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Sesshomaru sighed. His hand gripped the door knob that led to his room. He twisted it open and entered, pausing when he felt something bounce off of his head. He looked down and saw a pencil standing out against the inky black carpet. He looked blankly at his mate, who was glaring at him despite the dazed look on his face.

"You bastard!" InuYasha snarled.

Sesshomaru sighed. How often had InuYasha greeted him with those words? Well, ever since they were officially mated, if you had been keeping track of time. Sesshomaru was used to it by now, though it still ticked him off on occasion.

"InuYasha," he greeted calmly, sitting next to his mate and returning him his pencil. He looked at the paper in InuYasha's hands. "Homework?"

"Yeah," InuYasha sighed, "Since getting up makes me dizzy and I can't eat anything without upchucking it five minutes later, might as well get some homework done."

Sesshomaru examined the Hanyou's paper. "Five is wrong."

InuYasha responded by throwing the pencil at his head a second time.

For the rest of the night, Sesshomaru aided the white haired male with his homework. They were halfway through with the last subject-calculus-when InuYasha fell asleep. Sesshomaru spent some time examining his mate's expression before putting everything away and tucking his mate in, falling asleep shortly.

The next morning found InuYasha walking to school, gripping his stomach and trying not to vomit. His head spun and he cursed his mate for literally dragging him out of bed.

"You okay, InuYasha?" InuYasha looked up at Miroku and Sango, who were walking with him, hand-in-hand.

"Fuck no," he sighed, "I feel like crap."

"Same," Kagome sighed, "Vomited twice this morning."

InuYasha smirked. "You're aware that there is an assembly we have to attend today, right?"

"Yeah," Shippo said, "Only you guys, though."

Kagome looked up. "Why only us?"

"We're Beta's," InuYasha sighed, glaring at the back of his mate's head, "Shippo's an Alpha and neither Sango nor Miroku are demons. It's for Beta's only."

Kagome made a sound of annoyance. "How irritating."

"You have no idea," InuYasha said, "When I found out I was a Beta, I was ready to rip someone's head off."

"How did you find out?" Miroku asked.

"When demons reach puberty, our scent changes and that tells us if we're Alpha or Beta."

"I see." They reached the school shortly, and with a goodbye to his friends and a final glare at Sesshomaru, InuYasha headed to class, unaware of the anger filled bloody red eyes that glared at him until he was out of sight before following the full-blooded Yokai that was his mate.

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