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8:45 AM

After the girls destroyed the Nova they all went to celebrate on their victory. Yuki was finally having a good long sleep after a schedule of sleeping only 2 hours a day, and Tabane was alone entertaining herself with a videogame.

"Ah! Tabane is on a roll! Just one more country!" Tabane was in a dark room, with one holographic screen in front of her and a LCD monitor on the wall. There was a world map on the holographic screen, and all but one of countries were colored red. It was a game that was very popular a long time ago. "Yes! Tabane is going to win!" She cheered, but the odds were against her. A notification appeared on the screen and the color in Tabane's face faded away. "Wha-…NO! Shut down, already? No fair!" She rested her head on the table and sobbed. "It's not fair. Tabane was so close to winning and then Madagascar shuts down everything."

The huge monitor that was across from her was on a news channel, reporting on recent events. Tabane lowered the volume earlier to play her game and now she decided to actually listen to the news for once. She increased the volume until it was clear and audible and began listening to the rather boring news reporters. Though the battle with the Nova occurred early in the morning there is still a chance that it would be on the news, after all the battle was not too far away from a coastal city. "And for this morning's top news, giant 'monsters' have been spotted off the coast of ****"

Tabane turned her head a bit and got a decent view of the screen and saw a video of the battle, except it was extremely far away and the Nova looked small in the horizon. One could not see the IS at all. The reported continued on with what it was possibly about. Tabane sighed and sat upright, turning off the tv as she got back up. "Looks like Tabane has to save the day. No-one else must know about the aliens and her portal."

Tabane closed the game she was playing and opened up an internet browser. She rubbed her hands together and smiled a bit, "Tabane has the perfect idea for invalidating the news~!"

- ('In order to cover up an alien invasion, a crazy theory and the masses will believe it.' - Said no one. Ever.)-

Ichika was in the odd place again. There was nothing but a blue sky, a large but shallow pool of water that seemed stretched on for miles, and a single tree. It was mostly empty but had a calming effect to it. He stared at his reflection in the water and frowned a bit. There was a reason why he was there. A small ripple of water moved past Ichika and caught his attention. He looked up and saw the mysterious white haired girl. She was holding her sun hat with both hands and was facing away from Ichika. "Sis isn't here." She said softly.

"Then where is the [White Knight]?" Ichika asked, looking around. He carefully examined the place and saw nothing else but water He turned back to look at the girl but she wasn't there anymore. "Huh? Where did she..?" Ichika scratched his head and wondered where she went. She probably disappeared since this place is probably his subconscious or something along those lines. He felt a presence behind him and felt something grab his shoulder. He freaked out and turned around quickly.

Ichika's eyes shot open and saw only the ceiling. He tried to get up, but there was something on top of him. He moved his line of sight down and saw his sister lying on him. How she got there was a mystery since he remembered that she was using the other bed. "This…this is awkward." Waking up and finding out that your sister was lying on top of you is definitely one of the most awkward things a teenage boy can experience.

"This is oddly stimulating." Ichika thought as he tried to avert his eyes. Chifuyu was wearing a tank top and Ichika had a clear view. He turned his head to the side to check the time and the time was 6:17 Am. Too early. "Chifuyu-nee isn't going to wake up for another hour or so…and It's never a good idea to wake her up early."

Ichika closed his eyes and drifted away. He had another hour to sleep and there is no way he could move Chifuyu safely. He hoped that he would end up in that place again, but he didn't dream at all. Sleep is such an odd thing. Ichika woke up to the sound of his alarm clock ringing and the first thing he noticed was that Chifuyu was gone. She was probably in the washroom because he could hear the sound of the shower being used.

"And…how did that happen?" Ichika groaned. He was genuinely surprised that he woke up to find Chifuyu was lying on top of him, but he really wondered how she got there in the first place. Did she crawl in while he was sleeping, or was it sleep-walking? It didn't matter anyways, he'll never know because Chifuyu wouldn't tell.

Since Chifuyu was using the washroom, he can't go in there and wash his face. So he got dressed and waited for her to finish showering. While he waited, he realized that for the first time he had a good night of sleep. Maybe it's because his sister is with him now. The stress from being in a foreign place and being alone might have been the cause of his restless nights. Ichika nearly fell asleep agai, but Chifuyu eventually came out. She was wearing one of his blue shirts and track pants. "You can go now." She said, drying her hair with a towel.

"Alright." Ichika got up and went into the washroom. The room was still filled with steam and it was really uncomfortable, so he made it quick. They say that being too hasty can be bad, and it holds some truth. Ichika walked in on Chifuyu while she was changing. Chifuyu wasn't a normal person, so her reaction is a bit different. "You should be used to this now, Ichika."

Ichika covered his eyes with both of his hands and turned around for good measure. "It's not about me, it's about you. Don't you feel embarrassed?" Chifuyu chuckled and finished getting dressed. "I'm done, you can stop that now."

"You've been exposed to these kinds of incidents because of the girls. Houki, Dunois, and Bodewig. I'm sure you're used to it by now." Chifuyu went over to the vanity table and grabbed her black ribbon. "It's true that the two of us sharing the same room isn't a good thing, and incidents like this are bound to happen. Nevertheless we're brother and sister. There shouldn't be a problem if something like this happens." She said, tying her hair up into a low ponytail.

Ichika didn't say anything. Most of what Chifuyu said was true. He did experience those situations and most of the time he remained fairly calm. So why should he freak out when it's his own sister? Well, the thing is that Ichika respects Chifuyu. To him, an incident like this makes him feel like he disrespected her. There was an awkward silence hanging around in the room.

"Would you look at the time? School should be starting soon. We'd better get going, Ichika." Chifuyu said, breaking the silence. She exited their room and left Ichika alone. "Dammit…That was really awkward!" He groaned. "How could Chifuyu-nee be so calm after all that?"

"So this is how it is, huh? I can't even tell if being alone was better or not." Ichika had a feeling that sharing a room with his sister had its fair share of problems. Only time will tell whether or not it will be worse than living alone, but for now he has to focus on the present.


The morning went by pretty quickly. Everything seemed normal, but a careful and observant eye could tell that many of the female students were anxious. Chifuyu was put in charge of all combat related classes, and due to her incident…she has become quite infamous. The classes Chifuyu teach are downright brutal, and if it is combat then it will be training from hell. But the Pandora are genetically enhanced humans. They should be fine, right?

Wrong. By lunch period, nearly half of the Pandora looked like they went through a year's worth of exercise. The girls were all drain of energy and dead tired. The cafeteria was not as crowded as it usually was. A large number of female students were missing, so there were more male students at the moment. Ichika scanned the area for his sister and noticed that there was a huge empty space near one of the corners. Chifuyu is definitely the person sitting in the with a cup of coffee on the table.

Ichika made his way to the corner with a Chinese lunch set. It really was Chifuyu who was alone at the table. She was reading a newspaper and did not notice that her own brother was standing right across from her. He put his tray down on the table and sat down, the sound of the tray hitting the table grabbed Chifuyu's attention. She lowered her newspaper and smiled slightly. Ichika shifted in his seat and tried to strike up a conversation. "So…Chifuyu-nee, how was it? Your first day as a teacher, I meant."

Chifuyu gave Ichika a glare, and her expression gave away her opinion. Her experience was very dreadful. It was worse than she had imagined, the students were absolutely terrible. They were all afraid or cautious of her. Most of them had no ounce of courage, and many cowered in fear. Some even fainted. "At least it's better than dealing with Tabane everyday." She answered.

Ichika chuckled nervously and picked up the wooden disposable chopsticks that came with the set. "Ah, so it's terrible then." He split the chopsticks perfectly and began picking at his food, looking for the first thing to eat. There really wasn't much to talk about. Chifuyu looked like she was absorbed in the newspaper and Ichika didn't want to interrupt her. When Ichika was almost done with his food, Chifuyu put the newspaper down and sighed. She finished her coffee and said, "It's not that bad I guess. The coffee and beer here is nice."

Ichika tilted his head and asked, "What do you mean by that?" He didn't understand what she was talking about. Chifuyu sighed once again. "What I mean is that the coffee and beer here is really good. They're the only good things in this situation we're in." She replied. Ichika understood part of it but became confused again. "What do you mean by beer? I didn't see you drink while I was with you. Only coffee and you had classes in between."

Chifuyu rubbed her temples and closed her eyes. "It's my fault it sounded vague. You see, there were students who had beer in their bags, so I confiscate it from them." She explained. "And of course I drank when I had free time."

"So you were drinking while teaching…" Ichika finished his lunch and set down his chopsticks. He didn't expect Chifuyu to do something that out of character. It was well known that she loved drinking, but to drink on the job? That is very odd.

"Yes." She admitted. In her defence she was bored out of her mind. Not even thirty minutes in the students had already collapsed from exhaustion, with some unconscious. She really had nothing to do since her attempts to rouse the students failed miserably because most could barely move properly. What else was there to do when you have cans of beer by your side? Good thing she doesn't get drunk easily or there would be more students hospitalized. "There was good reason for it though."

Ichika sighed, he wasn't shocked. It was just unexpected. He sort of understood why she did it. He felt really uncomfortable in a foreign place, so he wouldn't be surprised if he did something if it calmed him down. For her, she likes drinking. "I understand, I don't like staying in this world too. I'm sure you drank to calm yourself."

Chifuyu shifted a bit in her seat. While she did so something that is seen as irresponsible, surely others do the same if they were in the same situation. "So what did you do during your time as a teacher?" Ichika asked, trying to change the subject.

"Remember the times you trained with me?" She began. Ichika nodded nervously, remembering the terrifying training he went through. It was worse than anything he had been through, and was the reason why he doesn't complain about most things. He had been through worse. Chifuyu took his nervous nod as a 'yes' and continued on, "I put them through the same exercises, except I made it much more intense because the 'Pandora' are augmented humans."

"So that explains why a majority of the female students are not present." Ichika thought that Chifuyu beat up the students instead. She did have the [White Knight's] sword with her after all. He never expected her to put them through hellish physical training instead. At the same time, he thought they got off easy. If they fought with Chifuyu instead, then there would be a large number of Pandora hospitalized.

Standing up, Ichika said. "Lunch period is almost over, so we'd better get back to classes." Ichika went ahead, taking his tray with him. Chifuyu reluctantly said her goodbyes, she preferred Ichika's company. "If only I could keep him around me at all times." She said to herself.


After school hours come Team 13's training sessions. Another one of Chifuyu's jobs was to assist in training Team 13 due to her…capabilities. She absolutely hated it, but the silver lining is that she's with Ichika during training. Team 13's reaction to her being their teacher was less than favorable. In fact, they were extremely hostile. Chifuyu's brawl with the teachers yesterday left a rather grim and terrible image in the minds of the Pandora and Valkyries.

Chifuyu was standing before the members of Team 13. All of them, save for Ichika and a meek looking boy, had expressions of hostility, caution, or indifference. There was tension in the air, and it almost looked like a fight was going to break out at any moment. The platoon commander, Su-Na Lee broke the silence and inadvertently prevented a brawl from happening. "Today this woman here, Chifuyu Orimura, will be the one in charge of training for today."

Chifuyu's role as the instructor for the day was met with voices of resistance and contempt. The members of Team 13 did not approve of her and would rather not have her involved at all. However the platoon commander verbally forced them to be quiet and complied. They remained quiet, but their opinion did not change.

The students really had no say in their situation, and had to endure it. Even though they hated it, they needed to be trained by Chifuyu since the platoon commander had other things to do. Chifuyu was told to start the training session, and she nodded. She started by telling the girls to change into their gym clothes. Once they came back from the changing room, there were several hiking backpacks on the ground around Chifuyu. There were enough for all of the Pandora and Valkyries. It was obvious that they were supposed to carry them.

"What are those for?" Rana asked, curious why Chifuyu brought out hiking backpacks. Chifuyu picked one up with one hand and held it up high. "You will be carrying one of these of course, and you'll do so while running fifteen laps around the track." She explained as she walked over to Rana. "Hold onto this."

Rana grabbed the backpack handle, thinking it was light, and Chifuyu gave her ownership of the bag by letting go. "Whoa!" Rana was pulled down and toppled over, landed on the backpack. She got back on her feet and tried to pull the bag up. She easily got it up, but she used more strength than needed. "Wha? What's in this?" She put down the bag and opened it up, revealing nothing but rocks and sand. She stared at it with a confused look on her face.

"Why are there rocks and sand in here?" She asked, too shocked to use her little ending particle. Chifuyu picked up another bag almost effortlessly and gave it to Charles. "Simple, rocks and sand weigh quite a bit and are plentiful. I would've preferred iron sand, but there wasn't any at the moment so I took what was available."

"How did you get them?" One of the male limiters asked. Chifuyu picked up two bags and carried them over to the Valkyries, handing them over. "I heard that some of the buildings were destroyed not long ago, so I naturally assumed there were surplus building materials here. I simply asked for cinderblocks and sand."

"I have a question as well." Said Shi-Jing Hong. He was Roxanne's limiter, and this is one of the rare moments he spoke to someone else first. "Running with a weighted bag was considered a dangerous method for exercise because it was proven that it could cause damage to the body in the long run, especially the knees. Wouldn't a weighted vest be a more efficient and safer option?"

Roxanne quietly cheered on for her limiter. She really didn't want to go through with the exercise. He rarely talked to other people, but she was hoping that he would convince Chifuyu to go back to regular distance running.

"I've heard that the Pandora can regenerate appendages if needed. If their knees are destroyed, then they can always get new ones." Chifuyu replied nonchalantly. "As for the vests, there aren't any here. So we have to make do with these for the time being."

"I see. Then there is no problem if they partake in this dangerous exercise."

"Shi-Jing, how could you!" Roxanne cried. Everyone then kept quiet, not bothering to ask any further. They all thought she was crazy. Soon enough all of the Pandora and Valkyries were carrying the weighted backpacks. "Okay. The next step is for all of you to get onto the track and run for fifteen laps with no breaks. You are also not allowed to use your powers."

"Wait…I have a quick question." Franka asked before they started. Chifuyu nodded and allowed her to continue. "How much do these bags weigh?" Chifuyu tapped her chin and tried to remember how much weight she put into each. She snapped her fingers when she finally remembered. "They're about 12kg each, extremely light in my opinion."

"You can't be serious!" Roxanne complained. Chifuyu just stared at her, and Roxanne knew that she was serious. Everyone stopped complaining and saw that there was no point. Chifuyu firmly believed that they could do it. She moved to the side of the starting line and was ready to start the exercise but remembered one important rule. "Ah, I almost forgot. If you stop for longer than ten seconds, you'll have to redo the entire fifteen laps. Hope that your legs don't give in or fall unconscious during the run."

The Pandora and Valkyries' jaws nearly slammed into the ground. What torture was this? No rest at all? They were too shocked to say anything. This type of training is equivalent to telling a person to deliver something on foot, only to strap on excess junk they do not need. It is brutal and cruel. "Oh yes, this one is from your commander. The last three people to finish all fifteen laps will have to run an extra two laps."

Franka nearly fainted. She could swear that the last rule was designed to punish her. Her lack of stamina was acknowledged by the platoon commander. She's being given extra training in the guise of punishment. The other girls grumbled a bit. The penalty only raised the stakes. Not a single one of them wanted to run an extra two laps.

"Okay, it begins now. Try not to die from exhaustion." Chifuyu said with a devilish grin, giving them the thumbs up. The girls took off running, looking unburdened by the 12kg backpacks they had on them. They looked fine for the first two laps, but halfway into lap three they began to slow down slightly. Sweat was already running down their faces. Having added weights in conjunction with muscle fatigue caused by lactic acid is not a good combination and tired the girls quickly. By lap five they were wheezing and gasping for air. It did not look like exercise, just torture.

"Chifuyu-nee…don't you think that this is a bit too cruel?" Ichika asked, worrying about the safety of the girls. Chifuyu kept her watchful eye on them, with her expression remaining the same. "This is for their sake. If they cannot accomplish something such as this then they do not deserve to be called 'Elite'."

Chifuyu's method was Spartan-like, but she had a point. The Pandora and Valkyries needed to be physically fit when fighting Novas. Endurance was an important part. This sort of exercise was a good way to increase endurance in a short period of time. "Besides…I was told that they are basically the hope of humanity or something like that. If that's really the case, then they can't afford to take it easy." She did not take her eyes off the girls at all. She was serious about the training.

Chifuyu turned slightly, just enough to look at Ichika, and said "They're not the only ones with training, Ichika. When was the last time we had a lesson together?"

Ichika felt his heart drop and his face turned slightly purple. Personal lessons with Chifuyu are living hell. It involves having the knowledge beaten into the body's muscle memory. It is both physically and mentally exhausting. Ichika just sighed and accepted his fate. There's no point in refusing.

- (I must have found around 7 small spiders in my room. I think I might have a minor infestation. Help me.) -

Two hours later back in the IS world…

Tabane was sitting on a folding chair outside on the beach, gorging on frozen treats. Whether or not it was in celebration of defeating the Nova remains a mystery. She had an ice box full of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and the likes by her side. There was a bin on the other side of her chair filled to the brim with plastic wrappers and containers. She hummed to herself as she ate more of the frozen treats. Many students, who were on the beach having fun, just watched in awe as Tabane ate.

She felt something tap her shoulder and looked up. Unfortunately she was now face to face with a very pissed off Houki. "Tabane…what did you do?" She breathed. There was a hint of rage in her voice, and it looked like she could barely contain it. She was surfing the internet looking for things to help pass the time, and the most popular subject was the mysterious figures that appeared far into the ocean. It was no surprise, but the problem was that the entire media discussed about how it could be aliens. Aliens would be the last theory because it is the most improbable, however almost everyone is debating whether or not the incident is related to aliens. There is only one person she knows who knows that can sway the masses with the stupidest of answers, and that person is Shinono Tabane.

"What are you referring to, Houki-chan? The news or all of these frozen sweets?" Tabane said with a rather annoying smile. She knew what she had done, and was quite happy with the results. "Wait! Don't answer~! Tabane already knows. It's about the news, right~?"

Houki nodded slowly and Tabane continued on talking, "You see Tabane saw the first news report about the incident hours before, so she took the initiative to troll the masses." Tabane explained casually. She took another spoonful of yogurt and continued on, "Hot topics such as the incident will have many answers, true or not. Usually the most illogical are the last to be considered. If they find no evidence for the others, they'll blindly believe the last one is the truth. Of course they'll put aliens at the last, so all I had to do was make people discuss about it and consider it earlier than intended. I just used every single social media website and posted that aliens did it with some rather convincing evidence that actually has no proof."

"And what good does that do?" Houki asked, with malice dripping out of her tone. Tabane shook her head slowly and sighed, "Houki-chan, what happens next is that they'll find absolutely no evidence that the incident was alien related. Tabane will eventually salvage all of the debris from the aliens because no company has clearance to search the area as of right now, no matter how hard they try they'll never find any proof. Soon they'll put it off as incorrect and find a different answer."

Tabane finished her yogurt and tossed the container into the trash. What she said was correct, but surely she knew about the consequences of the other options? If everyone assumed that those giant things were a secret project of a country then there will be tension among the world powers, if it was a terrorist organization that created it then the war on terror will start once again, and if people come to the conclusion that Tabane, of all people, made those things then nothing bad will happen but even that has its own problems. All of these make it seem as if telling the truth isn't a bad idea, but even that has disastrous consequences. If the masses knew it was aliens, then they would all believe that Tabane brought them to Earth. Only she would have the technological capabilities of creating something to call or bring the aliens to Earth. There is no best option.

It must be very stressful on Tabane. She has to carefully manage the situation and prevent it from spiralling out of control. To make things worse, she was the root of the problem. She created a dimensional portal and that attracted the attention of the Nova. Tabane wasn't an irresponsible person so she knew she had to control the situation before it got out of hand. She was considering about telling the media that she was the one responsible in order to keep global balance in check, but should a Nova attack a city then Tabane will be labeled as a global threat/enemy.

"And you think that is going to help?" Houki asked. Tabane wagged her finger, which annoyed Houki, and replied, "Houki-Chan, don't you see? Once the 'alien option' is out of the picture, Tabane's dimensional portal device will never be discovered. If everyone were to find out about this, who knows what people would do to get their dirty hands on it. After all, Tabane's device can allow you to traverse dimensions. You could use it to get new resources or colonize Earth, and those are the mostly good options."

"So in other words for the sake of hiding your invention for the greater good, you're willing to potentially plunge the world into chaos?"

Tabane tried to pet Houki but she swatted her hand out of the way, Tabane disregarded that and continued on, "Which would be worse, the world blindly wondering what those giant things were or the world fighting over Tabane's device? Houki, Tabane owes no allegiance to any country, so her device belongs solely to herself. You think all of the countries peacefully discussing about who gets to use Tabane's device is possible?"

Houki kept quiet, not bothering to respond. She understood what Tabane meant. The device was amazing but it was dangerous. Who wouldn't want to be able to traverse dimensions? The possibilities it can grant are almost endless. The [Infinite Stratos] itself was a revolutionary creation meant for space travel, but it's capabilities as a weapon was coveted by countries. A device like this will cause wars to be fought over it. "What about you?" Houki asked Tabane, "What if people thought you made those things."

"Tabane thinks that that is the safest option for the world." Tabane answered, "She wouldn't mind if people thought of her as a terrorist. As long as no wars are started over something she made, then Tabane is content."

For the first time in ages, Houki began to worry about her own sister. Tabane was doing something reckless that would soil her name and cause her to be hunted down relentlessly. She was willing to become a scapegoat if it meant the peace remained unbroken. With nothing else to say, Houki left Tabane alone.


Several hours later, Yuki was finally up and at it. A good long rest was all he needed to regain some energy. He walked into the lab and found Tabane examining the wreckage of the aliens. She was making notes while she was poking at a piece of armor with a screwdriver. "Tabane…care to explain what you are doing?" He asked, not sure of what she was try to achieve by poking something. "Tabane's just studying the armor of the aliens. One thing is certain though, it hardens in response to physical trauma." She replied.

"So it's soft and flexible until it gets hit by something?" He mused. That would explain why the Nova's whip-like appendages extend and cause massive damage. It would have to go between malleable and solid quickly to do something like that. That sort of material is not natural, so it's probably artificial. "That would make it the perfect kind of armor. Being extremely flexible and soft, but can become strong and hard when it needs to be. If the alien's armor is made out of this then that means they're highly intelligent then, having made something like that."

Tabane used a pair of tongs to pick up a red crystalline looking shard and showed it to Yuki. She put it right up in his face, giving him a very clear view of it. The shard was glowing softly and there was a very faint, red light emanating out of it. "Isn't that a shard of the 'Core' of those things?"

Tabane nodded and put the shard back down. She grabbed a clipboard off the table and shoved it into his hands. "Look here. Tabane tested what the shard does, and turns out it is like a battery. It has a similar structure to the current generation batteries. The shard does a better job holding energy; in fact it can never lose its charge. Tabane also tested to see if she could charge it. She put a battery near it and it absorbed the charge of the battery. So this shard right here charges itself by pulling in energy around it."

Yuki tilted his head slightly as he flipped through the notes. Tabane's handwriting was odd and she tends to draw cartoons on her research notes. "That is some serious alien tech. That would be the ideal battery because it is very versatile and can charge itself without a specialized charger. The question is, how much can it hold?"

"Well, judging by how big the original core is and the alien's capability of shooting a massive particle cannon. We can't really comprehend how powerful it can be. Though Tabane estimates that it is comparable to three IS cores." Tabane took the clipboard from his hand and handed him some pictures. "Earlier you assumed that the material was artificial, no? You were half right. It's actually a mix."

While Yuki went over the pictures, Tabane continued on with her explanation. "You see, Tabane studied them using a microscope Mimi-chan brought to me. When Tabane looked into it, she noticed that there were dead cells embedded in the piece of armor. Of course it is possible that the cells were once alive, most likely before the girls slaughtered the aliens. This organic and inorganic mix, it also looks like it was genetically engineered."

"So you're saying that the aliens are genetically engineered?" Yuki put the pictures back down on the table and crossed his arms, "It's plausible. The Nova can levitate, and no living organism is capable of floating naturally. So of course it had to be technology." Tabane nodded and confirmed that the Nova were levitating using a device that was incorporated into their lower bodies.

Yuki fell back and landed softly into a comfortable arm chair, "So, did you find brain or anything similar to one?"

"Tabane did…but she can't exactly call it one" Tabane said nervously. She used the tongs and picked up the shard again. "Surprisingly, the core is the brain. The brain-like structure that was inside their heads was more similar to a processor. It intakes information and processes it, then sends it to the core. From there the core analyzes the information and determines what to do by sending energy and commands to the body. So the core is the 'true brain'. Tabane thinks that is why destroying the core 'kills' the aliens."

"So that shard is a piece of the Nova's 'true brain'." Said Yuki, "That's great. The weak spot of the Nova is the core, and if the core is the 'true brain', then we've lost all the information the Nova held."

Tabane shook her head and picked up another clipboard off one of the tables. "This is the current progress Tabane has with reverse engineering a decoder, it's almost complete. When she discovered that information is sent out of the core, she looked into the joint-like areas of the aliens and discovered odd structures and devices. So Tabane got Mimi-chan to rip out the important parts for me. Tabane took a look at them, and turns out those things decode the information sent from the core into something it can read."

Yuki got off the chair and took the clipboard off her hands. He studied it carefully. It was very complex and was obviously incomplete. There was one question that was tugging on his mind, where has he seen the design before? "Mind if I help?"

"Thankies! That helps Tabane so much!" She said happily like a little child. She turns around and grabs a bunch of research tools and parts, and shoves them into his hands. "Tabane has most of the parts build, so all you have to do is construct it. Now back to poking the armor!"

The mad scientist turned around and went back to poking and hitting the scrap of armor with various appliances, taking notes while doing so. Yuki sighed and carried the stuff to his own work bench, setting them down on the floor. His workbench was extremely messy and cluttered, he had to move stuff off first. "Why do I have this odd feeling…I've seen this device somewhere before." He thought to himself as he pushed a stack of books off his workbench. He looked over the design one more time and he still could not remember.

He began looking over the notes and followed Tabane's plans. He started putting the device together, and if necessary, made some parts for it. The device was meant to extract any remaining information from the broken pieces of the core. The only problem is decoding the information. The information would most likely be alien language, or in a binary-like form. If it is binary, then it would be slightly easier to decode. It could even be corrupted because of the damage the core received. While he was constructing the device he notices how much it looked like a coffee maker on the outside, minus the coffee pot. There was a projector above the compartment. The shard was probably going to be placed in the centre of where the coffee pot should go if the device were one. "What the hell. I'm making something that looks like a coffee machine. I wonder if it can make coffee…that would be nice actually." He thought to himself sarcastically.


The male scientist had engrossed himself in building the machine and when he was finally done several hours have passed. "There…all done." He said, cleaning the dirt and grime off his hands with a towel. He turned around and found Tabane making something. She had what looked to be a shield generator. It had the projector on one side rather than in the middle so the shield must have been a standard shield, not a barrier. The shield generator looked different than regular ones and because it's being made by Tabane, it probably has its own special feature.

"Tabane, why are you making a shield generator at a time like this?" He asked. Tabane turned around, with a rather excited look on her face. Words could not describe how happy and excited she was. She looked 'cute' as one would say, but probably more akin to diabetes. She picked up her shield generator and showed it to the male scientist. "Look! This is the ultimate shield~!" She squealed, she placed in his hands and ran off for a little while. She later came back with the 'Star Breaker' in her hands. How was she was able to hold it up? "Activate it and stand back!" She commanded the scientist.

He took several steps to the side and gave Tabane a clear view, with no living targets near the shield. She fired an energy shot from the star breaker and the shield absorbed the energy, charging itself up. Tabane put the rifle down and ran over to the shield generator, jumping up and down. "Did you see that? It absorbed the energy!"

"Yea…It can absorb energy based attacks, but what about physical attacks?" asked Yuki. Tabane's reached out to touch the shield with her hand but it went through the shield, proving that it cannot stop physical objects. She frowned and shrugged her shoulders, "No good. Solid objects just pass right through the shield, but it's great against energy based projectile. Tabane thinks that is good enough for the time being."

Yuki nodded slowly and then realized something was slightly off. Even he would not be able to build a shield as complex as this, so how did Tabane do it? "I have one question, how did you get the idea to build a shield like this?"

"Tabane just studied the effects of the shard and copied it. She also modified it slightly so that the generator's shields would mix with the projectile for better compatibility." She explained, using her hands to visual represent of energy mixing. "Tabane thinks that if the projectile has too much energy, it will cause the shield to explode or go right through."

"Then it's not the ultimate shield then… Setsura's shield can negate any projectile, no matter how powerful. Your new shield only fits a niche." Yuki replied. Tabane's robotic ears drooped a bit, showing that her hopes were crushed. "Anyways, I finished the device. Shall we decode the information, Tabane?"

Tabane's robotic rabbit ears perked up and a smile was put on her face once again. She grabbed the shard with tongs and brought it over. After placing it in the device she opened the UI to allow her to work on it. She punched in a several lines of code and let the machine do its job. After a few seconds of reading, a holographic image was projected. An entire text box of alien code was displayed. There were only two variations. One was triangular with the addition symbol overlaying on top of it, and the other was an upside down corruption of the omega symbol with a crescent moon placed top, open side facing upwards. "It's probably binary or something. This will still be hard, since alien language doesn't follow our rules." Yuki said while examining the code. He noticed that there were blank spots in the code, so the data really was corrupted. "Tabane what's your plan?"

"Okay, Tabane is done deciphering it~!" She smiled, throwing her arms into the air. Yuki raised one eyebrow. He would normally ask how she figured it out so quickly, but then again it is Tabane. It's better to not ask because she'll ramble on for hours, if not days. She typed up the translation of the code and moved aside to let Yuki read it. There were many missing parts of text, but the important parts were still there. "So the information in this shard only has co-ordinates and orders."

The mad scientist walked back to her bench and brought back a box full of pieces of the core. She was going to decode all of them to find information she wants. "We won't be getting any sleep until we get the information that we want. So get ready to make some notes, Yuki."

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By the end of the training session all of the girls, and Ichika, had their faces planted into the dirt. The Valkyries and Pandora somehow managed to complete all 15 laps, and not surprisingly once they completed the run they face planted into the ground, exhausted and tired. While the girls were running, Ichika was receiving sword fighting lessons from Chifuyu. Her lessons were terrifying and traumatising; the techniques were beaten into his body. Ichika couldn't even react to most of Chifuyu's actions. Her attacks were flung at him at insane speeds.

"Good job everyone. I'm surprised you were all able to run complete the exercise, you will not have to run extra laps today." Chifuyu told the nearly unconscious Pandora. "Actually, the punishment was a lie. The truth is, the next time you do this again, the number of laps you have to run will increase by one."

She was not met with any sort of opposition. Did they submit to their fate, or were just too exhausted to complain? While the combatants of Team 13 were pushed to the limit, the limiters were given nothing to do. Chifuyu had forgotten about them. With nothing to do, the limiters began socializing with each other. They learned a bit more about each other and formed a group bond.

"I'll see you again next time, until then take care of yourselves." Chifuyu bid her farewells and picked up the exhausted Ichika, slinging him over her shoulder. She felt a bit terrible for beating him to the point of near incapacitation, but she was surprised at his pace. He already learned all of the techniques she threw at him. His rapid progress makes Chifuyu very happy, makes it easier to teach him the advanced techniques. Perhaps he will surpass her one day.

The girls did not stir until Chifuyu left with Ichika. They pushed removed their stone filled backpacks and pushed themselves up, with some preferring to stay lying down. All of them were drenched in sweat and looked like they just took a shower wearing clothes. The limiters ran in with bottles of water, which was a relief to the dehydrated Pandora and Valkyries. Kazuya was notably carrying five bottles with him. The limiters rushed in to the immediate aid of their respective Pandora, but a few of them considered the others. The Valkyries lacked limiters and Kazuya, along with Shi-Jing noticed that. They brought extras with them for the Valkyries.

Some drank water normally while others threw water on their faces before drinking. The Pandora and Valkyries sat up straight, feeling strong enough to get back up. The Valkyries were the ones who were exhausted the most, Franka in particular because of her low stamina. When they finally got back up on their feet, Roxanne was bending forward oddly. "What's wrong? Stomach cramps?" Rana joked. She found it very entertaining to mess with Roxanne.

"No, I think I threw my back out." She said in a low tone. Rana took the opportunity to toss another joke at Roxanne, hoping it would brighten the mood. "Maybe that's a sign that you're getting old, de arimasu."

A few of the Valkyries and Cassie broke out in laughter. Roxanne didn't take it too well, but she did admit that it was her fault for lowering her guard. After the laughter died out, Roxanne straightened herself out and stretched her arms. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Everyone unanimously replied with "No". They all thought it was living hell and were glad that they survived the whole ordeal. One by one the Pandora and Valkyries made their way to the locker rooms to wash the sweat off their bodies, leaving the limiters alone yet again. The first session with the rumored 'Queen of Carnage' was terrible enough, but what about regular sessions? Will it be just as bad, or worse?

Chifuyu brought Ichika back to their room and sat him down in a chair. She brought him an ice cold beverage from the mini-fridge. Ichika took it from her and chugged it down. He was more tired than the Pandora and Valkyries. They had it easy. Combat with Chifuyu is the main course, running laps was a warm-up. He was drained of his energy, and was content with sleeping wherever he was.

"Take a shower before you go asleep." She said before throwing a towel at his face. Ichika didn't respond, he had fallen asleep on the spot. Chifuyu took back the towel and used it to wipe the sweat off his face and dry his hair for him. Perhaps it was because she enjoyed seeing his sleeping face or thought he deserved to sleep uninterrupted, she didn't bother to wake him up. She picked him up and brought him over to his bed. She didn't have to change his clothes since he was wearing a dress shirt, with the top two buttons undone, and the standard school pants. He took off his jacket and tie before the lesson.

With Ichika tucked into bed Chifuyu had nothing to do, so she thought of going to sleep as well. She took a clean shirt and track pants from Ichika's drawers and went to take a shower first. At first she thought the training session would be horrible because she thought Team 13 was just composed of snobby 'elites', but they were serious. She might get enthusiastic about training them if they surprise her one more time.


In the forest near West Genetics, the portal that Chifuyu used looked slightly bigger. It was slowly but surely expanding in size. Something odd was happening to it.

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