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Castiel was the first to recover from the shock of seeing his brother. Sam and Dean, on the other hand, still had their jaws on the ground. With one glance back at the two hunters, Castiel followed Harry and Gabriel into the cottage.

Sam couldn't help but gasp as he entered the pleasantly warm house. It was a lot bigger on the inside than the outside, another testament that the raven haired youth before them was a magical being. One that they normally would have killed on sight.

Dean still looked a bit twitchy, fingers grasping for the knife he kept on his hip, but one look from Castiel quelled his urge to defend himself. Everything about the living room they were standing in screamed magic, from the broom that was sweeping the room by itself to the moving pictures of a red headed woman and a messy haired man dancing on the mantle. There was ivy draping down from the ceiling, seeming to come from nowhere. Sam and Dean didn't know what to make of it. They had never seen magic used in an innocent and positive way before.

When it became clear that Gabriel and the wizard, Harry, weren't coming into the living room any time soon, Team Free Will made their way gingerly towards the adjacent kitchen, where they heard voices. Keeping out of sight, they listened in on the conversation.

"Gabriel, I can't believe you let these sods into the house!" Harry hissed at the honey eyed angel, who was leaning carelessly against the counter and popping M&Ms into his mouth. The wizard was putting the kettle on the stove top with a bit more force than necessary, causing water to splash out and hit the hot surface with a hiss. "I'm trying to avoid the apocalypse, not invite the people who started it into my house."

"Oops," Gabriel said without any sincerity. Harry growled.

"Lucifer is looking for me. He's looking for you. He's looking for Death! And that Sam kid too now! Now we have four thing he wants in one place."

"Ease up," Gabriel said casually, "would it really be the end of the world, no pun intended, if we joined the fight? We could turn the tide of the war."

Castiel, Sam, and Dean held their breaths as they waited for the answer.

"You've been talking to Death again, haven't you," Harry said after a moment, resignation heavy in his voice. "You can't seriously ask me to do this, not again. I may be Master of Death, but it doesn't mean I enjoy seeing it so much."

Gabriel sighed and turned away, effectively ending the conversation.

"Alright you muttonheads," he called towards where Sam, Dean, and Castiel were standing. "You can stop eavesdropping now."

Sam flushed with embarrassment, but Dean had no qualms with listening in on people who he considered to be a threat. Castiel just looked as unperturbed as ever.

"Shall we retire to the living room?" Harry asked, levitating two mugs of tea, two of coffee and one hot chocolate. Without waiting for an answer, he brushed past them and took a seat in the living room.

"Tread carefully little bro," Gabriel whispered to Castiel with an uncharacteristic show of seriousness. "Remember who you are dealing with." With that, he followed his friend.


After Lucifer had gotten over the cursory anger he had felt at being beaten to the key component of the apocalypse, he went back to the house of his vessel, Nick, to think about his next move without distraction. He could still move forward with his plans with just the three horsemen, but it wouldn't be as easy. Unfortunately, he didn't have any idea of who might have mastership; he hadn't tuned into angel radio in a millenia, and being locked in the Cage wasn't conducive to keeping up with the times.

Tuning into the angel radio was highly undesirable because he wanted as little contact with his "family" as possible. And there was the possibility that they would pick up on his presence if he wasn't careful. There wasn't a lot of options however, and he needed answers quickly if he was to get back on track with his plan. So, it was with great trepidation that he closed his eyes and picked up on his brothers and sisters talking. Hearing their voices sent a quick pang of longing through him, but he ruthlessly crushed it and started on a frequency with the lower angels talked on.

Demon outbreak in Illinois-

Garrison 4 reporting in-

-requesting back up-

Nathanial is down-

Concentrating a bit harder, he tuned into a higher paygrade.

The Michael Sword is on the move-

-rebelled? Nobody has rebelled since-

We can't seem to get a handle on where the vessels are-

-call themselves "Team Free Will"

Still not what he was looking for. If he climbed any higher, he would be at a greater risk of being detected. But he had to know where Death was. It was imperative. If anyone knew what was going on, it would be the archangels.

Who's keeping an eye on the brat?

We can't find him, he's unplottable.

Not for long.


He's only gained strength since defeating the Dark Lord.

-dangerous to the operation.


The human split his soul, how disgusting-

Lord Voldemort turned Heaven on its head with his treachery-

Master of Death-

-can't let them get to him first.

-about Lucifer? He must be looking for-

-Harrison Black. He changed his name after he was Excommunicated.

Find him and bring him here.

Lucifer slowly blocked out the voices of the angels, returning to the present.

"Harrison Black. Master of Death," he said with a smirk. It sounded right, oddly enough. How he got ahold of that power was irrelevant. He would find him before the angels did.


Sam and Dean accepted the black coffee gratefully, sipping it and finding it was the perfect temperature. Sam practically moaned, and Dean shot him a glare.

"What?" Sam whined. "Haven't had coffee this good since, well, ever."

Gabriel smiled from behind his mug of hot chocolate as he watched his housemate stare at the brothers. He knew what Harry was thinking about. He was reminiscing about his time at Hogwarts. The thought made him a bit sad, wishing that the young savior hadn't suffered so much for the sake of an ungrateful people. The wizards were fickle in who they sided with, once Harry accepted the Hallows into his core and defeated Voldemort, he was instantly ostracized. Never mind how much he had sacrificed, how much he had lost. Things had only gotten harder from then on. Especially after the loss of-

A silky voice interrupted the contented silence in the room.

"Potter, what's the point of having an unplottable house if you keep letting strays in?" A voice asked snidely. Dean immediately brandished his gun, pointing it at Harry. The wizard was unfazed.

"Shut up, sir." he said with equal sarcasm. Now Sam was getting confused too. Castiel simply looked to the direction of the disembodied voice, finding that it was coming from a portrait of a black haired man. He tilted his head slightly as the man moved to glare at him.

"You let another angel in here? I told you that keeping the thick headed one was a bad idea, that he was going to attract attention, and now here's another. How many times do I need to repeat myself Potter?"

Harry ignored him and looked to the brothers, who looked as though they were having a stroke.

"Sam, Dean, Castiel... this is my potions professor, Severus Snape."

"He's... he's a portrait," Sam squeaked. Dean merely pointed his gun at the offending canvas.

"It's a magical portrait," Castiel explained, having rudimentary knowledge of wizarding culture. "They're often made when someone dies."

"So it's a ghost," Dean said, lowering his gun but still not taking his eyes off the professor. The man, Snape, rolled his eyes.

"No, you idiot. Didn't you listen to the angel? I'm a painting." He turned towards Harry. "Are you sure these are the hunters who saved the world? They seem a bit..." he paused and gave the brothers a searching look. "...underqualified."

"Play nice, professor." Harry said, barely hiding a smirk.

"I can't deal with this right now," Snape huffed. "I'm going to the Headmaster's quarters." Without further ado, he walked out of the frame.

"Where did he go?" Sam asked, eyes wide.

"To Hogwarts," Harry said in amusement. "He brings me news from there since I'm..." he trailed off, suddenly looking upset. Gabriel swooped in and changed topics before things got uncomfortable.

"So, what are you here for," he asked shrewdly. "To asked Mister Master here to clean up your mess?"

"Don't call me that," Harry grumbled, but he didn't look too peeved.

Castiel spoke up.

"We need your help, Harry. Lucifer is on the rise."

"Yes," Harry agreed. "He tried to bind Death a few days ago..." he narrowed his eyes. "How did you find me?"

"We know a guy," Dean said evasively.

"Crowley, that little shit," Gabriel growled. "It was only a matter of time before the his royal highness got bored of our disappearing act." Harry sighed and rubbed his temples, abandoning his tea.

"That idiot's going to get us all killed." he sighed.

"You know the demon?" Castiel asked, wondering just how much the duo knew about their plans.

"I met him about the same time I met Gabriel," Harry sighed. "We keep in touch sometimes."

"You 'keep in touch' with the King of Crossroads," Dean said disbelievingly.

"Yes," Harry and Gabriel said at the same time.

"Okay, that was a little creepy." Dean said.

"So, will you-" Sam was interrupted by the fire suddenly shooting up abnormally.

"What the-" Dean said, barely restraining himself from lifting his gun yet again.

"Floo," Castiel said matter of factly.

"Must be Luna," Harry said, looking concerned. "No one else has access to my fireplace." Sam and Dean's eyes widened yet again as a face appeared in the flames. Harry crouched down next to it and tried to quell his own panic. "Luna?"

"Harry!" she said, sounding out of breath.

"Luna, what have you seen," Harry asked quickly, recognizing the quick breathing of someone who had just had a vision.

"Harry, you're in terrible danger."

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