Chapter 1

Gold was sitting at the counter of his shop, examining a brass lamp when the little bell across the door rung. He looked up and a smirk curved his lips. "Mother Superior… what an unexpected pleasure…"
"Mr Gold" she said crisply as she walked up to the counter. "I wanted to talk to you about the rent. It's going to be a bit late this month…"
His grin stretched to Cheshire Cat proportions. "I am afraid that is simply not acceptable" he said. "Under the terms of the lease if you are late with the rent you face eviction…"
Panic flicked over her face. "Please… I'll get you your money as soon as I can…" she said pleadingly. She knew very well that he had no fondness for nuns. He had made that very clear.
"I'm sorry but you knew the rules. I'm afraid that my hands are tied…" he said dismissively, walking out from behind the counter. He grabbed his coat, starting to walk towards the door. "Wait!" she called out.
He stopped at the door and slowly turned to face her. "Yes dearie?" he said, a edge of contempt in his voice.
She swallowed hard. "What if we made a deal?" she said softly. The moment the words left her lips she knew it was a bad idea but it was the only way to save the Convent.

Gold's eyebrows raised slightly and he took a step towards her. "You… would make a deal… with me?" he asked silkily. She nodded, meeting his gaze. "Name your price"

He slowly walked forward until he was well within her personal space. "You'll owe me a favor…" he said in a low, soft and ever so slightly threatening voice.

A slight shiver of foreboding went through her at his words but she only hesitated a moment. "Done" she said firmly.

A look of wicked delight came over his feature. "Excellent. Now if you'll excuse me I have some other business to attend. But don't worry dear… I will contact you soon to collect"

It had been almost two weeks since Blue's visit to Mr Gold's pawn shop and she had almost forgotten about the favor she owed him. But it all came back to her when she was going through the mail and saw a white envelope with gold writing on it. Somehow she knew it was from him.
She put the other letters aside and picked up the letter. It was addressed to her.

Mother Superior,

I trust you haven't forgotten our little deal
Meet me at the shop at midday tomorrow and please don't be late

Mr Gold

She crumpled the note up with a frown and threw it with undue force into the wastebasket

At exactly 12pm the next day Blue walked up the path to the Pawn Shop. Gold was just turning the sign on the door to 'closed.'
He looked around and a smirk spread over his face as he saw her. "Right on time…" he said smugly.
"Follow me…" he said, leading her to a black Cadillac that was parked on the corner. He unlocked the passenger side and opened the door, gesturing for her to get in. "Ladies first..."

She rolled her eyes and slid reluctantly into the car. He shut the door behind her and walked around to get in the drivers felt a twinge of trepidation as the car pulled away from the curb. "Where are you taking me?" she asked tentatively.
"My mansion" he said silkily. Her eyes went wide. "What exactly is the favor you want from me?"
He grinned widely. "24 hours. Until tomorrow morning you will do everything I say." A look of horror came over her face as an evil chuckle left his lips.