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The next morning was a blur to everyone in the castle. Everyone has heard of what the prince has been up to, and rumors have spread on what exactly their argument was about. The rumors may have been far off from accurate, but they knew that if they saw the king, queen, or prince, they should space away from them, and give them time to heal.

Ness laid on his bed, staring blankly at the white ceiling. The day before, he returned the clothes back to Duster, who was worried about him. They didn't talk at all yesterday after the incident, and nothing much happened either. Ness didn't even eat dinner. All that probably happened was that he was sent to the Health Ward (it turned out that he had bruises, and some sprains). Other than that, he just sat in his bed all day, sleeping or staring at the ceiling. That might be what he was going to do today, too. Absolutely nothing gave purpose for him to get out of bed this morning.

Knock knock!

Ness didn't move.

"Ness..." a voice muffled through the door. It was his father's.

What a great way to ruin this marvelous... marvelous morning! thought Ness, as he flipped the blanket over his head.

"Ness, I am sorry. Please open up."

No answer came from the prince.

"It is okay if you are mad at me... I am sorry, I didn't know."

Still no answer.

"I am sorry..." The father didn't want to force the conversation on his son, so he left. Ness heard his footsteps fade away, and flipped off the blanket covering his head.

The king trudged down the Grand Hallways and back to the Grand Study, where he came from. Like yesterday, the same people were gathered in there again. Their attention went to the father as he made his way back to his seat. A sigh escaped his mouth, which perfectly told everyone that his mission of talking it out with Ness was a failure.

"Oh, what now?" the queen said with worry. "Our son's betrothed will be here tomorrow!"

"Cancel it, just cancel it!" demanded the king. "Who cares about the meeting? Our son has a lot over his mind because of us! Because of me..."

"I know... but we can not just cancel it! The meeting of Ness' betrothed was carefully planned to be tomorrow! The people of the castle are already starting to prepare the big ball for celebration!"

"Ugh... first I put a lot of pressure on Ness, now I put this new one on him... he probably won't even like who he's betrothed to."

An earl popped into the conversation. "Wait... No, sir! What if who he's betrothed to makes him happy?"

Everyone 'Ooooh'd.

The king gasped. "You're right! If Ness won't allow me to make him happy, then maybe his betrothed can!" He took the earl and hugged as he pranced around. "There's hope after all!"

"Yes, but that does not mean that his betrothed will solve your problems for you completely," a duchess pointed out.

The king stopped prancing. "Oh... you're right... Confound it!" The king leaned back onto his seat. "Really... why can't my problems just disappear into thin air? I already have all of Eagleland to take care of..."

"Oh, darling!" the queen exclaimed. "No need to get under the weather! Like the earl said, there is such possibility that his betrothed will make him happy. All we can do right now is prepare the ball for tomorrow, and just make everything perfect for the two! Love is the answer for everything!" she said excitedly. Those words seemed to lift the king out of his pessimism.

"Ah, alright dear!" agreed the king. "Let us prepare!" The king was just about to spring into action, but the queen stopped him.

"Um... you have paperwork to do," she reminded him.

"Aw...! Fine." The king straightened his collar, and headed for his office. "Make the meeting perfect!"

1:36 p.m.I've been in bed staring at the ceiling for 4 hours. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Ness completely flipped off his blanket and stood up, not bothering to make his bed, for that was the job of his servants. He went over to his wardrobe and picked out one navy blue royal suit out of many, and changed from his pj's into that. Being careful with his wounds that the doctor took care of, he slipped off his black, silky pajamas, and put on the suit. It was a traditional suit that every prince wore, and he was required to wear it at all times, except on special occasions, where Ness would have to wear something fancier, or more suited for the occasion. It bothered Ness that he had to do so, for the suit wasn't far from uncomfortable, but he got used to it. After all, the suit wasn't even a part of his bigger problems.

"Uwaa~!" Ness stretched out his arms as he yawned. Then he went over to a mirror on the wall that showed his whole body. He carefully inspected himself, making sure there was no flaw in his complexion. None. All that was left was his hair. His messy hair that would go everywhere if not combed into the right place.

He took out his golden comb off of his drawer, and began sorting his hair neatly. He brushed some to the right, and to the left. When all was good and dandy, Ness put the comb back and slipped on his polished dress shoes. Then off he went.

The prince was just about to exit his room when a knock came to the door again.

Please don't be my father... Ness hoped. And luckily, it wasn't.

"Your Highne- I mean, Ness!" Duster called.

"Yeah?" Ness opened the door, accidentally hitting his older friend in the face.

"OW-" Duster shook the pain off and continued on. "Ness! I figured you would be awake by now. What happened yesterday? You were covered in bruises! And when I tried talking to you yesterday, you just ignored me and went to your bedroom!"

"Ugh, must I explain everything?"

"Yes, and do not spare the details!"

"Fine..." Ness took about 2 minutes to explain everything to his friend. Duster smiled at times, then straight up put up a 'I can't believe it' look. It was painful for Ness to reflect on everything that has happened, but he has decided that you can't change the past, so you might as well accept that was has been done, has been done.

"No, way!" Duster exclaimed. "I do not mean to be immature in this situation, but... did you win the fight, or...?"

That made Ness chuckle. "To be honest, I have no idea. But I'm telling you this, if I ever find that boy again, I'll get my revenge."

"Revenge is not the answer to everything, you know that." Duster tilted his head. "Oh, by the way, Your Royal Highness, do you by any chance know what that boy looks like? I can easily alert the the duke that runs the military to find the boy for execution."

Ness' eyes widened. "...Execution?"

Duster nodded.

It was true, Ness' encounter with the orange haired boy definitely angered him very much, but execution was just going too far! Besides, the things he has bought, and the money he has held wasn't even a little portion of what his family had altogether.

"Eh, just forget about that kid. Just a little troublemaker that we shouldn't waste much time with," Ness said nonchalantly.

"Well, if that is how you want it." The servant straightened his own collar. "Oh! And I almost forgot." Duster reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a letter. "For you. You were meant to get it earlier this morning, but I had a feeling you were still sleeping or doing something else."

Ness curiously took the letter and opened it.

To the rulers of Eagleland,

As it has been carefully scheduled, our daughter, princess of the land of Polestar, and we, the guardians of Her Highness, are to arrive promptly tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. We thank you for hosting the celebration in honor of the first meeting of the Prince of Eagleland, and the Princess of Polestar.


The rulers of Polestar.

"..." Ness stared blankly at the page, then looked at at Duster. "What the heck is this?"

The young prince may not have known this, but Polestar was another large kingdom, in which the king and queen of that land rule. It was not far from Eagleland.

"A telegram that the king, queen, and you have gotten. It is simply a small reminder of what is coming," Duster explained. "Do you not remember? Your betrothed is coming tomorrow."

Betrothed... betrothed... Ness was trying to remember. Wait a minute...

"Son, you're a prince. It's about time that you start acting like one! And even more importantly, it's time you were seen as one. The meeting of your betrothed will be coming in two days!"

He remembered yesterday morning when he and his dad was having another one of their father-son lectures. He was to marry the youngest sister of the royal family, for she wasn't taking the throne. Her eldest sister was.

"OH MY GOD." Ness dropped the letter. "I forgot! This totally slipped my mind after everything that happened yesterday!"

"Yes, yes!" Duster agreed. "Now you must get ready! You were supposed to be up and ready 4 hours ago! But I was kind enough to let you stay in bed until now." The servant quickly reached into his other pocket for a notepad. Faster than ever, he flipped through the pages and stopped on one. "Alright, young prince, you must report to the Grand Ballroom for dance practice."

"Dancing...?" asked Ness. "Isn't that something I'm supposed to learn... Oh, I dunno, later? When I'm older?"

"Oh, silence, young one. No one is ever too young to dance! I remember when I was a young adolescent, I would go to town square and dance my heart out around the beautiful fount-"

"OKAY I GET IT, let's just go!" Ness insisted.

"Oh, right!" Duster snapped out of his fantasy. Then he led Ness out of his bedroom, and down the Grand Hallways. Ness walked, but Duster danced while humming a tune. Looks like he wasn't fully snapped out of his fantasy.

He looks so gay... Ness thought to himself.

This continued on until they reached the entrance to the Ballroom. This was where Duster stopped his dancing, and opened it for the prince. He bowed down politely as Ness entered.

When fully inside, Duster closed the door shut behind him. The noise freaked out the prince for a short moment, but he settled. He looked around the huge, spacey ballroom surrounding him. Dazzling lights hung from the ceiling. Undecorated tables with empty flower pots on them laid fashionably near the walls. The floor was so sparkly clean and clear, that you could see your own reflection just by looking at it. And despite the unfinished touches of the ballroom, it still looked magnificent. However, there was something missing... oh, people.

Wait, there's no one here? thought Ness, confused. He looked around. Isn't there supposed to be someone here?

"'ELLO, YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS!" called a loud, booming voice, right behind Ness.

"HOLY SHI-" Ness jerked his body around. He saw a tall man and woman behind him. Apparently the voice came from the woman. "Don't scare me like that..." The prince took in a deep breath.

"Our most sincere apologizes, young prince," said the man.

"OH YES WE ARE VERY SORRY YOUNG PR-" the lady was interrupted by the man putting a hand over her mouth.

"Uh, yes. She talks like that," the man explained. "Anyway, my name is Victor, and she is-"

"MAH NAME IS LISA." The woman bowed. She had a heavy accent to her voice.

"...Hi." Ness waved. How awkward...

"Now that our introduction is done, ready to learn how to..." The man strikes an intense pose. "Dance?"

"S-Sure?" Honestly, Ness was kind of scared.

"Alright! Now, before we get started, we'll have you know that we are professionals. So do as we tell you, and we guarantee you will learn how to dance by tomorrow! You'll truly impress your betrothed!" Victor smiled.

Ness rolled his eyes. "Okay! Let's just get this over with." He spaces away from them and stands straight. "Now what?"

The two adults laugh.

"What?!" Ness asks.

"You have to dance with a partner," said Victor. He points to Lisa. "She will be your partner."

"Can't I just dance with a pillar or something?"

The two laugh again.

"FUNNY PRINCE, HE IS!" said Lisa, then went over to Ness. She stood in front of him, and bowed. Compared to Ness, she was shorter, and much wider. "DO NOT WORRY, YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS! I'LL PROVE TO BE A GOOD PARTNER, ALRIGHT?"

"Okay okay!" said Ness, feeling that his ears are about to bleed any minute. "Let's just start already!"

"Alright, sir." Victor cleared his throat. "We will start off with a basic dance. Known as the waltz. It is fairly easy, and most popular nowadays. First, you must get in position. Ness, you are leading. That means whatever you do, your partner does the opposite to correlate with you. So, place your right hand on your partner's waist slightly around the back, and extend your left hand to your side with your elbow bent and your palm raised, facing her."

"'Kay..." Ness did as told and got in position with Lisa. "Got it."


"Something wrong?" Ness raised an eyebrow.

"Your Royal Highness, I said to put your right hand around your partner's waist."

"It is around her waist."

"It is not. Lower."

Ness lowered his hand. "Like this?"

"No. More lower."

Ness continued down more. "Good yet?"





"Prince, do you not know the location of a woman's waist?"

"I DO! THIS WOMAN JUST DOESN'T HAVE ANY CURVES! I CAN'T FIND IT!" Ness shouted in frustration.

Lisa gasped, then let go of Ness. "OH, HOW DARE YOU!" She smacked Ness across the face.

"HEY! I can get you executed for that-"

The woman interrupted Ness' threat with a death glare.

"Oh you know...I was just jokin'~ eheheh..." Ness smiled nervously.

"YOU WERE NOT!" The woman took off her right glove and held it dangerously in her hand. Then she repeatedly slapped it across Ness' face, until Ness found the nerve to run away. "HEY! COME BACK!"

The two started running like mad around the whole ballroom.

"Stop it you two! We are supposed to be learning how to dance!" said Victor, holding out his hands.

"I would! But this crazy woman is chasing after me!" The prince ran by the tables and accidentally knocked over an empty vase. "Oh..."


"I'm sorry? ..!" Ness had no idea how to reply to that. He slipped in between tables of different sizes. Lisa followed through and ended up pushing some over, due to her large, stubby size.


They still continued chasing each other.

"Oh... you two asked for it.." Victor approached the both of them.

1 and a half hour later...

"1, 2, 3, and 1, 2, 3, and 1, 2, 3..." Victor counted in beats.

Lisa and Ness were set in position, dancing together without saying a word. Ness had his left hand in place, and his right hand on her waist, slightly on her back. However, on Lisa's dress, there was a red 'X' telling Ness the location of her waist. Along with that, his left hand's wrist was tied loosely to Lisa's wrist, assuring that he will not run away, but will still allow him to move his hand around freely.

This is torture... thought Ness, still dancing in sync. He could feel Lisa's anger from where he was dancing.

"Now... twirl~!" said Victor.

Ness continued with the beat, then twirled Lisa professionally. Afterwards, he continued on with the waltz. His head was held up high, and so was Lisa's, making their complexion more grand.

While they were at that, Victor has called up maids to take care of the mess they have made earlier.

"Ah... Beautiful, beautiful!" Victor praised. "You may stop."

The two stop dancing. Ness took a deep breath in and then let it out in relief.

Thank god that's over...

"Are we done dancing? Yes? Okay, I'll be going now!" The prince rushed. He started untying the rope around his wrist.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Victor stopped Ness' hand from untying any further. "Of course we are not done yet! You have many dances to learn by tomorrow! Many! This is why you were supposed to be called over the ballroom earlier this morning, but Duster was being polite to let to stay in bed longer," he explained. "Now, on with the next dance! There is no time to lose! We have to make up for the extra hours you spent to stay in bed!"

Ness didn't hesitate to let out a groan.

Why me?

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