In this fic the vampires are original DRACULA style vamps not those GOD DAMN TWILIGHT VAMPIRES THOSE THINGS ARE GAY AND WILL NOT BE INVOLVED IN THIS FIC. The only thing the twilight author got right was that every vampire has super strength and the vamp traights in this story are from north American vampire folklore, again no freaking twilight vamps ever. Just wanted to say that right off the bat. But yes original vamps no twilight vamps. All of the facts about vampires I got from north American vampire folklore. Also some charecters will be o.o.c but get over it do the words fanFICTION mean anything. PS I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE BLUE PIKA CREDIT FOR ASSISTING ME IN THE CREATION OF THIS FIC AND WITH A HUGE CHUNK OF PLOT DOVELOPMENT(in more ways than she knows). WITHOUT HER THIS FIC WOULD PROBABLY SUCK. p.s I don't own Naruto or any of its charecters. But if I did it would rock.

Naruto looked in storefront of a large blacksmiths store. The blades fascinated him. Suddenly he heard the cry of an old man from the back of the shop. Naruto ran in and saw a man with greying hair standing up, ingots of metal scattered across the floor. "Are you OK old man?" Naruto asked beginning to pickup several ingots off the ground.

"Hay don't call me that!" the man replied pointing menicingly at Naruto. Naruto knew he recognized the man from somewhere but he didn't know where. Than it hit him.

"Hay arn't you takazu? The famous ken-jutsu expert." Naruto asked. The man grinned and looked at the young blonde.

"Yes yes I am. I'm amazed kid most people don't recognize me from my shinobi days. And thanks with these ingots. Picking those up would have been a hasle. Takazu said taking the box of ingots from the boy.

"Why wouldn't you just have your apprentice do it?" "Because kid I can't afford it. To hire someone cost way too much for me." the man said placing the box next to the forge.

"Well you have to have an apprentice, at your age you shouldn't be running an entire shop on your own."

"Sure kid i'll just find an apprentice from the long line of em who are willing to work for less than minimum wage." the old man said chuckling.

"You don't have to pay an apprentice all in money. I mean hell I would work for you if you'd pay me a little and taught me about weapons forging and kenjutsu." Naruto said shrugging. The old man turned towards the blonde and smilled.

"Ok kid you gotta deal." "Wait what I was just.." "Too late kid you said you would and you will. Looks like you'll be my apprentice until you graduate from the academy."

"Wait.. working here for a whole three years...well I guess it could be cool. OK old man I guess I will do it."

"I already said you had to."

"Will you let me keep some dignity in this situation old man?"

"Nope. Now report hear after school every day got it apprentice?"

"Yeah yeah old man I got it. And don't start calling me apprentice it's Naruto Uzumaki. And I'm going to be Hokage one day!" Naruto exclaimed proudly. The old man just chuckled at the blonde.

The next day Naruto walked into his classroom and sat in his respective seat next to Sakura. He read from the large book on weapon forging and kenjutsu Takazu had given him until Iruka walked in. he began a lecture on chakra control and was surprised by the lack of outbursts from Naruto. As he turned around he saw Naruto wasn't even paying attention but rather reading a book. Iruka stomped up to Naruto and ripped the book out of the boys hands and saw it was a book on weapon making and use written by the great ken-jutsu expert Takazu. Iruka looked at Naruto with a curios glance.

"Naruto where did you get this book?"

"From Takazu-sensei. He took me in as his apprentice yesterday and gave me that book to for not paying attention iruka-sensei. I just kind of got caught up in reading ." Naruto said earning a laugh from Sasuke. Who mearly said there was no way the dead last kid in the class had become an apprentice to a man like Takazu. Naruto just told the Uchiha to go to hell and grabbed the book out of irukas hands sealing it into his shirt with the seal he had been reading about and studdying since last night. Iruka,shocked by the fact an academy student was using seals, just returned to his lecture.


For the first half a year Naruto was stuck with basic jobs in the smith's shop. He was stuck doing the papper work, or cleaning or taking stock of the weapons and ingots. Every two weeks takazu would pay him a small wad of single bills and start to train him in basic ken-jutsu or weapons forging.

" Hay kid guess what? Today is your first forging job." Takazu said handing Naruto a small bag full of metal ingots.

"Are you serious old man? Awesome!" Naruto yelled hugging the old blacksmith. Takazu told Naruto to make a set of kunai and shuriken from the bundle of ingots. Naruto quickly agreed and ran to the forge. After Naruto was finished he brought the finished weapons to the front counter where a woman in a long tan trench coat with purple hair stood waiting. He gave her the blades which she quickly examined. She could see no visible blemishes in the blade which surprised her. She handed him a small stack of notes for the blades and began walking out. Suddenly two men stood in the doorway glaring at Anko. The two of them walked in and one slammed his shoulder into Anko's throwing her into a wall. The two laughed and the other walked up to her and sneared "snake whore." suddenly he felt a small hand on his chest and saw the demon brat of the leaf, holding a rather large sledgehammer for someone his size, was pushing him away from Anko.

"Are we gonna have a problem here?" Naruto said flashing the hammer. The two just casually walked out of the store, talking about how pitiful the kid was. But in reality they were surprised by the kids balls. He had felt no hesitation to threaten two shinobi and that took either balls of steel or a wallnut sized brain. Anko just said a small thank you to Naruto and left the shop. Naruto quitely returned to pounding on a small kunai to be.

The next day Takazu placed a gravity seal on Naruto to help with the ken-jutsu training. Naruto felt like someone had dropped a ton of bricks on his back but ignored the pain. Swinging the small Katana Naruto had been training with was damn near impossible for the blonde. But the old man made him train with the seal.

Naruto walked into the class the next day slowly. Sasuke laughed a the fact Naruto had acted so high and mighty over his apprenticeship and now was walking like a turtle. Naruto sat in his seat, the metal whining under the increased pressure from the seal on Naruto. As Iruka walked in he sensed the pressence of a gravity seal and began looking around seeing it was coming from Naruto Iruka ignored it. He knew that Takazu had probably applied it to increse Naruto's training affect. As Iruka began a lecture on the basics of ninjutsu. After the lecture Iruka was looking through the gradebook and was shocked when he saw Naruto was still dead last, but he decided it must have been because of Naruto's grade in one of his other classes. As Iruka filled out the grade book he placed the grades in there slots when he heard Naruto arguing with Sasuke. Iruka listened and heard Naruto screaming at Sasuke about how he had been a jerk to Sakura. Iruka ignored the argument and went back to his grades.


Naruto stood next to the smelter melting some of the oar the shop had received. Takazu walked next to the young blond and held out a long ingot which meant a new smithing assignment.

"Today you get to make your first Katana, my young apprentice." Takazu said dropping the bar in Naruto's hands. Naruto slowly pounded the metal repeatedly to lengthen the blade. As he finished the process of making the blade he heard a commotion from the back of the store. Naruto rapped the last part of the leather to the handle and ran out of the store seeing a large flute in Takazu's hands as he played a light tune. Naruto handed the blade to Takazu, who promptly denied it saying it was his gift to Naruto. Naruto cheered and strapped the blade to his back. Happy to feal the pressure on his back. Takazu told Naruto to go find a man named Asuma and ask about a special process to be able to add chakra to metals to strengthen them. Naruto quickly found the man outside a bar with a cigaret in his mouth. After about twenty minutes of begging the man explained that to add chakra to a blade or piece of metal, you had to place several seals onto the item in question. Asuma wrote the seals down on a small slip of paper. Naruto gratefully snatched the paper out of his hands and ran down the street to the blacksmiths shop. Once Naruto arrived at the shop Takazu told him to begin working on the seals.

Naruto read from the paper Asuma had given him as he scrathed the newest gravity seal. Every six months Takazu added another one of the seals in an attempt to strengthen Naruto. Naruto looked at the clock and saw it was almost time for the academy and bolted out of the door, slowed by the seals. As Naruto arrvied just before Iruka he leapt into his chair. Sasuke made a comment about him being slow. Naruto just ignored him and began taking notes on irukas lecture. Naruto was still made fun of daily because of his spot at the bottom of the grade book, but he had begun ignoring the insults and just decided to pay more attention to the lectures Iruka gave. H had actually brgun to learn a lot but the teachers still failed him even on tests he had aced. Naruto ignored the thought.


Naruto stood in the shop, washing down the counter when Takazu walked in carrying a large brush inkwell and pile of paper. Naruto suddenly felt sick. Explosive tags. Good god he wants me to make explosive tags. Its official he wants to kill me.. he thought to himself. Takazu gave Naruto a scroll holding the seals for explosive tags and the rest of the supplies and told him to get to work. Naruto groaned. It had taken all of the past our months just to master the chakra seals Asuma had given him and these seals seemed more complicated. Naruto sat and began to write out the seals slowly. After almost seventy tries and seeral near death experiences Naruto had finally made his first explosive tag. Naruto had made several others and than left to show his sensei the tags. As Naruto walked into the front room of the shop Takazu congratulated him on his tags and handed him a small paycheck as well as a small book. Naruto looked at the book and siled with glee. He had asked Takazu to find him a few books on seals and the old man had come through for him. Naruto thanked the old man and ran to his apartment to study the book.

The next day Naruto was reading about blood seals as he walked to school. Pumped for the sparring day today so he could show the school what he could do. Once he arrived at the classroom he ran to the front board and found the sheet showing all the matches. It turned out Naruto was facing Sasuke. "LUCKIEST DAY EVER!" Naruto thought running outside for his match.

Outside Sasuke stood in the middle of the field, a smug smile on his face. Naruto ran into the field and took his position.

"You might as well forfeit now baka. I'm an Uchiha and only an Uchiha can beat an Uchiha."

"Than I guess I'm an Uchiha cus im gonna kick your emo ass." Naruto said looking to Iruka who started the fight. Sasuke, who had expected Naruto to charge him,waited for a strike that never two minutes Sasuke finally charged. Naruto lept out of the way of sasukes punch and summoned a bokken from his jacket and slammed the base of the handle onto Sasuke's head. The Uchiha tried to punch Naruto but Naruto simply used a kenjutsu called the deine wind to launch Sasuke into a nearby tree. Iruka was shocked that Naruto could use that technique. Sasuke stood at the base of the tree breathing heavily. Naruto stood about twenty feet away from him, panting from the use of such a draining jutsu. Suddenly Sasuke used a fireball jutsu. The jutsu just missed Naruto bu caused his jacket to catch fire. Naruto ripped the jacket and now burning shirt off. Revealing the lean cut muscles the past months of training had earned him, as well as the several gravity seals. Sasuke recognized the seals and swore. "this baka can do this with gravity seals on! who is this Takazu who has been teaching him?!" Sasuke screamed inside his head. Naruto raised his blade to block several kunai Sasuke had thrown and lashed out at the Uchiha with the bokken, hitting the Uchiha in the back of the head knocking him out. The entire crowd stood stunned until a random voice screamed out "lucky shot." the rest agreed, unaware of the seals. Naruto just sighed and stumbled back into the crowed replacing his slighly charred shirt.

"If it was just a lucky shot why don't you get your punk ass down here and prove it!?" Naruto screamed the crowd instantly silenced.