Author notes

Long awaited(Not really)… Crossover series Freezing white night…I think it's a reference to a blizzard at night?...I don't really know.

Plot: This entire fic takes place a little while after the beginning of the introduction of the Valkyries. The entire cast of freezing will think Ichika's Byakushiki is a Heavily Modified Valkyrie next. Gen Armor or one of Dr. Gengo Aoi's

Warning: Freezing is owned by Im-Dal-Young while Infinite Stratos is owned by Izuru Yumizuru. Both are badass series…it's just that the anime of one of them did no justice. Rioters unite!


…The Infinite Stratos is a powered exoskeleton that is more powerful, advanced, faster and more efficient than any other weaponry to date. Weapons ranging from particle cannons to improbable air cannons, this weapon is so destructive that fear has forced the entire Earth to agree to never use it on the battlefield…

"I won't let you get away!" A white IS speed at supersonic speeds and slammed its claw into a fully armored silver IS. Bright light surged the moment the claw made contact, and then the light seemed to be pulled back in and exploded.

The boy's childhood friend screamed out for him, afraid something horrible has happened. "Ichika!"

As all of his companions wait for the smoke to clear, the silver IS had plunged into the ocean. They were relieved that their enemy was neutralized. But what about the boy?

Their hearts nearly leaped out of their chests when no one was inside of the smoke. It was as if he…vanished!


-Unknown area (POV – Ichika)-

Ugghh…Where am I? Did I beat the [Silver Gospel]? Damn, my head hurts…and why are birds chirping and animals grunting?...WAIT! ANIMALS? I thought I was at the coastline?

I open my eyes and see nothing but the sky. I feel groggy and sick, but I have to find out what the hell happened. I slowly get up and the first things that come into view are trees, then dense shrubbery. I may not be the smartest guy…but it takes no thinking to tell I am in a god damn forest. Why am I here in the first place?

I get up and take my surroundings in. Okay. I'm in a forest…and I have no idea where am I. I cup my hands together and hold it up to my mouth. "Anyone here?"

Tch…No reply. It means I'm alone. What now?


I turn around and see debris launched into the air. Definitely caused by an IS! The others might be there! I ran in the direction where I think the fight is occurring. I just hope it's nothing too serious…

I ran the fastest I ever went, jumping over roots and dodging branches along the way. I never thought I would have to do something like this, but hey, you never know. I see light and I jump right through and land in a place that made as much sense as Cecilia's cooking. Why? Because there is some sort of 10 story tall thing, with highschool girls fighting it. Yup…I might have brain damage.

A guy standing on the sidelines noticed me. "Hey! What are you doing here!?"

Huh? What am I doing here? I should ask you what the hell that thing is supposed to be…and why the hell are there normal girls armed with weapons, specifically melee weapons, and are fighting that huge thing? "What? Am I not supposed to be here?"

"Yea! Don't you know that we're fighting a Nova? Normal civilians could get killed!"

"Nova? What the hell is that supposed to be?"

The boy nearly did an anime face fault and ran towards me. "You don't know what a NOVA is? Have you been living under a rock your entire life?"

"Well…I don't really know where I am, so please tell me."

"Uggghh…fine. The Nova are an alien race that are here to destroy humanity." The boy reluctantly explained. He looked like he was pressed for time, as if he was actually afraid of wasting time. "They are 10 story tall monsters than only Pandora, and the new Valkyries, can beat."

Damn…I never heard of this before…unless. "Hey! What year is this?"

"What? Are you an amnesiac?" He asked. I was right about my hunch. He wants to get through with this as fast as possible "…I actually don't care, It's the year 2065."

2065…SHIT! AM I IN THE FUTURE? What the hell? That means…that means…ahh crap…I have to be sure. "Hey! Why aren't the girls using IS units?"

"IS units? What's that? Some sort of weapons?"

So I'm not in the future…but in a different dimension where the IS never existed and aliens invaded…haha…I'm screwed. I change my focus to the battle. The girls were amazing. They had no sort of armor on and moved in ways that seem inhuman. That giant 'Nova' was attacking them fiercely and the intent to kill was so concentrated.

One girl vanished in a flash and appeared in another place. It was fast…is it possible for humans to do that without an IS? I don't know anymore…

"AGH!" The Nova tore apart some of the girls while other was vaporized by a huge particle beam.

This is just brutal...why are these people throwing away their lives in vain to fight this thing! I can't handle this! "Bleegghh..." I puke out the contents of my stomach. This is too sick. What is this? I…I…want to get out of here.

I see a boy crying, holding the remains of his partner I presume. Why…why is this world suffering this fate! I struggle to get back on my feet, but the boy beside me tried to keep me down.

"H-hey! Stay down! You'll die!"

I wipe my mouth with my arm. It's a good thing I still have on my training suit, or else I won't be able to pilot Byakushiki well. I've come to a resolve. I have to help these people. Let's see that so called alien fight me! "Byakushiki!"

My gauntlet glowed and dispersed balls of light that surrounded me. The light quickly clustered together and formed [Byakushiki Setsura]. Huh? Yukihira is offline?...Hm…it must have been damaged in the fight the [Silver Gospel]…might as well make do without it and use my claw. It will repair itself eventually, so no need to worry.

"What the hell! What is that thing!" A girl shouted. She was missing an arm, yet felt that my IS was more noticeable? Wow…these girls go through a lot because they don't seem to mind the pain of missing an arm.

"V-Valkyrie! That's…that could be Valkyrie armor!" Another girl said. "That's probably a modified version!"

The Nova turned to my position and attempted to attack me with its whip like tentacles. I know it won't be able to touch me. The Byakushiki is the fastest in the world! I instantly vanished from my spot and appeared right in front of the Nova.

"F-Fast! Faster than even Quadruple Accel!" One girl said in awe. Whatever these girls were, they never saw an IS before.

"DEEEIIIYAAHH!" I dug my claw into the Nova's shoulder like area and tear the limb off. I drop the detached limb and descended. All of its attacks missed me by a large margin. I did a mid air barrel roll and dodge a flurry of whips. It couldn't even follow my movements. It's too slow.

"Impossible! He tore its limb off in an instant! What kind technology has Dr. Gengo Aoi been making?"

Ha? So there is a guy that's like Tabane-san in this world? I have to meet him then…but first.

The Nova was charging some sort of particle cannon…SHIT! Particle cannon? "Setsura, shield!" Setsura's green shield appeared in front of me and neutralized the energy on contact. Setsura doesn't make a normal barrier that blocks. It neutralizes energy because it has the same properties as Reiryaku Byakuya, but it also drains a lot of energy.

"What? He can block Nova Particle Cannons too? What can't he do?"

Unfortunately for me, the Byakushiki can operate for a limited time due to the impossibly high energy consumption and worse, I am currently not at maximum energy. I only have enough left for two ignition boosts…say…if I rip that thing apart then I can instantly destroy it! I activate Ignition Boost and disappear in a flash. Everyone gasped when they saw me immediately appear right behind the Nova, leaving it a huge hole in its chest.

I hover in the air, with my back turned to the now dead alien. I killed something today. Something that will drag me into problems from now on. Chifuyu-nee…Houki…everyone…wait for me.

I turn around and meet the gaze of every single person, boy and girl. They all stared at me, mouth agape. An eerie silence lingered the area.

"…Uhh…you can thank me later." I said nervously. To be honest, I've never received attention this intense. It was like these people see me as Chifuyu-nee!

"Ah…w-what…h-h-how did you kill it so easily? How did you move so fast?" One of the boys slowly backed away, fear had him cowering before me.

I raise my left hand and give him a good view of my energy claw. "This thing here."

They all stared at the claw until one spoke. "That's definitely a claw based of Chiffon's volt weapon."

Chiffon? Isn't that cake? I descend downwards so I can dismount safely. I deactivate Byakushiki and land firmly on the ground after it fully dissipated. Well…it doesn't matter really.

-Normal POV-

The sound of helicopter rotors spinning at high speeds became audible. The helicopters whipped up strong winds that blew the trees and picked up dust and sand. The IS pilot shielded his eyes and wondered what was going on.


A group of armed military officers aimed their guns at Ichika. Each was heavily armed and had no signs of possible negotiation. Even women were a part of the force, except they had Volt weapons, giving Ichika the idea that they were Pandora's too.

"What? I beat that Nova thing and all I get for thanks is this?" Ichika asked.

"Be quiet boy. You're more of a threat than that Type-S Nova." Said one of the Pandoras. "You took it down in an instant. I cannot imagine what kind of monster you are."

"Now, now, you should not be so aggressive to one capable of saving humanity."

A woman wearing a nun outfit walked into the circle that surrounded Ichika. The boy felt at ease when he saw her. He didn't know why, but he knew that she was an ally.

"What is your name?"

"I-Ichika Orimura"

"Ahh…I see. Call me Sister Margaret." The woman responded. She ordered the soldiers to stand down with a signal. "I would like to have a talk with you. Is that alright?"

Ichika slowly nodded. He had to be cautious. At any moment, someone could take him down while he has not activated [Byakushiki].

"Good. Your armor…when was it developed. I have a feeling that I've seen it before." Sister Margaret asked.

"The Year 20XX"

The woman's visage changed to that of a very surprised one. "That's it! The years are close! Dr. Gengo Aoi has to know about this." She thought. She calmed herself and resumed back to her docile appearance. "Thank you, that's all I needed to know."

"Wait! I'm looking for someone called Dr. Gengo Aoi. Do you know him?" Ichika suddenly asked. He had to find a way back, and he had a feeling that the scientist was able to help him.

"Of course, but in return could you do me a favor?"

"Sure thing!"

-Ichika's POV-

"Class we have a new student today!"

Uhh…What have I gotten myself into? I'm now enrolled in this 'West Genetics' as a freshman limiter. Why…but thinking back, it is fairly reasonable. I have to enroll and help in Nova Combat whenever a 'Nova Clash' occurs.

…This is like IS academy all over again. A school that accepts international student for the evolution of mankind and technology, except this time it includes fighting aliens and I'm not the only male student.

Class flies by fairly quickly. Most of the things were normal everyday studies, rather than the IS academies advanced IS lectures. I enter the Cafeteria and gather quite a crowd of interested students. I notice that some of the students were staring at my gauntlet. I just told them that it was for decoration.

I notice this blue haired student walk up to me. Judging by her demeanor, she was bad news.

"Hey, I heard you're the new rookie." She said, sliding her fingers down my cheeks. "My name is Miyabi Kannazuki. How would you like to be one of my limiters?"

She disgusts me. She has no shame, her behavior gives her away and she asked 'one of' meaning she has more. How greedy.

I swat her hand away. "I refuse." I said defiantly. I gave her one of Chifuyu-nee's death glares. I will defy her to the end, even if I have to use force.

"How dare you!" The upperclassman materializes her 'Volt weapons', which consists of several floating daggers. I've heard that almost all Pandora are incapable of defeating Type-S Nova by themselves and the only one capable of doing so died in combat. "Beg for forgiveness. Now!"

"I refuse." I give her another death glare and prepare for partial deployment if I have to fight. I saw her grit her teeth and launch her daggers at me. I tumble forward and get behind her, evading the daggers.

"Tch. I won't miss next time!"

The daggers close in on me and I react by deploying my claw and left gauntlet armor. I slash at the daggers the moment they entered my attack range and break two of them. Miyabi pulls back her daggers, and seeing as how I have a weapon the students stare in shock. According to Sister Margaret, all students never saw a male deploy a weapon before, so it is natural that they assume I am a male Pandora…which is impossible so the next best thing is Combat Limiter. She also told me to keep my armor a secret and only deploy my weapons if necessary, and not to kill anyone.

"Ah? So you're something along the lines of a combat limiter?" Miyabi assumes. She licks her lips and keeps her gaze focused at me. "All the more reasons for wanting you."

I stay silent and continue giving her a death glare. I can't do it as well as Chifuyu-nee, but it will make do for now. A majority of the students back up, but keep their distance to watch…probably to see the fight and three guys walk into the circle…probably her limiters. They all extended their arms and a let a honeycomb shaped pattern race across the floor, freezing me in place.

"Submit to me now…it's useless without your own freezing field."

Byakushiki's A.I activates and suddenly, I can move again. "Unknown energy field detected…Energy field negated. Barrier deployed."

"What the! How is that possible!?" One of her limiters looked at me in fear and I responded with Chifuyu-nee's 'irritated look'.

"He's…he's only a male! There's no way he could beat me!" Miyabi kicked the guy who said it was impossible. Ugh, despicable.

I cannot use ignition boost or any of my thrusters, so I'm limited to Yukihira, which is unavailable at the moment, my barrier and my Setsura. I hold up Setsura and fire a small energy beam at Miyabi, hoping it would incapacitate her. And it sorta worked. The attack caught her by surprise and pierced her leg.

"AGH!" She fell to the floor and screamed. I feel a bit sorry for her, but she deserved it. She gets back up rather quickly, despite the damaged muscle tissue in one of her legs. She glared at me, trying her best to contain her anger. She was definitely pissed. "You…I'll kill you!"

-Somewhere else (Normal POV)-

"Senpai! There's a fight in the cafeteria. We have to stop it!" Kazuya Aoi dragged his upperclassman through the hallway. He heard that there was a commotion in the cafeteria between a new student and a 3rd year.

"Kazuya wait!" Satellizer L. Bridget, a 2nd year Pandora, tried to get her (unofficial) Limiter to stop. Her 'rival' of sorts, Rana Linchen was following along. They eventually reach the cafeteria doors. Upon opening, they were shocked by the sight. What they saw was a bloody body on the floor, and looming figure was standing above it. The most noticeable feature was the giant claw on the left arm. It eerily reminded everyone of Chiffon.

The person made his weapon dissipate into light as he walked out of the cafeteria, leaving people shocked and afraid. Kazuya got a good look at the persons face and had a feeling that he was not a bad person. He didn't feel any malice from him, nor did he feel any murderous intent.

"Woah, that guy is a monster…he reminds me of Chiffon, de arimasu." Rana commented. She felt something was different about the new guy, not just his ability to use weapons. "And how can he use weapons?"

"I don't know, but I'm going to follow him." Kazuya ran off, stalking Ichika.

"Wait! He's dangerous!" Satellizer could only watch as her limiter ran off, leaving her with Rana.

Ichika was on the rooftop, lying peacefully on the floor, gazing at the clouds. He wondered if it would be like that. Violence and fighting all day, he wouldn't be able to last long(mentally) if it kept on going like that. He heard the door open and close. Someone was there.

"Hey, nice to meet you."

Ichika had a very dull look on his face. He was pretty bored and had nothing else to do, with that all he can do is wait. He missed his friends and life back home. He doubted if he could get along with any people in this world. He turned his head away from the boy. "Yea…whatever."

Kazuya sweatdropped at how dull Ichika was and gathered more courage. "Umm…my name is Kazuya Aoi…"

Ichika's eyes opened wide at the mention of 'Aoi'. He immediately began to wonder if he was related to Dr. Gengo Aoi. "Ichika Orimura. That's my name and...are you related to Dr. Gengo Aoi?"

"Yea…he's my grandfather."

"Alright." Ichika heaved himself up and sat cross legged. He put hands on his knees sighed. "I really want to meet him, but I had to enroll in this school before I can."

"Why?" Kazuya asked. He was pretty interested in Ichika. He wondered how he was able to beat Miyabi so easily. What intrigued him more was the mysterious air around the transfer student.

"Well…I think he can help me, but I have to battle Nova to meet him." Ichika said gloomily. He hung his head, keeping his eyes hidden by his bangs.

"Hey…don't be sad. I'll let you meet gramps."

"Ah…thanks." Ichika replied. He was unsure, but he had feeling that Kazuya's grandfather was most likely his only chance of getting home.

"Say…can you tell me how you got good at fighting."

"Well…my older sister was the one who taught me how to use a sword. She trained me by **** and **** while I had to *******, she would put me through serious training that involved ***** and doing ****.It usually followed up with a beating from her if I fail training. All that starting at the age of 4."

Kazuya had sweatdrops on his head after hearing about the Spartan training he went through. He chuckled nervously. "Haha…rather...isn't that boot camp?"

"You know, you're right."Ichika laughed for the first time during his time after he awoke in the strange world. For once, he used his true laughter.

He knows he has to face many dangers in the near future, but he has found his resolve and refuses to falter. He will find a way home…after all, his friends and family need him.

Indeed. I have a dislike for Miyabi. She is a whore and I don't like those kinds of people.

I'm thinking of dragging Chifuyu into the world of Freezing as well. One of the reasons is her inhuman strength. 継続は力なり!