finally everything seemed to have settled and everyone was happy. I would always keep tabs on my friends and they promised to keep me in the loop about what was happening down there.

I felt loved, cherished and secure when I was in Caius's arms. No, life was never what you expect of it but I was not about to complain. I had found the love of my life in the most unexpected of places and my mind and body were finally at peace.

The End

Authors note:

First of all I must say there was much violence and sexual dominance in my writing but given I was in the world of the vampire I expect that would be the case. These creatures have been on this earth for so long wielding their power over vampire and human alike. The Volturi had defeated the Romanian and Egyptian covens which were then the ruling class under the vampires so in their mortal and immortal lives they have seen many violent times. They are cleaver power hungry and have developed their thoughts to fit their needs, cruelty, deception and intrigues are a very large part of their lives. It is impossible for them to feel sympathy for humans as their bodies are weak. In their eyes, humans only purpose is to be food for the vampire.

The Olympic clan however is a young one and they have been guided by Carlisle who himself has always respected and treasured human lives; he never took one that wasn't dying. The only reason he would help with Bella is because of the love that Edward had for her and her wish to change. That is why he left the Volturi and later formed his own coven. The Olympic clan has never known the hardships in their mortal lives that the Volturi Coven have. They have all been changed in the 20th century and since then they were helped and loved by Carlisle and Esme since their change they were given a chance to stay connected to the human world unlike the Volturi coven. Maybe this is not the end that many of my readers expected but there is always something going on in life. Nothing is finished and considering the intrigues and power plays in the Volturi coven that will always be the case.

I truly hope you enjoyed the story.

Bye for now