Chapter 5

Blue was in the kitchen, making her least favorite man some dinner. The pots on the stove were not the only thing that was steaming.

The nerve of him to talk to her like that! As if it wasn't enough for him to humiliate her he had to make lewd comments as well. And look up the skirt of that ridiculous outfit he had made her wear. She felt embarrassed just thinking about it.
If she wanted to wear black lace underwear she would damn well wear black lace underwear. She never meant for anyone to actually see it. And Gold of all people…

She shuddered and turned back to the task at hand. He wouldn't be happy if she burnt his dinner. The vegetables were coming along nicely and the lamb was still quite a while from being done. Good. It wouldn't get burnt any time soon.
A sigh escaped her lips as she heard him calling her name and she wondered what he wanted now. She took off the apron she was wearing over the dark blue dress. Though she still hated the dress it was welcome after that awful maids outfit.

She walked up the stairs to where his voice was coming from. He was in his office, sitting at his desk. He barely looked up as she appeared in the doorway. "Please go to the ensuite bathroom and run a bath"
"A bath? Sure…" she said, fighting off a mental image of him wet and naked. She felt rather relieved as she walked to the bathroom. She had feared much worse after the whole maids outfit thing. He seemed to relish humiliating her in every way possible.
Blue turned on the water and sat on the edge of the bath as it started to fill. She had to admit it was a nice room, large and modern with plenty of pristine porcelain.
The bath was almost full when she heard him walk into the bedroom. She shut the taps off and went through to the bedroom. He had already taken off his shirt and put it on the bed.
"I'd like you tidy up in here please…" he said, gesturing to the clutter in the bedroom. It was as luxurious at the rest of house but it was the one room that actually looked lived in.
She nodded as he went into the bathroom. It wasn't till a few moments later she realized he'd left the door open a crack. The clothes she was picking up off the floor almost fell out of her hands as she caught a glimpse off his ass.
Blue quickly turned away, then swore under her breath as she hit her head on the side of the table. She slowly got to her feet, cheeks red and hand on the bump on her head. A splash came from the bathroom as he got in the water.

"Are you alright?" came his voice from the bathroom. "Yes… fine…" she said, rubbing her head and cursing her clumsiness. "Could you please bring the shampoo… it's on the dresser" he called out.

She quickly found the shampoo but hesitated before bringing it in to him. Her eyes were averted as she opened the door and walked into the bathroom.

When a glance out of the corner of her eye assured her everything important was covered by bubbles she dared to look directly at him. He was watching her with an amused expression on his face.

"Something the matter Mother Superior?" he said with a slight smirk. "No nothings the matter… here's your shampoo…" she said, quickly putting it down within easy reach of the tub and turning to go.
"Before you go would you please scrub my back?" he said sweetly, an almost innocent smile on his face. She turned, giving him a look that said 'are you kidding?'
He just smiled and held up the sponge. She walked over and snatched it roughly out of his hand. His usual smirk came over his features and he turned to face away from her.

She perched on the edge of the bath behind him, soaping up the sponge. He chuckled as a martyred sigh escaped her lips.
He closed his eyes as she started to slide the sponge over his back. It was unnerving being this close to him, particularly when she was well aware he wasn't wearing anything. She couldn't help but be grateful for all the bubbles she had put in.

He took a deep breath in. "What is that smell?" he asked. "It smells like freesias. Are you wearing perfume?" he added. "No… I'm not…" she said quickly, embarrassment in her voice. She frowned slightly when she remembered what her shampoo smelled like.
"Are you sure?" he asked, taking another sniff. "It's quite nice actually…" he said with a grin. She stopped scrubbing his back and threw the sponge with a soft plop in the water.
"I think your back is quite clean enough. Though I can't say the same for your mind…" she said reproachfully. His laughter followed her as she quickly walked out of the room.