Inuyasha Sugitani

"Wake up you pathetic excuse for a life!" The teenager groaned and rolled over. Bringing the covers up over his head he tried to drown out the pounding on his door.

"Go away!"

"Then get the hell up! You've got twenty minutes or you can walk yourself to school." Now he really did have to get up. There was no way in hell he was walking to school. They lived forty minutes away, by car, when the traffic was good. His brother was such a dick.

Inuyasha stretched and headed into the bathroom to start his day. Though he had to deal with his piece of shit brother Inuyasha was now a senior in high school. That meant in nine months he'd be graduating. He'd be a free man and able to do anything his heart desired. Oh yeah he could taste graduation.


"Shut the fuck up Sesshomaru! I'm right here!" Jumping into the passenger seat of his brother's car Inuyasha sat back and tried to enjoy the long ride to school. He thoughts wondered back to graduation and how much better his life would be once he was gone. It was no secret that Sesshomaru hated his younger brother's guts, or as they both so often corrected half-brother. They had different mothers and shared the same father. It was obvious that Sesshomaru blamed him for their father leaving his mother and starting a new life with Inuyasha's. The young man scoffed at that. He didn't ask to be born, and it certainly wasn't his fault that papa was a rolling stone.

Inuyasha didn't even know his father very well. He'd died when he was three and Sesshomaru probably blamed him for that too. When Inuyasha's mother died when he was ten he'd been forced by the state to move in with his brother. Sesshomaru had to drop out of university, find a job, and provide for a brother he couldn't give a rat's ass about. Inuyasha had ruined his life, and Sesshomaru never let him forget.

Inuyasha's thoughts were jarred when they finally pulled up to the school. Everyone hung out outside before the first bell for classes rung. Groups of friends gathered together talking about their summers and how they were either excited or dreading this school year.

"Find your own way home after school. I have things to do." Sesshomaru said coldly.

"Fine." Slamming the car door to emphasize his annoyance Inuyasha quickly glanced around for his group of misfit friends. Finding them under a tree sharing a cigarette at the end of the courtyard they all looked up to see him approaching.

"Hey man!" Miroku Ishida, his best friend, was the first to greet him. They Exchanged one armed man hugs before sitting once more beneath the shade of the tree. He smiled at other friends, Sango Arai and Kagome Higurashi, as they too exchanged hellos and asked about each others summers.

"Inuyasha!" Turning he saw his girlfriend Kikyou Hayashi running towards them. Her long midnight hair was pulled away from her face and her jeans fit her ass in such a nice way. He'd definitely missed her over the break. He caught her as she jumped in his arms and gave her a long lingering kiss.

"Ahem! Geez could you guys not grope each other for like five minutes?" Sango said interrupting their small make out session. She looked annoyed, Miroku was smirking at them, and Kagome wouldn't look at him at all.

"Aww come on Sangie it's hard to keep your hands to yourself when you're around someone you love." Kikyou said.

"Ain't that the truth!" Miroku was flattened in seconds when Sango smacked him for putting his hand where it didn't belong. Shaking his head Inuyasha could only laugh at his friends antics. They were crazy but somehow they managed to keep him sane.

"So after school today? What are the plans?" Kagome said finally speaking.

"I hear Kouga Lang is throwing a back to school party tonight at his house. Everyone's going so it should be fun." Kikyou said looking around for her friends approval. They all agreed as they stood up, and headed inside as the bell rang signaling first hour to start.

Waking up the next morning was a bitch. His head was pounding, his throat was dry, and he was pretty sure he was covered in his own puke.

"Inuyasha!" God he really didn't need this right now.

"I'm awake! Fuck off Sesshomaru!" Slinking into the bathroom he took in his wild hair and blood shot eyes all while smiling to himself. Last night was a great night.

Twenty minutes later he was dressed and sitting in Sesshomaru's car. The ride was awkward and silent. Though Inuyasha didn't mind the absence of their usual fighting, it was freaking him out. They pulled up to the school and the silence continued. Inuyasha turned slightly to sneak a peak at his brother. He looked like the same stoic bastard he'd always been, but he knew something was off.

"Get out."

"Keh, whatever." Stepping out of the car the day went on uneventful. All he could think about was the way Sesshomaru had been acting this morning, and it irritated him to no end that his thoughts were so focused on that asshole.

"Inuyasha are you okay? Did you hear anything I just said?" Kikyou looked at him concern showing in her brown eyes.

"No, sorry I wasn't listening."

"She said there's a rave down in the old warehouse tonight. It's Friday and were all gonna get wasted, are you in?" Miroku interjected. Wrapping an arm around Kikyou's shoulders he tried to seem nonchalant.

"Yeah sounds like a plan."

Damn! It was already 5 am. Walking through the door Inuyasha tried to be as quiet as possible, he knew there would be hell to pay if he woke up Sesshomaru.

"I've been waiting up for you."

"Gah! Sesshomaru what the hell is wrong with you? I almost had a heart attack!"

"Where have you been?" Inuyasha crossed his arms and eyed his brother suspiciously. He didn't have the time for this. All he wanted to do was sleep.

"What do you care? You suddenly worried about me Sesshy?"

"Hardly. You walk in and out of this house like it's your bachelor pad. I won't have it."

"You never minded before. Don't tell me you're finally stepping up to your role as my guardian?"

"No more games Inuyasha. I want you out."

"Are you kidding me? Where is this coming from?!"

"No I'm not kidding. You've been a pain in my ass ever since you moved in here. I'm done."

"You can't put me out! I'm supposed to live with you until I turn eighteen! Where the fuck am I supposed to go?"

"You'll be of age in a few months, I'm sure you can stay with one of those druggies you call friends until then. I'm giving you ten minutes to pack your shit or it'll be out on the street." Sesshomaru turned to head walking up the stairs without sparing Inuyasha a single glance.

"This is low even for you Sesshomaru. Father left your mom seventeen years ago! Get over it you selfish prick!" Inuyasha said letting his anger and frustration spill over.

"You now have six minutes." He continued to his room without another word.

"Fuck!" Running upstairs he threw as many things in his duffle bag as he could fit. He left the house slamming the door in a last attempt to show that bastard he hadn't gotten the best of him. Inuyasha walked aimlessly down the street with no true destination. What was he gonna do?

He tried ringing Miroku.

"Hello?" His friend sounded breathless, like he'd just finished running a marathon.

"Hey Miroku are you busy?"

"No...n-no...not at all. What's up?"

"Oh God! Yes Miroku! Right there! Right there!" He heard the female voice moan.

"Ew. Nevermind." Hanging up he sighed and rubbed his face. Miroku was really his only option. He was so royally fucked. Damn Sesshomaru to hell! Finding his way to the park Inuyasha sat down on a nearby bench and let his head fall in his hands. He was so tired. The sun was rising and he hadn't even to sleep yet.

"Inuyasha? Is that you?" Raising his head he saw Kagome standing a few feet away from him. Her wavy locks were up in a ponytail, she wore shorts, a tank top, and running shoes. He groaned and let his head fall into his hands once more. He really didn't want her to see him like this. Even without a mirror he knew he looked like shit.

"What are you doing here? It's barely 7 am." Her voice was louder. She had moved closer to him. He felt the weight on the bench shift and realized she had taken a seat next to him.

"Oh you know, just enjoying the scenery. What are you doing here?" He said sarcastically.

"I always run in the park. Are you okay? You look like a homeless man." She said giggling softly. He glared at her and the smile quickly slid from her face.

"As of two hours ago I am a homeless man. That bastard Sesshomaru put me out."

"I'm so sorry Inuyasha."

"Don't be it's not your fault."

"Where are you gonna stay? Have you tried calling Miroku?" She said sounding genuinely concerned.

"Yeah I don't think that's gonna work out. Look you really don't need to worry about it. I can take care of myself." He said more gruffly than he intended, but Kagome wasn't phased. Grabbing his arm she dragged him out of the park and down the street.

"Hey! Where are we going?"

"To my house."

"Kagome you don't have to-"

"Obviously I don't have to silly. You're my friend and you don't have anywhere to go, do you really think I'm gonna let you sleep on a park bench until graduation?"

"I...I don't know what to say." She looked up at him, eyes shining, and the biggest smile he'd ever seen plastered on her face. The breeze played in her hair and in that moment he was so grateful for her.

"Just say thank you." She smiled again and made a move to hold his hand. The action surprised him almost as much as the blush staining her cheeks did, but he didn't question her. He simply returned the gesture and smiled at her as they continued walking to her house.

"Thank you Kagome."

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